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    Drones FAQ

    Drones are objects that orbit your ship; you can equip them with lasers, shield generators or extras. You can equip the drones in the hanger inventory. You can also see how damaged they are and repair them; drones get damaged with each destruction. There are two types of drones in Dark Orbit: the Flax and the Iris.

    drone faq 1.jpg

    The more drones that you have, the more expensive they become. The cost for each drone, at each position is explained with the two drone types below:

    Flax Drone

    The Flax is a basic drone, that has one free slot available. They can survive a total of 40 ship destruction's before it is damaged beyond repair. The cost for the Flax drones are:

    drone faq 2.jpg

    Iris Drone

    The Iris is the advanced drone, that has two free slots available. They can survive a total of 60 ship destruction's before it is damaged beyond repair. The cost for the Iris drones are:

    drone faq 3.jpg

    Both drone types have 6 levels, each level requires a certain amount of drone points. These points are gained as you kill enemies with drones equipped.

    The points required for each level are:

    drone faq 4.jpg

    Drone points are dependent on both the NPC you destroy, and the type of ship you have. The break down is:

    drone faq 5.jpg

    Boss and Uber NPCs also give drone points; destroying other players will also give you drone points. The points for player kills are:

    drone faq 6.jpg



    Drone Level Images
    How to Repair your Drones

    Drone Designs
    Drone Formations

    Frequently asked questions:

    How much does it cost to repair the drones and how often do I have to do that?

    The price for the repair of one Flax Drone will be 12,500 Credits (7,500 Credits with Premium) per drone and repair.

    When to repair is your choice, when the drone reaches 100% destruction it will be destroyed and you will loose the drone. The destruction of your drone will rise when your ship is destroyed. If you repair your drones they will loose one level.

    What happens to the items on my drones?

    If your drone is destroyed or you sell it, the items on the drone will go back into your hangar. You will not loose any generators, lasers or extras.

    Can I have multiple extras?

    You can not use the same extra at the same time. You can not use two repair bots or ammo doublers. Using the drones you can use a variety of different extras at the same time.

    What is the level of the drone and how do I get it higher?

    The level of your drone consists of the experience the drone could collect, since you bought it. Every level of your drone gives it a different look. There are 6 different levels. A higher level gives your drone more fire power or shield strength, depending on how you equip them.

    Do the drones fire on their own?

    No. The drones only fire when you shoot an enemy. If you don't fire the drone wont fire.

    Are my drones cloaked when my ship is cloaked?

    Yes. When your ship is cloaked, your drones is also cloaked.

    Can I sell my Flax Drones, and how much are they worth.
    Yes you can sell a Flax drone.

    The selling price for a Flax Drone is a fix price of 100,000 Credits each.​
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    Drone Levels with Images

    Since someone asked me what drone image represent their level.
    Here is a list below.

    Flax Level 1
    flax 1.png

    Flax Level 2
    flax 2.png

    Flax Level 3
    flax 3.png

    Flax Level 4
    flax 4.png

    Flax Level 5
    flax 5.png

    Flax Level 6
    flax 6.png

    Iris Level 1
    Iris 1.png

    Iris Level 2
    Iris 2.png

    Iris Level 3
    Iris 3.png

    Iris Level 4
    Iris 4.png

    Iris Level 5
    Iris 5.png

    Iris Level 6
    Iris 6.png

    I hope this helps those he need it.
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    How to Repair your Drones

    Go to your HANGAR page (as seen below):
    Repair drones 1.jpg

    Once on your HANGAR page, click on the Equipment Tab.

    Repair drones 2.jpg

    1. 'Equipment' Tab

    2. Click the 'Drones' Tab

    3. Click the Drone image. The currently selected Drone will have a Yellow box around it.

    Next, look at your:

    4. Drone Information: Check Damage

    Level of drone: The level of the drone, based on Drone Experience.
    (This will decrease by 1 if you repair the drone, to a minimum of level 1).
    Effects: Laser damage/Shieldpower increase (based on the level of drone).
    Damage: This value will increase every time your ship is destroyed.
    Upgrade Lvl: The level of upgrade, which will increase your Laser damage/Shieldpower, based on the number of times it has been upgraded (maximum Upgrade Lvl = 16).

    To repair a drone, click on the 'Repair' button as indicated (third button):
    5 ... Sell
    ..... Buy Now
    ..... Repair

    This will also give you the option to use your Repair credits first, otherwise you will need to spend Uridium for a repair.

    REMEMBER to check all of your Drones before leaving this area, as we would not want you to lose a drone due to an oversight.

    Where it says 'Damage', is that how much damage my drone will do?
    No, that is how much damage has been done to your drones.

    What happens if a drone receives 100% damage?
    If the drone is not repaired prior to 100% damage it will be destroyed.

    Can you repair your drones all at once?
    No, you must repair each drone individually.

    Can drones be repaired at different times?
    Yes, drones can be repaired at different times and at different levels of damage.
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