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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    With the new “Equipment in Client” feature we are introducing a change to the way we are handling drone designs.

    Other than the traditional Havoc and Hercules designs which on top of changing the looks of your drones also give certain bonuses, the new vanity designs like the Bat, Skull or Reaper introduced during the Halloween event do not have any stats attached to them.

    And although they do look cool, some players did not want to equip these as they would weaken their performance in battle.

    So for the first time in the history of DarkOrbit we are introducing a system that will allow you to equip your drones with a functional design (i.e. a design that has bonus stats) and a decorative / cosmetic design (a design that changes the skin of your drone).

    To achieve this we have decided to add a second slot to every drone.

    Important Note
    For the release all Drone Designs have automatically been unequipped and put back into the inventory. Ensure you equip your drones before jumping right into the action.

    How does it work?
    If you have a design that gives a bonus, assign it to the “S”-slot (S = “stats”). The drone will automatically use the stats and the looks of this design.

    If you have a design that “only” changes the appearance of the drone, drag and drop it into the “C”-slot (C = “cosmetics”).

    If you have a design with a bonus but want your drone to look differently, drop the design with stats into the S-slot and the design with the cooler looks into the C-slot. The drone will now look as defined by the “C”-slot design and have the bonuses of the design in the “S”-slot.

    2 slot s.png

    Can I assign designs with bonuses to both slots?
    No. You can only put designs without bonuses in “C”-slot. That means you cannot equip a Havoc design for its stats and a Demon drone design for its looks.

    What happens if I assign a “Cosmetic” design to the “S”-Slot?
    The drone will take on the looks of the design.

    What happens if I assign two “Cosmetic” designs?

    Only the design from the “C”-slot is displayed.

    Which designs can I use with the new system?
    All drone designs in the game can be used:
    · Havoc, Hercules and Demon designs are “S”-designs and will give you bonuses.
    · Beacon, Hailstorm(Frost), Robo Bat, Reaper and Skull designs are “C”-designs and will only change the drone’s appearance.​
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