drop gg prize to 10 pally

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by ÐΣŁÞŖãĐØ, Dec 14, 2013.

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  1. hi ok wel u guys kno me from the last post that was about pally, and kno im all for pally. but ok to the point, and i REALY REALY REALY hope that DO wil watch this thread and so.

    ok from the last thread posted by bash i c many of you are against it,
    im talking bout this thread---> https://board-en.darkorbit.com//threads/add-palladium-to-skylab.3074/ .

    ok but my idea is , instead of 15 pally for 1 spin, DO should chance it to 10 pally for 1 spin , so again , instead of 15:1 it should chance to 10:1.

    as we all have seen , DO is trying to make it a lil easier for the noobs by making lf2 and bo1 and others items credit items instead of uri , ok why not help them just a lil bit by doing 10 pally for 1 gg . ok i have tbh the previous thread was an AWESOME idea, BUT i already knew alot of ppl would be against it and also DO wouldn't do it (but i still had hope, even tho... u kno)

    ok wel thats it, i hope the guys that were against the prevous thread will be OK( i mean come on you guys can atleast give us this much)even for a lil bit for this thread so atleast we noobs can something u kno , cuz after noob comes fe and after that its ufe and the journey from fe to ufe isn't easy and it takes ALOT!! of time ( wel yea of course it should cuz other wise where is the fun in building ur ship, so you wil kno how strong your ship is and wat its capable of doing and wat u are capable of) so plz a thumbs up for this .


    thank you
  2. i don't really think it's a good ide, since the palla bot is up running again...

    this will mean, they will get an even bigger ege, with out doing enything.
  3. if some1 is/was using a bot hes already banned by now , cuz the new bot detecting system already banned like 9000+ acounts a monh ago witch a few were innoncent , ofcourse the innocents are back.

    so yea i dont think there are any players trying to bot again in this game, lol i wouldn't risk my account just to get banned. ( lol total waste of time)
  4. True, some pally bots are back, but they will get banned. After DO get completely right of the botters, this could be very helpful for noobs and also making palladiums worth it so more people will jump in 5-3 to build gates :)
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  5. Oracle

    Oracle User

    I tottally agree with you.The exchange rate should be 10:1 not 15:1. This will allow Fe and not fe users to become better faster than before


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  6. well, the bot's have been down for several month, but are up running again.

    in this month the bot makes have problebly tryed to figur out how BP where traking donw the programs, so im pretty sure they have a completly other way the bot's work now

    but i still hope that BP will stop them again :)
  7. yea it wont be long i gues , cuz i dont think that BP wil let the game go down again by bots as it did the last time .
  8. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    This is a really bad idea, for many reasons below are just a few of them.

    1. Palli collect especial with a pet is already one of the most profitable ways to farm uri ( free spins).
    2. On some servers the 5-3 map is owned by one company
    3. Many players just let their pet do all the work, which is little better than a legal palli bot.
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  9. I like the the idea anything that helps us players get a bit ahead works for me don't care about the bots they will all be caught soon enough. So +1 from me
  10. I have to agree with pacman, its a bad idea as the company who owns the pally field on most servers has more players then the other 2 companies combined. So they build a gate every 2 days or so, this would help them build gates even faster.

    I say this is a very bad idea.
  11. I like this idea because it takes a very very long time to get UFE on the game and gates is one of the only ways to do this +1 from me!!!
  12. -Pacman2-

    -Pacman2- User

    We all agree that to get UFE is either unrealistically expensive and or unrealistically time consuming, but increase the return from palli is not the answer.

    Removing or improving the odds for gate chance items and reducing the cost of all items over time would be, but that would be a different suggestion.
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  13. I agree apart from number 3. A legal palli bot? that has been payed for..by purchasing the pet, levelling it up, fuelling it, auto resource collector and endless radar protocol lvl3 in my case. To get my pet to where it is now has took a lot of hard work and uri lol.
  14. my idea isn't really that bad if u guys look at it, and im talking to pacman and unstoppable, the game wil just stay the same its just 5 paly thats doesnt mean i wil build 1k gates in a month.

    ugh well if u guys love to play the game with empty maps then so be at then , not even my idea is good enough for u guys. that's just selfish of you guys, at least give the noobs a freaking chance to play the game for peets sake .
    REMOVED, just this teeny tiny little thing u guys wont give the noobs .
    ok the previous thread about pally in Skylab was a lil overboard . and im glad diamonds like my idea ( he was was against the previous thread), but he understand the situation the noobs and the game is in now .

    and wat about the ppl that raid in 5-3, that prevent other from getting the paly ??
    if we even get a chance to get a full cargo with out getting pop would be nice, so that we atleast have something to play with .

    -PS dont mind my english, i kno its bad.
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  15. aces93

    aces93 User

    I really like this idea so +1 from me .... i really hope that BP changr the exchange rates in new year cuz collecting palla is the most boring thing even with pet in DARKORBIT with pirate and bore UFE raiding 5 3 for free kills and i also like ur idea of palla production in skylab but BP wont do it i am sure of that LOL:)
  16. ~Dr.Agony~

    ~Dr.Agony~ User

    I'd have to say no on this. It would make gates too easy to build. For as much as I would like this game to be easy to play, there has to be come level of difficulty. I actually enjoy a challenge in the game once in a while.

    -1 from me.
  17. It takes around 1,500 for a zeta, maybe 1,800 for a Kappa. Might make the gap between UFE's and noobs easier to cross. +1
  18. aces93

    aces93 User

    The only ppl who r saying no to this r ppl with well equip pet and just go afk in palla .... noobs dont have well equip pet and they have to spent 3 hour to only get 200 gate spin if they somehow survive the pirates and player stronger then him ... in my server ufe rarely do palla they just come and pop other ppl in palla ... so BP must lower the exchange rate if the want noobs to keep playing
  19. easy EASY???? hahhahaha plz tel me ur joking man hahaha omg PLZ tell me ur joking .
    by just setting a single foot in 5-3 is already a BIG challenge , not only for the noobs but also for the bit stronger players that go to pally. cuz every time u go in 5-3 u have 85% of getting poped by UFE's .

    so wat u want to make it 100%?????
    if u want that , then good luck playing a dead game.

    just give the noob this much BELIEVE ME!!!! its not much . it's a REALY smal thing .
    dony believe then go pally yourself (only for 1 day ) just to c how harrd we have it.

    its just dropping from 15 to 10 NOT 15 to 5 sjees .

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