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  1. Solid_Eye

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    Just a few days after the successful silent launch of PETLOOKZ™, M.A.S.Q.U.E. has organized a huge public event to publicly promote their new product.

    In an attempt to make themselves out as the next big player, their PR department has gone to great lengths convincing the UBA organization committee to add their exclusive P.E.T. designs as prizes for the top three contestants.

    And to round it off, their Mirage and Chimera designs are now available across space to all P.E.T. owners.

    The Facts

    · Timeline
    o Start: 23 March 2016 (midnight LST)
    o End: 03 April 2016 (23:59 LST)​
    · Content
    o Classic
    § Alien Egg bonus boxes
    § Fireworks​
    o 3 Epic missions continuing the Carnival story line
    o 2 Cosmetic P.E.T. designs in 3 color variations
    o UBA Season with exclusive P.E.T. designs as additional prizes
    New P.E.T. Designs

    To make the best use of the new P.E.T. customization feature, we introduce two new designs in 3 color variations each. Here’s how to get these:

    MIRAGE VariationsMirage (Green)Mirage (Orange)Mirage (Red)
    AvailabilityShop (200,000 Uri)PaymentUBA Seasons Reward
    CHIMERA VariationsChimera (Green)Chimera (Orange)Chimera (Red)
    AvailabilityPaymentPaymentPayment and UBA Seasons Reward

    Alien Egg Content

    When collecting Alien Egg bonus boxes, you can find of the following items. The amount depends on the normal factors. Drop chances per item vary.
    • Currency (Uridium and Credits)
    • Extra Energy
    • Ammunitions
    o Eco Rockets
    o Laser ammo (one of these: SAB-50, MCB-50, LCB-10, MCB-25)
    o Rockets (one of these: PLT 2026, R-310, PLD-8, SAR-02)
    o Mines (SL-M01)​
    • Fireworks
    • Pet Fuel
    • Repair Vouchers
    • Xenomit
    Epic Missions

    Three new missions have been added. Below you will find the date these become active, the minimum level, the tasks and the rewards.

    Note: The third mission has two nested mission conditions.
    Step 1: You have to kill x number of NPC in a row but you can decide whether to go for Sibelonites or Kristallins first.
    Step 2: Meet the second mission condition.​

    Min Lvl​
    Complete in the following order:
    · Salvage 2,500 Promerium on 4-5
    · Kill 10 Uber-Streuners - Do not use lasers
    · Deal 10,000 Damage to Protegits - Do not kill any Protegits
    · Deal 5,000 damage to the Deadly Battleray
    Do not die​
    Experience: 800,000
    Honor: 1,000
    Uriduim: 1,000
    Credits: 480,000
    5 Booty Keys
    Complete in the following order:
    · Deal 20,000 damage to Kristallin
    o Do not kill any Kristallin​
    · Deal 20,000 damage to Kristallon
    o Do not kill any Kristallon​
    · Deal 20,000 damage to Sibelonite
    Do not kill any Sibelonite​
    Experience: 800,000
    Honor: 5,000
    Uriduim: 2,500
    Credits: 480,000
    3,000x RSB-75
    Complete in the following order
    · Complete in any order
    o Kill 20 Kristallin
    o Kill 50 Sibelonite
    o Do not die​
    · Survive 10 minutes on 4-5
    o Take less then 25,000 damage​
    Experience: 900,000
    Honor: 2,500
    Uriduim: 1,500
    Credits: 500,000
    150x UBR-100

    Event UBA Season

    The Seasons will start and end at the same time as the event. (21 March 2016, 0:00 LST – 03 April 2016, 23:59 LST).

    On top of the regular rewards the following prizes are granted to the top 3 on each server:

    PositionAdditional Reward
    1st1x Mirage Red PET design and 1x Chimera Red PET design
    2nd1x Mirage Red PET design
    3rd1x Chimera Red PET design
    Note: the March Season will end on 20 March, 23:59 LST. The April season will start on 04 April, midnight.

    Package Availability / Schedule

    During the whole time the event is online, the following sales are scheduled:
    • Payment
    o P.E.T. Designs available all day​
    • Shop
    o Easter P.E.T designs all day
    o WIZ-X rocket all day
    o Fireworks all day​
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