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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello everyone,

    If you have any feedback as to this years event (Spring Sabotage) please feel free to chat about it here :)

    As always, lets try to stick to the matter at hand and keep things constructive ;)

    Have fun^^

  2. west-star

    west-star User

    really boring event ,,same scrap as every year
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  3. Toudi

    Toudi User

    Like the event but the pet design is to way expensive £10 for one design ? It's ridiculous xD Drop the price next time. But overall I like it good job guys
  4. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    Another fail from the Dev team the lower levels have been left out yet again the event missions are classified as level 6 upwards but there is no way a level 6 can do these missions, events are now UFE exclusive as is the game.

    Edit Because of the level limitations for the maps mission's 1 and 3 need a minimum of level 12 to enter the 4-5 map, mission 2 you need a minimum of level 11 to enter the uppers to damage BK's so the minimum level required to do theses missions in not level 6 as stated. DO should check these things first before release and should know the level restrictions for each and every map and make 2 sets of event mission an easy and a hard so that all from level 6 upwards have a fair and equal chance to take part in the event.
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  5. What is it about these "Don't Get Killed" Missions? What you are communicating is how you are keeping from paying out for missions. :mad:

    Now I am waiting for someone to come up with a "Its designed to be a group event" excuse. :oops: Nothing in the mission statement about that... o_O
  6. The event quest is a hard one and will take some time to complete, and to kill an uber struenner with just rockets come on. OK though say we complete this quest what crappy rewards for it And no titles for the event. I would say faster and more rewards in cubing than completing the missions.
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  7. =Richie=

    =Richie= User

    A quest only for UFE who buy ammo, not a chance for normal free players to complete these quests, tried 4 times today and each time died whilst collecting the Prom, this is another quest from BP for people to spend money on, rewards are a joke, another nail in the coffin guys well done!!

    BP why dont you come out and admit the game is dead, you have run out of ideas and only want to fleece people out of their hard earned money for as long as you can, im Lvl20 and i cant complete this first mission, god help weaker players, you do nothing to keep their interest in this game and without them older more experienced players will once again quit.
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  8. veritas

    veritas User

    Dropping booty keys instead of cargo has always been an issue with quests for collecting from NPC's, but with a quest like this... After taking on a larger NPC to get more prom, having it drop a booty key is a huge waste of time. It seems like 1 in 4 aren't dropping cargo. It's turning a quest that doesn't look like any fun at all into a real grind.

    I sincerely hate the "Don't Get Killed" missions - I assume that's intended to make it challenging, but what it is is punishing.

    And the rewards are dismal.

    I can't fathom how they think this is fun. For the record I'm strong enough to do the quest, but it's more of an exercise in frustration than a chance to enjoy the game and feel like you're accomplishing something. Instead of listening to players regarding events, it almost feels like they're saying, "If you don't stop crying, we'll give you something to really cry about!" :(
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  9. I have seen the same thing when i went there today, I killed like 20 ubers and over half of them were dropping booty box not cargo. And if DO didn't know this all anyone has to do to screw with this mission is to sit 4-5 and attack all players who come for mission and if they don't fire lasers and loose mission they will die and loose mission. I think a little more thought next time. Also is this a mission that if your pet shoots lasers the mission will fail also like it was before in the daily mission to kill saimons with only rockets?
  10. Killing StreuneR is still thousand times better than do this quests :/
    I don't participate, it's too boring. The "special Event features" aren't "good" enough. Expensive designs, event bonus boxes, quests with only little rewards...
    You say it very non constructively, but yeah...that could be my conclusion...

    I'm so sad with this Easter Event while I'm looking at the event of other MMO games...Just hope the surprise egg can comfort me...
  11. bd33

    bd33 User

    major log in issues.... being able to have a back page running correctly would be a fantastic start........
  12. You are just asking for too much...lol.
    This happens every time there is an event.
  13. bd33

    bd33 User

    just thought it was humorous lol it nornally doesn't affect me but can't log in on west or east


    gb1 server been ok today last week woz a pain
  15. *MOONGLOW*

    *MOONGLOW* User

    events a waste of time the quest rewards are bad , I'm not even going to bother logging in now for the next two weeks absolutely no point .... as said its just the usual scrap in the event boxes etc .... flies off to log on to another game :)

  16. Would like to have seen a bundle package for the pet designs...BUT

    Why does it matter DO doesnt listen to the players in the first place.

    Event boxes havent been good since 2012 Except for the Halloween boxes on the first day.
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  17. [removed - Off topic] I read the EVENT FAQ and said I was not going to waste my time doing them "damage do not kill" is a waste of ammo, "do not get killed" is invite to the HUNTERS to sit in the maps and kill all the newbs trying to complete the quests, "Rockets Only" on an UBER anything is just stupidity on D O's part.

    Can someone explain to me why they fixed it so these "VANITY" designs have to be purchased in separate transactions? You want ALL of the sets available (Drones and Pets) and have to make 6 individual transactions in the payment section. Why not make all of these available on one sales page? I understand they are "special" items and is the reason they can not be bought at the same time as NORMAL items but do not understand the reason for the SPECIAL items requiring so many individual purchases.

    Don't assume to know exactly everything that we're doing. The only "edits" made to this thread so far were double posts I merged together. If we removed any actual part of the post, it would say as much like it does above.
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  18. reboog21

    reboog21 User

    like to say something constructive, but there isn't much, try putting uber rockets and jump credits back into the eggs watch how many box doublers you sell, fireworks and credit ammo not worth even boxing for, mission could use better rewards for the effort involved, you need to give us a reason to participate in the event, not just asking us in a not so subtle to spend money on a game with an ever decreasing population
  19. WOW, considering that DO had a whole year to make this year's Easter event, BETTER than last year's, I am truly disappointed.
    Oh wait the same can be said about most of the last couple of years' events. That is except for the one where we were getting 45 plus gg spins out of almost every box AND then found out it was a mistake. It is like DO are punishing us for that mistake by introducing really
    lousy "special" events.
    I used to play 4 plus hours a day and now I log on to see what is working and what is worth my time doing. I usually log off after I read the forum.
    Either listen to the players ( CUSTOMERS ) or continue putting out these "special events" and loose more previously loyal players.
    ................Enjoy what you can in the game and ignore the rest.
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  20. Also want to add why are events like scoremaggeddon and referee bots been cancelled those were the best events in the game. At least they could have introduced something new with the event"and i mean something for players all to win not just something new to buy". Also if your not going to hold anymore ref bot events i guess the ammo is gone also :(
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