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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

    If its too difficult/too long to kill Uber-Streuner with rockets get a friend who doesn't have the quest to shoot it along with you. Then you could swap and help him with his/her quest :p

    Other than that the rewards are average. Normal DO rewards ;):(
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  2. I believe the PET can kill them with lasers as long as you do not fire them from your ship. Rewards need to be better when you have to damage and not kill NPC's as you are giving these rewards to someone else that comes along and kills what you left damaged. They need to compensate for the ammo expended as if you killed the NPC. In other words the Rewards should be the normal from all NPC's needed to complete the quest along with a BONUS for having completed the quest as requested.

    Also, what happens when everyone is in the maps DAMAGING without KILLING them and there are none being re-spawned to attack?
  3. All in all.... crap !!

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  4. That's a constructive, well described and explained criticism, I think you need hours to find the elegant, right words. I can't believe you work out such a nice word combination yourself, you had to instruct a professional speechwriter, hadn't you? No, even a speechwriter can't think out such a glory masterpiece. You should be the king of lyrics.

    Jk, I really like such short criticism.
  5. I thought it spoke volumes and yet was straight to the point and let us all know his feelings perfectly. There is no beating around the bush when `°ƒµll·†Ħгô††lє°´ replies to a thread. LOL o_O:p:confused::)
  6. I changed my opinion, I've got free Premium now?! Nice event, more graceful stuff pls.
  7. TheShadows

    TheShadows User

    Free premium? :eek:
  8. Complete in the following order:
    · Salvage 2,500 Promerium on 4-5
    · Kill 10 Uber-Streuners - Do not use lasers
    · Deal 10,000 Damage to Protegits - Do not kill any Protegits
    · Deal 5,000 damage to the Deadly Battleray
    Do not die

    Quest like this are annoying.was hoping to not see anymore of this nonsense pop up but hey its back...Don`t like it.
  9. Kante.

    Kante. User

    The description should be fitting to the event. Elegant and nice words do not fit this event. °ƒµll·†Ħгô††lє° really nail it.
  10. It was nice that D O decided they needed to entice the players to login to the game with their 3 Shared Boosters and 2 weeks of Premium, but beware if you are running around cloaked you just gave your position away to that MCC Spy.
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  11. What is weird is I only got 1 week of premium...no boosters. My main got nothing, and my FE accounts got the week.
  12. I can only say what they said in the newsletter;

    As a relief for the lost time on Boosters, all pilots reporting for duty between Friday, 25th of March (midnight LST) and Monday, 28th of March 2016(23:59 LST), will automatically receive:

    • 2 Weeks of Premium
    • A Super Booster pack (for 10 hours game time) with
      • DMG-B02 Damage booster (+10% damage)
      • SHD-B02 Shield Booster (+25% shield strength)
      • Hp-B02 Hitpoints Booster (+10% hitpoints)
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  13. Maybe after the first week they will add it again.

  14. Usually I tend to ramble on a bit, just thought I'd cut to the chase right off the hop :p

    I guess if you include the 50 mil or so credits I received from selling those awesome R-310 rockets, and perhaps a "slightly" more than usual Extra Energy's, is awesome!! :eek:

  15. I thought you would have used the R-310 on the Uber Strueners for the Event Quest, you were wasting ammo anyway LOL!
  16. Perhaps they want to prepare us for the next up coming, legendary R-310 event?
  17. I (we?) used to get an email a day or 2 ahead of an event that came with some FREE goodies.....GONE
    Used to be able to fill the PET gas tank with the pet fuel from bonus boxes, not any more . ................GONE
    Used to have way more friends, many of which played for years, that I would chat to daily and/ or especially during " special events", not any more............GONE
    very disappointing...............
  18. Used to post in the Forums HQ section of things coming out now they TWITCH around the subjects.
    Newsletters still get sent out but to get them have to jump thru fire rings.
    When they give us goodies in them they don't work properly (including the one that started today for the entire weekend check this out)


    And they want to know why we are not playing their Events LOL
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  19. just boxed for about 2 hours. Received 100 gg spins......
    USED to get 100 easily in 45 minutes............................
    I really hope the new owners FIX this game.....................
  20. Purchase was just SHARES so will have no effect on the games changing, but will cause non-profitable games to be shut down. D O needs to fix D O or be shut down. There is no FIX from the Chinese just funds loaned so they had working capital trying to correct the loss of income they have been suffering as BigPoint has made some bad decisions and D O has not followed suit as they wanted to prevent the mistakes the others made. But they are just delaying the ultimate fate of the game.
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