Easter 2016 event feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. other than the log-in issues I haven't had any issues with gameplay,although the missions seem small and the player base looks dead in space.I have not done the mission yet,but might try it out,it seems challenging.
    could use a little motivation like an invasion of pirates in space or some Imperial Stars Destroyers coming to conquer us.
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  2. TheShadows

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    Yes, please! DO must do this. :D

    I din't get shared boosters either :/
  3. Why do you destroy my unrealistic hope...:(

    I hope they will compensate this...
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  4. Sorry I forgot we are dealing with the UNREALISTIC HOPES in the forums! ;):D:rolleyes:

    I understand that the Turkish Mods have read and dealt with the error and supposedly is going to be booked when they find the problem.
  5. The Easter event was a bit disappointing, for instance; fiddly missions, daily events today are team deathmatch only. Maybe buy a skin for a pet..... The booster deal was a mess too...

    Feel free to add...
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  6. xuhu99

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    how did u guys do 2500 prom?
  7. Only thing about the event that was good was the sales especially gate sale besides that the boxes or for newbies and not for anyone who is ufe or between.
  8. With GREAT effort!!!!
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  9. Tried it once,


    5 times and quit...
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  10. xuhu99

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    any specific uber/boss?
  11. The bigger the more prom...and danger...:eek:
  12. veritas

    veritas User

    And the bigger frustration when it's another booty box.:cool:

    I think Uber Mordons are the best overall. You can hit and knock them over pretty quick, and keep moving. Relatively decent prom, and not a lot of time wasted if it drops a green box instead of cargo. But it's still a slog.

  13. Don't get me started on the frustration. I was getting one cargo for every 5 boss/ubers. And even then I had to keep my BigBoy ahead of the Uber-StreunerR in order to collect with my pet. Whose idea was it to put rockets on those things anyways. That added an entire new level of danger to ubers for newer players. Stupid Green Boxes...:oops:
  14. IF the Booty Chests did what they said they were going to do when they first announced them it would be a different story.

    The original announcement of the Booty Chests was that those dropped by NPC's would give the normal cargo and if you stayed on the Chest (and had a BK-100 to open it) would get the Pirate Booty also. For whatever reason this was never implemented when they actually presented them to the game and has been a topic of disgust during every Event where we had to collect cargo from killed NPC's to complete the Event Quests. It is especially bad when they not only drop Green but also Red and Blue boxes during the Event and while doing the Quest.

    There has even been suggestions as to how to distinguish the B C's as having Mineral Cargo along with being a regular Chest after the cargo was collected. But as most suggestions it was ignored until "Closed for Inactivity" even though it did have the community talking about it. Just have the Booty Chest be Orange for the length of the Cargo timer (if not collected for ore) then change to the color B C it was dropped as until collected by someone with a BK-100. There is nothing more irritating than to pop a BOSS anything for the cargo and get a damn B C instead and have it happen more times than not is even more frustrating.
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  15. RaidenxX

    RaidenxX User

    [Please note: the feedback I am going to give below is from low player, at the moment of writing running with 3 LF-3 and 2 BO-2]

    I have been playing this game for years, and following it since the first released version. Have done a lot of events, and I am going to point out some things that you missed. :)

    First, let's start of by the event boxes (eggs). I will declare myself as an addicted player to boxing (collecting boxes), as I have spent 70% of my play time in this game into boxing (not lying here, really). In terms of I have stated before, and in terms of the note above, I can say that the eggs give good rewards. Addicted boxing player finds the slow mines as the most valuable item in this game, giving a lot of advantages into escaping fast, high hitters (Hello, Pusat & Surgeon!). On the other hand, repair credits. Not only new/low players, but all players find the most use of the repair credits. The last thing I want to mention about the boxes is the amount of ammo it is giving - I guess FE/UFE's will not agree for me, but from the perspective of a low player, the amount of ammo given away in the eggs is good!

    Second, let's talk about the event missions. Impressions just by reading them: seem a lot interesting and seem to give good rewards. BUT, those missions are just designed for those who are FE/UFE, really. Although they are meant to become available for level 6 players and above, I can guarantee you that no level 6 player (except those who paid money to buy equipment immediately after starting) is able to finish that missions, no single one of them.. I personally think (or, if I was the lead designer of the events in DO) I would have always created missions for low players, considering their weak equipment. Me, and all other low players out there can only enjoy in eggs, and nothing more (as it is Easter for FE/UFE players, that much is Easter for weak players, right?). :(

    All of the things discussed above, lead to some points:
    • Not every player just wants to hunt NPC all day long (yes, it is true. I had a lot of friends that had 50 bio tree, had almost all equipment maxed out, and still kept boxing whole day). This leads to one points: give us, the addicted boxing/palla players some missions to enjoy into! For example, it would have been super fun if we had event missions (also, normal missions too) to box some amount of uri per 15/30/60 minutes, not considering the P.E.T (meaning, P.E.T collecting uri won't count, cause boxing pilot pio gives a lot of advantages, and not every boxer has that setup). In the higher level of the game, there are some missions for palla, but NO missions for boxing players.
    • Next event, please consider the low players, as I am (at the moment of writing). Consider their weak equipment and design some quests for us, please.
    All in all, that's what I wanted to say about this event. I look forward to the future events. hoping to have better equipment and to be able to finish some event missions, so I can give deeper feedback.

  16. In defense of the Dev's (not saying I disagree with you) it takes a person less than 8 hours of game play to get to level 10, you are already level 5 if you did the starter missions (or start on a new server), and by doing the PvE missions ONLY by the time you finish the level 7 Missions you are already level 10 (my secondary account on USA East 2 is here). My main is currently level 16 (1/3 of the way to 17) with just over 100 hours of play time. Both have equipment to FE 3 of the 10 Hangars which all have ships in them (U S E 2 needs Aegis and Citadel) without spending on anything except the re-released Yamato and Defcom ships.

    As a FE ship (needing BIO) I will not waste my effort to do the missions as being killed or Killing NPC's cancel out the already done portions of the quest. Working in Uber maps (also Battle Maps) even as a UFE is hazardous to the life of your ship. It is hard enough to find the Uber Struener's when you need them for a quest you are doing but when everyone playing is searching for them they are impossible to get. I commend the Team for having posted the missions in the Event information so I did not have to check to see what they were going to be during the Event.

    I really hope that D O does something to the next Event to make it interesting enough to pull me out of the forums and back into the game.
  17. veritas

    veritas User

    I like an event when there's a new quest each day, even better when there's a hard and an easy one, where you can do two if you choose. It keeps the momentum going. I usually do the quests right away, so when three quests are spaced out over a couple of weeks, there's a lot of waiting in between.

    Quick question on the first quest - when it says to kill the Uber StreuneR with just rockets, can anyone confirm if your pet can have lasers on? Don't know if I'll stick with it to get the 2500 prom, but it would suck to get through that, and then have Fido blow it for me. :rolleyes: And is it like the daily rocket-saimon quest, where if you use lasers AT ALL even on another NPC, that it kills the quest?
  18. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    Even if a level 6 player spent money and to get all the equipment needed they still could not do the missions because of the level restrictions on the maps for the missions. Missions 1 and 3 need level 12 to enter the map to do the missions and mission 2 requires a min of level 11 for the map to damage the BK's.
  19. RaidenxX

    RaidenxX User

    Because of what you have written, I have never given actual feedback on the event missions. :)

    I actually forgot what was the minimum level for accessing 4-5 map and so on :) Thank you for the correction, as I have mentioned in my post I can not comment the event missions further just because I can't complete them, so I don't want to give positive/negative feedback on something I have not even tried.
  20. veritas

    veritas User

    That the quests effectively shut out a large number of players speaks for itself. In that regard alone, it's not a positive thing.
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