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  1. i want to know y everyone i know playing the game is geting rewards in there emails like extra energy or hades gate i havent got a thing y is that
  2. Yes me too we want it to be fair , so instead of sending emails and make it like a puzzle , just give the gate for us please
  3. your right m8 its not fair on anyone at the moment
  4. If you were detected as a bot user it may be the reason as I don`t think they give detected accounts special rewards like that.
  5. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    Make sure you are subscribed to the Dark Orbit newsletter, that's the only way you will get the Redemption code.
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  6. I tried to message your profile but you have that blocked, how do you see if you have newsletters blocked?
  7. you go to account settings,(The gear box in top right corner, then ) then on the right hand side (this is on darkorbit back page*) click newsletter, and make sure it shows yes in the box to the right
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  8. my newsletter is on the thing is my cusin hacked the account and botted in it i would never do that i got it back couple months ago trying to prove i am a loyal player ever since i should noot be punished for my cousin hacking accounts
  9. You just admitted to being on your cousins account -_-, not to smart you might be banned for this...
  10. -Pacman2-

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    You need to re-read what he posted. He posted that his cousin hacked his account and botted on it.
  11. Hello ЩΘĽVΣЯIŊΣ†™

    The main reason is that they have subscribed to the newsletter.

    You can subscribe for newsletter and read more about it by clicking below link> Newsletter Registration FAQ

    If you need any further clarification on same, please Contact Support.

    Note: Account security is your responsibility.

    Closing as OP was directed to support.
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