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    Encrypted Bonus Boxes FAQ

    Q: What happens if the PET picks up a box?
    A: The Captcha also appears as if the player would have picked up the box himself.

    Q: What happens if the player fails to enter the Captcha successfully?
    A: The player cannot collect any further boxes until he has successfully entered the Captcha code.

    Q: How often can I try to enter the Captcha?
    A: If you fail 20 times in a row, you get kicked off the Map. For 30 minutes.

    Q: What happens if a Captcha popped up and I click on another Box?
    A: A new Captcha will be generated every time you try to collect a Box until you enter the Captcha correctly.

    Q: Does my Box Doubler also work when I entered the code correctly?
    A: Yes, the doubled box content for the next Box multiplies with any booster the player has. E.g.: if the player has a Box Doubler he will get 4 times the amount. This does not apply for booty boxes!

    Q: Which Boxes are affected?
    A: All Boxes except Booty Boxes and Cargo Boxes.

    Q: I have been killed 6 times now trying to enter the codes! you need to make them shorter.

    A: They are a set length, they will not be made any shorter.

    Q: I've been boxing and haven't' run into these new encrypted boxes. What do they look like? And how do you enter the code?
    A: It looks like google captcha, you can enter the code in the field

    Q: And where do you get these codes ?
    A: The code is displayed on an image

    Q: Are the Unlock encrypted bonus boxes out in US WEST? I've been roaming around and haven't seen one yet?
    A: It is everywhere

    Q: What if you get popped while entering the code or before you get a chance?
    A: Then you can enter the code on reconnecting to the spacemap

    Q: Will you be banned from the map? If you enter the wrong code a few times?
    A: Yes

    Q: Are the special new bonus boxes cap sensitive ?
    A: No

    Q: In my previous experience using The Captcha code with other sits, half of the time i can't read the word because the letters are bent or over each other and i just keep pressing The Captcha refresh till i get words i can understand and retype in, are the words in our new boxes going to be like this.
    A: They are the same, yes

    Q: After reading the FAQs, putting in the wrong code 20 times would ban you from that map,, would refreshing the word also cause this...?

    A: Refreshing code isn't the same as a false code.
    Q: I can't see the two words but i see the tab where to put it, how can I collect boxes again?
    A: Refresh the code.

    Q: If you are getting attacked while entering a CAPTCHA code, can you cancel entering it? And second question, if you are getting attacked by an alien and you click on a bonus box, do you still continue to get attacked?
    A: Yes

    Q: Is there a time limit to entering the captcha code or can they go to the port to do it?
    A: There is no limit

    Q: Can your PET pick up a box and you get a captcha message?
    A: - pet is same as if you pick up boxes so yes to that one.

    Thank you to Energy67 & Deucalion for their assistance
    on this thread.
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