Enhanced LF4 Day (GG Drop Rate Awareness)

Discussion in 'Speakers‘ Corner' started by ChooChooTrain, Feb 5, 2024.

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  1. So yesterday, Sunday 05/02/2024 it was Enhanced LF4 Day (GG edition), a day of which Enhanced LF4's are available in selected GG's, these gates are Delta, Epsilon, Lambda, and Kuiper, so I did a little bit of testing:

    27 x Lambda (24 x 10,000 UCB-100 / 2 x Paritydrill / 1 x Magmadrill)
    2 x Delta (1 x Hyperplasmoid / 1 x Magmadrill)
    2 x Epsilon (2 x 10,000 UCB-100)

    I know Bigpoint like to fiddle the percentages as to encourage further sales of Uridium etc, but come on, 5 Enhanced LF4's out of 31 gates.

    These two words from the Command Center regarding Enhanced LF4 day (GG edition) below sums it up that its pretty much a lie in terms of making it seem exciting and profitable for the player, because its basically not and its pretty much leaning towards a scam.


    People will say I'm nuts for continuing to attempt to get Enhanced LF4's even with the drop rate I had observed even halfway through the day, but this is more for awareness to make sure people don't fall into the trap of being scammed by a fake event which doesn't deliver based on hype and/or the advertisement and/or event description.

    Way to go on continuing to try and kill off your own game with false information and insanely unfair drop rates which are described as "Large Stockpiles" in an event which is meant to increase your chances of acquiring special items.

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