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Discussion in 'General Archive' started by #BURNOUT#, Apr 1, 2014.

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  1. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Still can't get on, best option is to wait till server restart I think.
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  2. #BURNOUT#

    #BURNOUT# User

    this is really sad, i cant even sell my skylab cargo :/
  3. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Pretty sure thats not allowed^
  4. ohh so sue me
  5. what a joke our base poped coz we could not get on to defend it 40odd days wasted joke or what
  6. jedi
    your base just went
  7. well jedi thats there stuff up and you guys should be compensated
  8. we should all be compensated.. i've never come across a business that locks their customers out but then spend ages with little regard for them, before letting customers back in

    and still waiting
  9. woo hta base got popped hahahahahahahaha 40 days wasted ;)
  10. me too i have tried to LOAD the START page but would not go further:( ...since evening till now is still same problem ... ps if anyone know what is going on or if we have to wait till tomorow...pls tel..thanks :)
  11. Im also getting the same problem :(
  12. yeah is not fair (*I*) i have tried nearly every hour but wow is bad with load page ...i hear players saying is gb1 but i am on gb EU-4.. is kinda sad what they are doing no warning or information before they lock us all or some off the game :(
  13. most players are having the same problem but yes its a joke and al who cannot get on shud be compensated with 10,000,000 uri AS IF but xmas tree said we pay all this money and like someone else said we get locked out from the game I've tried changing my flash player cleaned all caches and deleted browsing history and still nothing LIKE I SAID ITS A JOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKE dark orbit is dead I've said it for ages prove me wrong bug point then i'll apologise MAYBE annoyed and angry is not the word :mad::eek::confused:
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  14. I hear ya incredible it's a pain in the ass and I don't think they'll re-open it tonight so I think best bet is waiting til tomorrow mate
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  15. Wait,,, this means i need to spend my time in the real world? ermmm... what do i do? where is my hanger lol
  16. sorry you can have it back now Oli
  17. Yeah mate(just_having_fun) i hear ya ..thnx for the reply :) and lol watch when they are sure aint going to be anything new for us all to be locked out from game and that is just jokes :( :) :(
    wait like SE
  18. Thank you all for the help ...bye:)..// ps} good luck further with the game to you all :)laterz
  19. why the heck put honor booster on when most people can't get on the blasted game bit stupid aint it get the game sorted instead of trying to take more money from people who can't get on DOH !
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  20. Oh well, was planning on catching up with anybody who was on since im off for 2 days now...drat >.<
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