Eternal Black Light Expansion Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Nov 6, 2020.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here for the Eternal Black Light Expansion.
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  2. After at least 4 rounds. I can say this is a very fun gate but I am a little saddened that it has no ammo and its capped in rewards this will essentially not give any players an incentive to keep going if uri and credits and all are capped. Is there a legit reason why there is no ammo dropped now? I missed the last eternal gate and now I get a run-down version. I can say it's a little buggy with the UBKs i keep dieing there range seems to be more than usual.
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  3. -RugRats-

    -RugRats- User

    y add another material 2 upgrade!? plus increased uri cost!
    N i thought upgrades were ruined b4 :vv
    theyre mor expensiv than b4 plus harder 2 grind bcuz only way 2 obtain this new resource is via event gate
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  4. It is way to hard to farm eternal cpu. My lasers with x8 deal 400k damage on Invoke and i still cant get any drop. WAYY to many people farming 24/7.. Do smth please i want to participate in the event and i cant..
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  5. apetown.

    apetown. User

    another awful update again. what is the point of the eternal gate when u stop getting uri at around wave 100 but need to go all the way to 255 for max rewards?! not to even mention the ridiculous amounts of resources you will need to upgrade items from level 16 to 20. Please, you might as well just stop posting any feedback threads because its painfully obvious that the feedback players give matters nothing for you.
  6. i think we should get a daily event mission for 1 eternal cpu,like "deal 75000000 damaga to invokes" etc
  7. This gate is completely useless. The amount of the new oil you get is way too low. You get like 5. It means you need to do 130 of these gates for upgrading 1 item to lvl 20. Getting the cpu's for 100 of these gates requires you to do 10000 invoke/behemoth. Also when reaching wave 100 or something you're not getting anymore uri but you need to go as high as possible for getting the resources?!. This is a complete rip off and should be buffed very very very much.
  8. Test568

    Test568 User

    MemorableRebel is right.

    also the pet update just got released and there are people still busy updating those stuff. Now u have to farm a whole year to get a full ship again. All the saved ammo will be empty, its not possible for small players to shoot it with credit ammo to gain a higher drop of the new ressources. Sorry but if this stays like this im going to stop the game for real. The time should be invested for completing new quests where the community is already waiting for a long time !

    Just remember the [Dadg] Time a few years ago. Bigpoint was listening to the community after months ... time to listen again
  9. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Another update for bots, like always. Just a matter of time, before they will make bot for this gate... Like it's not enough they bot 24/7 everywhere.
    The eternal gate last year was at least made for honest players and not for boters. You actually had to play it, because there were mines and abillities on those NPCs. Now there are none, and soon enough bots will be cruising in those gates 24/7.

    No Uri after 100th wave? SRSLY? No ammo boxes, or some kind of special boxes with these new stuffs?

    New modules? WHY?! Higher leveling up? The dmg on ships was high enough and now you make it higher?!

    New ship? Nobody fly those new ships because they are useless, so stop making another ones.

    "If you manage to destroy Strokelight Barrage, you’ll get a reward package with lots of useful items!"
    Killed the Strokelight ~6 times, did not get a single useful item. If you don't count those pathetic 60 A-BL laser ammo...

    One of the worst updates BP have made.
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  10. evve1

    evve1 User

    How do I get eternal fragments when there are so many who are in a group and shoot invoke? Isn't it enough to be involved and help shoot for several hours without even getting a small fragment? So how do I get an eternal cpu together? Thoughtful as usual ...
  11. I can understand the need to for new additions to the game but what i cannot fathom if the decision that the new npc's are not affected by either prom lasers or abl ammo they sit in blacklight maps but the blacklight specific ammo and lasers do no benefit
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  12. I understand making a game harder Example: (Dark Souls) is actually really fun, but with this new event, its actually too much, players have to grind an insane amount, just for 1 module.. By releasing the event like this, people are required to give up half of there lives just to get anything decent from the event.. I like the direction, but the execution was not good.
  13. xdxd

    xdxd User

    lvl 20 upgrades? hmm yea i was thinking about quitting the game but now im completely sure i will
  14. AVIT

    AVIT User

    youve have accelerating people quitting the game you nutters , yiu should really listen to players ,most havent even got proms laers yet except the botters which you refuse to kick! game goes from bad to bad and badder every month .
    this game is now TRASH sadly ,used to find it enjoyable and climbing the ladder but not much now when playing against cheats . there is no good reason to play it ..

    i remember when lol peeps used to say wallet warriors only won ,well at least they played fairly ,,there is no wallet warriors now lamo ,only cheats and botters in this game .
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  15. TBH I dont care about how much grinding and money it involves. Something that is seriously annoying me is this brand new expansion, 4 new npcs, why does 1 npc have a model, why does the gate re-use assets, why do the npcs not even have a recolour. Its so lazy. At this point, the game is just numbers with skins. Look at Kuiper, the animated background and gate. It was amazing with the new 3D client (at the time) How many times can you use the Zeta model at a different angle. Its so lazy. You have very talented artists and designers on the team. Give them a month to do their job and show their passion. The new ships and designs look fantastic. Why are the black light NPCs animated, but they use a standard portal. Allow your artists some freedom. Give them time to do their best, and use that time to work out bugs. I love this game and the black light and eternal expansion just seem half baked to me. Animate the Black light maps and make a new portal design for the eternal gate. And even a new background. I'm sick of seeing zeta and 5-x backgrounds in gates. If its an expansion, expand on the game, not on the definition of UFE
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  16. The last eternal gate was funner, better and a lot more rewarding
    what about the pet AA Canons? should've left the gate alone and kept those AI enemies those were really fun, this is why players are quitting. Eternal is a ruined gate, I dont see why not bring back the original and give the same rewards this one just flat and has no flavor
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  17. This event is bad, gate do not give almost nothing and is for UFE players to reach lvl 20 lasers.
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  18. Cheaters faming Invoke to have unlimited access to gate, and doing it fully cloaked to with ship not firing but pet rolling up and firing... Yep, keep burying your head in the ground of denial big pointless... The three chimps policy - see no cheating, speak no cheating, hear no cheating...

    I have very little time available so have only manage 1,200 odd to make two cpu's... Mindfire objectives and missions, no thanks... Should have made them invoke/attend objectives and missions instead, give people a fair chance as we have not all cheated our way to 40+ level 16 proms etc...

    New upgrades to level 20 that all the cheaters will have very quickly when there was never any reason to increase upgrade levels for lasers etc, everything is ridiculously overpowered as it is and now you are just letting the cheaters get even stronger...

    No wonder non-cheating players keep quitting... they're getting fed up with it all now while those at big pointless don't care because the cheaters spend money on the game in prem, rebate, booster packages and other packages and big pointless will pander to the cheaters to protect the money they spend on the game...

    People expect to work in games, but dark orbit has become unnecessary and excessive hard work for minuscule reward for non-cheaters while the cheaters permanently benefit and prosper and as this gate becomes a permanent feature in the game to collect the new resource for upgrades then the cheaters will be botting it...

    Congratulations cheaters and big pointless for ruining a once great game...
  19. Somehow they managed to screw up the event, as of today my drone formation controls and configuration changing doesn't work. Also, I reached wave 40 in the gate yet not apparently the gate closed by itself.
    I'm not asking you guys to fix the bot issue, we know that isn't going to happen. I'm just asking to stop screwing up our game experience.
  20. As I'm not UFE, I haven't even tried to do the event. As always BP are catering to the wallet warriors.

    If you don't pay significant amounts of money to be UFE, you can't participate in many of the events. And lets face it, with what's going on in the world today, who has that sort of money laying around free? If there's nothing for the free players, this game will die.

    It's supposed to be free to play, but the way it's set up, if you don't pay, you get nowhere.
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