Eternal Black Light Expansion Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Nov 6, 2020.

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  1. this games dead once flash goes, they couldnt create a new game if their life depended on it, just another useless ship!!!
  2. It makes no sense to change the eternal door before the tet server is opened, the test server should be opened first and the donut should be received
  3. Delete abides and steadfasts. Their range is way too much, they do too much damage for the next to nothing rewards they give. They just make BL maps harder to farm for nothing.
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  4. evve1

    evve1 User

    It does not matter if I am the first or last to shoot at invoke it drops no eternal fragments in any case to be able to build cpu. Several days and just a lot of waste on ammunition. A bug?
    Amazing that some reach unimaginable heights of over 800 waves.
    A fantastic fair game too ...
    Do not waste my hard-earned ammunition on this anymore
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  5. i spend 2 days for 418 wave and some bot do 357-430 wave in 1h... so GG bp i stop playing
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  6. ÇîŁMŴ

    ÇîŁMŴ User

    more time i spend on this game and more times i wondering if the developers have ever played this game.
    another bad event of a dying company that is not even able to fix their server.

    1 new alien in bl map have a ultra long range and are too much fast. did you even test them before putting them in the map??
    2 orcus ability doesn't work as described in the faq, and why the hell it is visible on the mini-map?
    3 new module are broken and totally unbanced. i have seen a centurion with a +6% speed module, are you serius?!?!?!?
    4 upgrading to lv 20, seriously?!?!!? you introduced new pet laser and shield few weeks ago and now you are alredy introducing new things. people get bored of chansing your thirst of money. A NORMAL PERSON CANNOT GRIND ALIEN 8-10hr a day to keep up the pace! (and that's why so many people use bot in my opinion)
    5 people alredy find a bug in the gate and are ruining another event for all the people that did the gate honestly
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  7. Just to chime in the 1 (one) death in the eternal gate when your cool downloadable client randomly drops a 'render crash' is really cool. Loved wasting time and ammo to have it kill me while reloading.

    By the way the guys running the bot browser are not crashing and running till server restart. Could you hire their dev team to QA the program so we can at least play?
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  8. **Owl**

    **Owl** User

    its not set up for the wallet warriors. it's set up for the cheats.
    as usual. and to still call this a pvp game with the amount of cheats playing, lol, what a joke!!!!!
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  9. Wow, I guess it's a stretch for you to interpret my first simple comment of "Ridiculous" as constructive. The way you're cleansing your feedback forums makes me wonder if DO is being run by the Chinese Government. Everyone here knows that this event addition is a farce designed to cater to wallet warriors and bots. My second post, you deleted, that it seems like the developers are trying to kill the game so they can move to another project is a bit tongue-n-cheek, but within the realm of possibility and ergo relevant to the public perception of your new event. If you wish to sanitize all negativity, just stop asking for feedback. It's not like you going to do anything different than you have thus far. So a few disgruntled players share their frustration in your back-page forums and that's an issue. So sorry to offend the programmers. It's like they were educated in US elementary schools and are upset anyone criticizes their mediocre effort whilst they sip their milk and nibble their cookies. Start removing cheaters and I'll have some positive feedback for you.
  10. Under "normal missions" there is a mission to do where you can get 500 eternal fragments :)

    Oops, after reading the mission details, to stand any chance of completing this mission, then you must destroy 10 enemy players in the other company BL maps. o_O

    But... you must be level 24 to enter other company BL maps and I rarely see enemy players in my company BL map :( In the last two weeks I have seen 2 enemy players in my company's BL map and the one was before this event even started. If I do see any enemy players in my company BL map you can be guaranteed I will lose and not get the kills required because they will be game faux friends of players in my company or multi company clan members so players in my own company will help them out as clan comes before company! :mad:

    Big pointless, I know this is difficult for you to comprehend in your delusional little world, but we have not all cheated/bought our way to level 24+ so we can't go bot popping in enemy BL maps for this mission :mad:

    Some of us have work and a real life to live and enjoy so we cannot spend 4+ hours per day playing this game farming missions, aliens and galaxy gates for ep. We quite honestly have better things to do with our time :)

    Are there any other missions after this one? If so, I like many other players are going to miss out on rewards because of this poorly thought out mission that a lot of players will never be able to do because they'll never make level 24 before the end of this event. In fact some of us will not even make level 24 before the end of this year! :rolleyes:

    Mindfire objectives/mission.

    It will have been great to have the Mindfire alien in the gate. Nerf it and have 3 or 4 of them at the end of some stages so they are the last alien before jumping gate to the next stage.

    This will have helped a lot of players who have not cheated/stolen their way to 40+ level 16 prom lasers etc. to complete these objectives and that one mission to do damage to the Mindfire especially as selfish cheaters are denying honest players access to the Mindfire alien in BL maps...
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  11. PORG-44

    PORG-44 User

    Concerning the exploit of the Eternal Black Light GG with boosters, we have identified the Exploiters via database. Here’s what will follow:
    • Ranking records will be removed and excluded from the rewards calculation
    • This removal will take place tonight. If players that are concerned are in the middle of a run when the removal is running, the player will be kicked out and will require to set up a new gate and start over again. Anything that is lost due to that procedure will definitely not be compensated since it’s all about removing an exploit.
    • Any new ranking scores achieved by players after the removal will still be considered for rankings until the end of the ranking event.

    SO..basicaly these players do not get punished at all?? No loss of honour, ep, rinusk etc etc for exploiting a glitch.

    Makes a mockery of the whole system and provides absolutely no deterent whatsover...
    well done DO
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  13. thanks bigpoint for listening. Way easier to do the event now ! Although still some amunition and more rewards would still be appreciated,but thanks!
  14. GDragonW

    GDragonW User

    hello i got a question where i our rewards from the event ? i didnt get anything...
  15. Eternal Fragments for gate cpu - given the small amounts dropped by the invoke and the small number of us honest players not being able to get on the Mindfire for bigger value drops, then I think 350 eternal fragments will have been better for building the cpu, and as always, not all of us bot invokes or have the time to farm invokes for 1+ hours every day, we have work, lives, children to take care of and their activities etc. you get the picture big pointless or is this far too logical for you to comprehend?

    In conjunction with this, I doubt I and a few other players will be able to complete the objectives for using 15 or 25 cpu's as we cannot dedicate the time necessary to farm invokes and as above, we struggle to get on the Mindfire especially with its long spawn time hence why it will have been better to have Mindfire nerfed and in the gate so that one mission and the objectives can be done and earning some decent eternal fragments in the process.

    Personally, I will have only had the one objective to use the cpu and that will have been to use it 5 times. It will have been better to have more objectives for using larger amounts of A-BL laser ammo and more objectives to take damage and do damage to the aliens in the BL gate. Maybe some objectives to collect rinusk too - 1,000, 5,000, 10,000, as this can be easily done doing the gate multiple times as well as in the normal BL maps.

    The whole Mindfire and objectives in general were not well thought out at all on this event. I will have to give big pointless an E grade with a "must do better next time" comment ;):rolleyes:
    Last edited: Nov 18, 2020
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  16. Pros:
    +you get a little bit of blacklight trace and rinusk
    +you get little bit of uridium from the gate

    The rewards are not worth doing, you will use more on lasers than what you get. Rewards are poor, no ammo boxes, ridiculously small amount of BL shards and IAC, and 90% of the waves are boring and annoying to do. Also after 100 waves or so no more uridium as reward
    After I get the new ship I probably won't ever do this gate again.
  17. evansnow

    evansnow User

    I find the uri rewards to be good in the gate and the event is long so there is time to do most of the objectives if not all of them.
  18. It's top player damage rewards. I get them no problem vs UFE clans.

    That aside, yeah. it's kind of a ball buster, only reason I even doing it is because I got the battle pass in hopes of some extra goodies. Instead its taking up all my time and im getting nowhere. Not to mention I lost 2 cpus/lives to 1: server lag, died to Uber Annihilators from a mile away, and 2: plain old DO bugs, couldn't use formations, couldn't change ammo, was just screwed, no matter how many times I refreshed it wouldn't work, changed browers, changed client, cleared cache, was just stuck in a wave with nothing until i died, and what will I get in return for that? Absolutely nothing, DO doesn't compensate, one of the admins could delete a players whole inventory out of spite and DO would be like "sucks to suck, git gud trash" and probably spit in their face.
  19. tonka-toy

    tonka-toy User

    why does the eternal gate open up right on top of the mindfires area running all the way across the map to get to it and theres nme sitting there popping you as you go to jump in gate why cant the gate be near a map portal so you can get in
  20. I was just wondering WHY, they made the icon for the Orcus so large on the mini map. No other ship I have ever seen was betrayed by it's radar signature in such a manner.
    The EBL GG is just an ammo dump for those who can afford it.
    Rewards don't justify the time and resources it takes to get them.
    And , the Orcus , Like the Retarius is very lack luster with it's slow rate of fire.
    And NOW , just as I had most weapons and shields upgraded to level 16 , you raised it again , clearly giving the advantage to your support base (THE BOTTERS). It's analogous to running a marathon and the officials keep moving the finish line. Same goes for the ranking system which in and of it's self has become a joke.Adding insult to injury , you structure the game so it takes money to advance and you can't even provide a smooth , properly designed and maintained game. You can't get things right the first time and it takes you days ,weeks or even months to correct the problems that you yourselves create. This does not inspire confidence. Good thing this isn't brain surgery otherwise all your patients would be dead.
    If anyone out there can think of a GOOD reason why we shouldn't quit this game please chime in at any time.
    I understand that this isn't a non-profit organization but , if you want to increase your patronage you need to make it fair and equitable to ALL those who spend real money.
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