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    General information
    The AI ships are at it again - this time, with Cyborgs as well. They've created a system where they die and revive stronger than before. Can you defeat the endless waves?

    Collect Eternal Keys which you need to enter the Eternal Gate. You can get those Eternal Keys by completing the Daily Mission or by hunting Cyborg NPCs.

    In the Eternal Gate, try to survive for as long as possible as the waves get harder and harder. Those who have gotten the furthest wave get special rewards at the end of the event.

    Also collect the valuable Byte Remnants that are dropped by the AI ships. It can be used to craft items in the Assembly and to get special benefits.
    All Byte Remnant will be removed from your inventories 24 hours after the event ends.

    The Eternal Gate
    Get Eternal Keys from completing the daily mission or get them from the Cyborg AI ships in the X-4 and Battle maps.

    With the Eternal Key, you’re ready to enter the Eternal Gate with its infinite waves! When entering the Eternal Gate from X-1 maps, you have two lives to fight through the waves.

    Inside the gate, you can gain Booster points from clearing certain waves. These points can be used to choose among different boosters that help you to fight your way through the waves which are getting more and more difficult. You can keep fighting in the gate until you lose all your lives or until you leave the gate by yourself. Only if you loose all your lives, you’ll receive a reward based on the progress you made in the Eternal Gate

    In addition, there is a live ranking displaying the players that got to the furthest wave in the inside the gate during the whole event. At the end of the event, there will be final rewards for the top rankings.

    Daily event mission & Cyborg NPCs
    The event mission is shown in the „Event Missions“ window. It’s always the same and it can be repeated on a daily basis to get Eternal Keys.

    You can also get the Eternal Keys by hunting the Cyborg NPCs – Cyborg Cowering and Cyborg Troublemaker. In addition to the chance to get an Eternal Key, they are dropping reward packages with the chance to get one of the following items:

    Cyborg Cowering1x Eternal Key
    And one of the following:
    40x EMAA-20
    50x UCB-100
    5x R-310
    5x PLT-2026
    2x PLD-8

    Cyborg Troublemaker1x Eternal Key
    And one of the following:
    400x EMAA-20
    2x Log Disks
    4x SR-5
    4x DCR-250
    60x UBR-100


    Collect Booster Points and spend them to activate boosters in the Eternal Gate. The more waves you complete, the more booster points you can get to exchange them into boosters and to deal with the increasing difficulty of aliens.

    When you complete certain waves inside the gate and you reach a jump gate, you get booster points. Use them to select boosters that will be active for the current Eternal Gate run. Some facts about these boosters:

    • The boosters are only active while you’re in the Eternal Gate
    • The boosters are stackable
    • If you lose your all your lives in the Eternal Gate, the boosters reset
    • If you leave the Eternal Gate by exit portal and you come back later, the boosters are still valid when you re-enter the Eternal Gate
    • The Boosters tab in the Eternal Gate window shows a selection of random boosters for Rocket and Laser Damage, Laser accuracy, Shield, Hitpoints and Speed.
    • Every time you choose a booster, the random chance of getting the next one of this kind is getting lower.
    • Note: There’s a speed limit of 750 implemented into the game that might be reached by using the speed boosters. Once the limit is reached, it won’t raise anymore.

    There are some achievements that can be reached, either in one single event or over the course of several events:

    Alpha LooperBe the top ranking player at the end of the event100Alpha Looper
    Finding an EndReach Wave 42 in the Eternal Gate50
    Temporal DimensionsReach Wave 100 in the Eternal Gate50
    Eternal LoopReach Wave 200 in the Eternal Gate100
    Cyb0rg AnnihilationKill 100 Phasing Cyb0rg ships50

    The Cyborg AI NPCs are dropping rewards on death including valuable items, such as modules, ammunition, weapons and much more.
    When you finish the gate (by losing the 2 lives) you receive a reward based on how far you get progressed on the Eternal Gate. In case of death, you don’t get drone damage.
    Important: You will only get the reward that is displayed for the wave you’ve done when you die (not all the rewards of the waves you went through before dying):
    1 to 1010x Byte Remnants100%
    11 to 2050x Byte Remnants100%
    21 to 30250x Byte Remnants100%
    31 to 41500x Byte Remnants100%
    42 to 541x Asimov Cyborg
    888x Byte Remnants
    55 to 751x Asimov Cyborg
    1000x Byte Remnants
    76 to 831x Asimov Cyborg
    1288x Byte Remnants
    84 to 1001x Asimov Cyborg
    2288x Byte Remnants
    101 and above1x Asimov Cyborg
    2488x Byte Remnants

    Leaderboard & Final Rewards
    There will be a live ranking displayed in the client event window which shows the players that are getting the furthest in the Eternal Gate. If there are players that completed the same number of waves, their rank will be in order of who has reached the wave first.
    This ranking also provides rewards at the end of the event:
    1stTitle: Specialist Looper
    Asimov Solace Design
    1,500,000 Uridium
    500 x SR-5
    100,000 Seprom
    350,000 x UCB-100
    40,000 x RSB-75
    15,000 x IDB-125
    2ndTitle: Specialist Looper
    Asimov Solace Design
    800,000 Uridium
    300 x SR-5
    75,000 Seprom
    300,000 x UCB-100
    30,000 x RSB-75
    10,000 x IDB-125
    3rdTitle: Specialist Looper
    Asimov Solace Design
    500,000 Uridium
    250 x SR-5
    50,000 Seprom
    150,000 x UCB-100
    15,000 x RSB-75
    7,000 x IDB-125
    4th to 5thTitle: Specialist Looper
    Asimov Solace Design
    250,000 Uridium
    125 x SR-5
    35,000 Seprom
    100,000 x UCB-100
    10,000 x RSB-75
    3,500 x IDB-125
    6th to 10thTitle: Specialist Looper
    Asimov Solace Design
    100,000 Uridium
    75 x SR-5
    30,000 Seprom
    75,000 x UCB-100
    9,000 x RSB-75
    2,000 x IDB-125
    11th to 25th50,000 Uridium
    Asimov Solace Design
    25,000 Seprom
    50,000 x UCB-100
    8,000 x RSB-75
    1,500 x IDB-125
    26th to 50th35,000 Uridium
    Asimov Solace Design
    20,000 Seprom
    25,000 x UCB-100
    5,000 x RSB-75
    1,200 x IDB-125
    51st to 100th25,000 Uridium
    20,000 Seprom
    20,000 x UCB-100
    2,500 x RSB-75
    1,000 x IDB-125

    Objectives & Battle Pass
    When the event starts, there is a battle pass and new objectives available for players to complete. The objectives are similar to missions but you don’t need to accept them manually. The progress for the objectives begins automatically when the event starts. Completing these objectives gives you rewards and completing them with the Battle Pass even gives you better rewards.
    Together with the objectives, a “Battle Pass” is available in the shop. You can purchase it either with Uridium or via Payment. The “Battle Pass” gives you access to additional rewards on top of the original rewards that you get from completing the objectives.
    If you buy the Battle Pass after having completed some objectives, you need to claim the Battle Pass rewards of the already finished objectives in the Objectives Window in the game. If you complete the Objectives after buying the Battle Pass, the rewards will be booked automatically.

    Event recipes
    There are some new event recipes as well as some known ones which can be crafted during the event.
    ExtrasHP-BES0111,500 Byte RemnantOnce
    ExtrasHP-T0112,000 Byte RemnantOnce
    ExtrasDMG-NPC0112,000 Byte RemnantOnce
    WeaponAA-111,000 Byte RemnantMultiple times
    WeaponAAP-111,000 Byte RemnantMultiple times
    ExtrasHP-HAM0111,500 Byte RemnantOnce
    ExtrasDMG-LEO0111,500 Byte RemnantOnce
    ExtrasSHD-DIM0111,500 Byte RemnantOnce
    AmmunitionEMAA-2010,0003,000 Byte RemnantOnce
    AmmunitionEMAA-2010,0001,500 Byte Remnant 15,000 UridiumMultiple times
    New Ship designs: Asimov
    There will be 3 new ship designs given out in the event:
    Asimov SolaceLeaderboard Ranking
    Asimov SentinelBattle Pass
    Asimov CyborgChance to get it in the Eternal Gate

    New ship upgrade modules
    During the event, it’s possible to get some of the new ship upgrade modules that are available as Battle pass reward or that can be crafted in the Assembly. The following modules are given out:
    ModuleClassModifierShipSell PriceAvailable
    SPC-EVA01Special+ 10% EvasionBastion
    200,000 CreditsObjectives
    HP-BES01HP+ 20% HPBastion
    150,000 CreditsRecipe
    HP-T01HP+ 25% HPTartarus250,000 CreditsRecipe

    Event ammunition: EMAA-20
    Electro Magnetic Anti-AI Battery ammunition: EMAA-20
    Developed specifically to deal with rebelling AI ships, this special ammo deals 4x damage, and a total of 7x damage against rogue Mimesis AI Ships as well as x7 damage to all Cyborg AI enemies.

    New emotes and sprays
    There are a couple of new Easter themed emotes and sprays appearing in this event. They can be activated via the “Extra” button in the Hot key system.
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