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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Apr 8, 2020.

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  1. memrix

    memrix User

    i farm them in lower maps, it works for me
  2. The user "nighttime" was kind enough to provide a synopsis of the npc's in the Eternal Gate, reference;
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  3. game is broke? i made it to round 290 and only got 2,488 remnates?
    09.04.2020 - 18:09[​IMG]You have been destroyed by a Reflector Mimesi5 alien ship.
    09.04.2020 - 18:09[​IMG]Received item: Byte Remnant (2,488)
  4. You were given a bracket of all the possible rewards. Not DO's fault for you not knowing the rewards :p
    Gate's meant to compete for the big prizes at the end of the event.
  5. i am not thrilled that you can pop your own pet in this gate
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  6. i pop my pet sometimes more than npc's it's like a magnet sometimes
  7. there seems to be a problem with the amount of remnants you get,
    it is not accounted for with the quests of the event so how to complete plz??
  8. coobo99

    coobo99 User

    I ran into 2 slight problems.
    One was that the bytes you gain after dying do not count toward the achievements.
    The second was that 3rd round (Wave 122) of Reflectors did not stop hitting me after they had been destroyed. It cost me the gate.
  9. So I notice the EMAA-20 does increase dmg to the cyborg npc aswell as the mimesis mentioning AI npc. But the AA-1 and AAP-1 lasers neither one deals AI dmg buff to any cyborg npc.
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  10. Kharelia

    Kharelia User

    Reading all of these posts, I am thinking that, as a newly returned level 7 player, with no drones as yet, and it's taking me forever to even kill enough cyborgs to get a key, this event may not be worth it for me. I'm simply not strong enough nor have enough game time to dedicate to it. Sounds like it might be good for higher levels though.
  11. I thought all event's should be for all players but the rewards for the start of the event gate are not worth it only the later rewards but if your not strong enough to get to the better rewards then your simply just wasting ammo at this point. Even the VOT gate is very tough for smaller players to advance but there they can advance enough to atleast make the trip to the gate worth it.
  12. DO why not some code that references a players level or time in game. Then base rewards on this variable during an event. New players could receive rewards that are beneficial to their game play needs and advanced players could receive rewards that would make them want to play the event. Also, there have been events in the past where the x-1 gate was for lower level players and the gate in x-8 was for upper levels. This would be another way to target rewards to players of specific level.
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  13. memrix

    memrix User

    i like the idea, but don't expect too much from the devs...With respect, they can't even fix the problems the game has as is. What you are suggesting is essentially a large IF THEN statement loop.

    ...come to think about it, it shouldn't be that hard to implement if i'm honest
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  14. Westra

    Westra User

    Exactly!! Great idea friend.
  15. So for the objectives we are not getting credit for the bytes collect and not all the uri is posting to our accounts. Is this an issue which has been reported concerning this event?
  16. I got past a cpl. of Reflector waves by using my best ammo while I had in game damage upgrades ,Solace with full shields and lasers on both configs.( no speed gens.)PET =guard mode with full AAP-lasers and Seprom on everthing. Running doesn't seem to work because of their range. So I just went toe to toe with them and tried to pop them as quickly as possible had to run a cpl of times and that's when I died.(ran out of Seprom.)
    For the most part I use X3+1021+Hellstorm .
    So far it's still a hit or miss as far as getting past that wave.No method is truly 100% especially if you make a mistake.
    The range of the Demolition blobs was a bit dis-concerning when I was in the opposite corner after it ran and it still was nailing me with those things.
    I play it like most any GG.
    Drag and shoot . Left side of map. Let them run to the corner ,(upper left) then find the "sweet spot" (3/3) and shoot with out taking damage. But , that's mostly for the NPC's that do a lot damage and are faster.(except Reflector)
    I'm sure there are stronger players with many different methods. I try to avoid wasting too much X4 ammo (only when absolutely necessary). And I'm not in a big hurry to finish the wave quickly or set any records.By the time I got home from work and jumped my first gate many players were already over 300 waves. So how could I ever beat that?
    Use them to help complete "let enemy damage you " objective " after you finish the wave set, go back and clear them (detonate and repair before you jump again. Other wise they will still be there on the next map and you can hit them by accident if you lose track of where they are.
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  17. How can new players compete,350+ waves?????When will there be something for the little guys,if it was'nt for players like us a lot of your big players would get bored with no easy pilot kills and bail the game.
  18. "How can new players compete,350+ waves?????When will there be something for the little guys,if it was'nt for players like us a lot of your big players would get bored with no easy pilot kills and bail the game.How can new players compete,350+ waves?????When will there be something for the little guys,if it was'nt for players like us a lot of your big players would get bored with no easy pilot kills and bail the game." -xxxBallisticxxx

    I was once in your shoes and felt the exact same way. I am not UFE but I am closer to it than I am of being FE, so I sympathize with both. I think the best way to solve this is by making 2 leader boards. The easier one would have stuff that would be useful to weaker players, the other things that better equipped players need. This could be made in the form of 2 gates (like in invasion)- whereas players choose the easier or the harder gate and get placed in the easier or harder leader board.
  19. Actually around the wave 370 area even the UFEs are toast, WAY to much damage coming at once, someone in the discord for the clan i'm in said the wave 370 reflectors dish out 1.5 million damage (they made it that far on ge7). They mentioned the 290, i asked how strong they are compared to the ones on normal maps. They said it was trying to compare a boss sib to a uber bk
  20. the event is not supposed to be for nup player (not the top places) all the events DO make are for UFE ppl, cauz if they have nothing to do than the daily routin they will be bored and leave... nup players have a lot of stuff to do, like fulling up :p

    play the gate till the wave u can, then die and repeat, u will get a lot of usefull stuff like uri, ammo, techs and some bytes to craft pet lasers and ship modules (is not hard to arrive at wave 30-60 also with a scrap ship with x1 ammo)....
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