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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Deter, Apr 8, 2020.

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  1. coobo99

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    DO just made it possible to craft ammo from the AAP lasers because they're no longer of use. I fully support this, but were they able to be upgraded?
  2. This. Also IMO the rewards should be beefier in the first round, then fall off in the second one and rise in each round (same as now), so the average won't be too high.

    I usually don't use techs, because this one costs basically 1500 Uri (non premium, I don't have points in the skill tree). I would have died with LCB only against the Reflectors, because I can't take the 18K damage per second from their ability alone for that long.

    Yes, they are great, but I don't need that much of them in PvP (like 2 per battle?) and I receive enough of them in the green booty chests and event boxes.

    I mean that there should be equality of the three options (unlike something like: 8% overall damage, 5 % laser damage or 5% rocket damage). And the rocket damage is indeed useless.
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  3. The 18k were from the reflectors. The Range of the Singularity-Ability from a Reflector was not much bigger than their shooting range, so you could have just retreated a bit and heal back up perfectly fine.
    There was no reason to die against the Reflector's Ability, either use Solace and just heal that way, or Fly back wait till the Ability ran outheal back up and go in again or use an EMP if it's too risky to let the ability run out.

    The 15k DMG is/was from the Singularity-Cyborg's Singularity-Ability those are the ones which can reach all across the map, so only for the Singularity you would need the tech.

    1.5k Uri is not that much compared to what you can get out of the gate.
    The first 3 cycles give you 107k Uri all together. The first clycle alone gave 15k Uri so 3x as much as you would have to spent on E-leech for the first 3 cycles.
    What are 4.5k Uri (each cycle 1x Energy-Leech-Tech) compared to 100+k that were totally possible even with only LF-3 Lasers.

    35x180 =44100 DMG +41895 (DMG Boosters, Seprom, 15% NPC-DMG module)
    = 85.995 DMG with the Event ammo
    = 8.599 Heal = half the abilities dmg healed again.
    Using solace or aegis or any other healing ship = easy win.
    Ontop: the NPC's ability did DMG onto your shields aswell, so if you had an aegis and a bit of shield on your dmg config - outhealing the ability would have been a breese.

    Each instant-shield already need 10 ACM-Mines, so getting those in masses was amazing.

    And the other mines are used more by some players than you seem to use them.
    In 1 Prime-Time I can use up to 50-80 Mines alone, depending on how active Prime-Time is, and there is also the normal pvp during the day. So I really don't mind that they gave us a lot of them, cuz I and a lot other people need them.

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  4. I did that the first times though, but the Reflectors just regenerated their shield back and it became too time consuming for me (I killed them with UCB at the end).

    I don't have enough of the event ammo though. With LCB (or even UCB) only the number of regained HP is kinda meh, especially when considering the missing chance of lasers ( I don't have enough skill points) and the fluctuation of the laser damage.
  5. True it is time consuming, on the higher Waves it can take 1 hour just to finish the Reflectors, but that is part of the challenge and to be honnest part of why i loved this event so much. :) Finally an event that is not just mindless npc-popping but an event that actually was challenging.

    I agree, the event ammo was way to scarce. But with UCB (roughly half the DMG in my calculation) you can still do a decent bit of DMG.

    Keep in mind, the Gate itself gives DMG Boosters too, and if you keep chosing the laser-DMG boost you can multiply you dmg quite a bit.
    I got so far that even my UCB alone was able to hit for 1.3 million DMG (on the prom-laser boosted shot) of course that requires to get up to waves 350+ and having full prom-lasers.
    But even without the prom lasers, if you stick with the laser dmg boost every time it is available, you should have been able to do some nice dmg too.

    There was also the possibility to farm youself a bit of event ammo on the x-7 maps by shooting the covernant and troublemaker cyborgs. (But that is a grueling task aswell)
  6. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Closing as feedback from the Eternal Gate Event feedback has been sent up. Thank you to all who provided feedback!
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