European Team Cup 2016 Recruitment

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Jun 15, 2016.

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  1. id say the teams that want to take part fight each other winner enters:p
  2. Still doesnt seem fair, that will mean it pretty much has to be ufe, not giving others a chance and showing its still a pay to win game

    Or a better thing - pay to event xD
  3. are u daft, would u not want the best team to represent gb? its like sending a league 2 fottball club into the world cup
  4. The server gets nothing its the players that get the reward.. its a game and everyone should have a chance not just players that have spent money

    and about the league 2 football going to the world cup, if you look at the england team compared to indirvidual team youll see that the best players werent picked to play for england, a nice example is rashford whos barely played but wow look at that a manu player being picked over a sunderland player (defoe) whos played amazing this season.. some might say its favouritism to big clubs .. cough ufe players ;)
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  5. biggest rubbish ever lol asif they would pick non ufe to fight :/ lol whole point is to find best team
  6. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Alrighty, a few more answers on these for you:

    Only one full team of seven will be entered into tourny on behalf of the UK (EN language) team.
    If multiple teams enter, one will be randomly selected to represent EN (UK) in the cup.

    We can have other language/countries on the team, however the team needs to be mostly EN, and if your country is represented then ideally you would sign up with a team there.
    So if your country isn't represented you can sign your team up here, but it does need to be largely EN as this is for the UK/EN team.

    The tourney will take place on a Turkey server, so ships will be provided. All the same, if you're signing a team up UserID & server for your main ship would be helpful to start.

    I hope that helps! (I'll add this to the first post as well so people won't have to read through multiple pages^^)

  7. Ok so GB2 has many ppl playing from other countries, ie turkey etc. So do the ships user ID have to be from the UK or can the team come from UK and other countries?
  8. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    From the UK & other countries, but the team needs to primarily be EN. I think it would be expected from our case that the UserIDs would be from EN servers (or even if an EN team signed up but natively plays a global server).

  9. Its random as it would be unfair to others, yeah let only ufes do event haha that sounds fun, how about we just make the game for ufe players xD.... All youre doing is competing for a reward for yourself which ufes dont exactly need, the server gets nothing so why not give simi ufes a chance. Not everyone wants to drop loads of money just to take part in an event :)

    Fair chance for all seems more fair :)
  10. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    It's not going to cost anyone anything to participate, bar time really. Ships will be provided for the event (not for keeps), and then the rewards will go to the pilot's actually playing UID. So UFE or no with your normal account, you would be on an even playing field with the actual ship. Skills and teamwork will get to determine the rest :)
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  11. x1chaolu

    x1chaolu User

    Thank you for your response and quickness @Solid_Eye, it was really helpfull.
    People like you make looking the forum hourly worthwhile :D
  12. MyBigi

    MyBigi User

    Sign me up for Italy team! ID: 161117177
  13. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    I'd recommend hitting up the Italy forum to sign up for their team:
    (you may need to go through the backpage, change language/server and then it should direct you to the Italian forum)

    & thank you x1chaolu, I'm glad it's helped :)
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  14. Good idea soildeye, guess some people just want to take the glory and not let others try ;)
  15. Put us down :))

    ID 97711566




    All from GB2 :))


    Sign me up for Romanian team![​IMG]62313563
  17. SkillOnly

    SkillOnly User

    Whyyyy there is no Croatia :( :( Am I the only one from CRO. :(
  18. eng team
  19. I'm in for England


    UID 6896466
  20. USER ID: 29230532
    SERVER: Global Europe 1
    Country I will play for is Great Britain/England/United Kingdom as I am from the UK c:
    I have all the ammo necessary for fighting and willing to increase expenditure in ammo to do so. If you want me in your team then I will be more than happy to join! :)

    I am obviously ufe... :p
    My Public Profile:

    With the removal of the JPA I really want to take part!!!
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