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  1. wont you guys anounce any game events in forum anymore??
    yea i kno about the anouncemant board on our backpage but thats just anounce events like Space bacl and capture the beacon etc etc.
    but it doesnt anounce the ice meteoroid events and refree bot . if u guys wil add it to the back page anouncemant board that would be awesome. or even in forums would be awesome to . lol i jus want to kno when icy's and ref bots wil be out.

    thank you


    Events such as ice meteoroids and ref bot are found in the Event Announcements section of the forum. They are in the December events post.
  3. ^^ This is correct.
    Also I think something like this has already been made in another thread.
  4. but there stil some events that not are announced in forum or on backpage...
    would be nice when any event would be posted in oa´s.
  5. cooljak96

    cooljak96 User

    They usually are, but some events are put into place before the Moderators have a chance to notice them and put them on the forums.
  6. At the moment they are putting the special events up like santa bots etc and on the right hand side of the home page there is the the upcoming events so you don't have to look on the forum to see the upcoming events.
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  7. cooljak96

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    I agree, if you are trying to see what events are coming within the next couple of days, check the back page before the forums.
  8. oh ok thnx , wel i think this thread can be closed now, already got my answer i gues lol
  9. and like i said, there are stil some events that are not announced at backpage or in forum !
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