Event-Guide: Gauntlet of Plutus

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  1. Quick note at the start:
    I created this initially for the German Forum. But I felt I should post it here too, so I sat down and translated the whole thing. If you see parts that haven't been translated yet, please be patient. I will do my best to translate it as fast as possible.

    It's the first time i'm doing something like this, so please forgive me if it looks a little messy.
    I will try my best to keep it easy to understand.

    Given that there are quite a few people who seem to struggle with this Event-Gate, i decided to create a little guide. Hope this can help at least a few of you.

    Event-Guide: Gauntlet of Plutus

    Table of Contents
    1. The minimum requirement to complete the Gate.
    2. Usefull Items.
    3. The best Ships to use.
    4. The Waves.
    5. Advice for completing the Waves.
    6. Configs.

    1. The minimum requirement to complete the Gate.

    This Gate has quite a high diffculty Level. I've played it a couple times now with different ships, equiment and ammo.

    Here is my conclusion:

    All Goliath-Typs, Vengeance-Typs, Aegis-Typs aswell as the Hammerclaw, the Berserker, the Hecate, the Tartarus, the Centurion, the Disruptor, the Mimesis and the N-Ambassador are able to handle this Gate.

    At least all 8 Iris should be present.
    Drone-Designs are not necessary

    Full LF-3 is the bare minimum.
    As much as i love the SLL-02, it's DMG is just not high enough for this Gate, or rather it's to low for the Boss which results in to much of a time- and ammo-waste.

    A full Speed-Generator Set (how many that is, depends on the ship you're using) is a must..
    As for the Shields, 16 BO2 or FS-03 (or a mix between the two) are necessary.

    Depends on the Weapons that you use.
    For someone who only has Full LF-3 Laser, UCB-100 (x4)is a must for the Boss*, for all other waves the ammo does not matter.
    For someone who has full LF-4 Laser, MBC-50 (x3)is already enough for the Boss*.
    Here aswell: for all other waves the ammo does not matter.

    *I explain why, down in the "Advice" section

    All that changes, when using good ammo on the "normal waves" is the time needed to clear the Gate.
    If you have time, then just use weak ammo and save the good for more important stuff.

    [PET + Kami-Gear
    The PET and Kami-Gear (Level 3) are only a "must have", when you do not have better ammo than LCB-10 (x1) and your equipment is barely old FE or even a little worse.]

    2. Usefull Items.

    These Items are (depending on your eqiupment) not necessary but they do help a lot and if available they should be used.

    The Pet
    It has to be at least level 8 and Kami-Gear (Level 3) should be available too.

    Moth, Ring, Drill, Chevron are the most usefull, if available use them.

    For one specific wave, this item is a lifesaver. It saves you a lot of time, ammo and trouble.

    [IM-01 (Infection-mine)
    Only necessary if you are UFE and you are trying to get rank 1]

    3. The best Ships.

    A "best" Ship does not exist.
    Which ship suites you the best is something you have to find out for yourself.
    Here I give some basic advice, as to what ship is best for what type of player.

    1. Cyborg
    The Cyborg is strong, it has the highest DMG-Output and a relatively usefull ability.
    If you are striving to get rank 1 or just wanna get the Gate done as fast as possible go with this one.

    2. Solace
    The Solace is thanks to the 15% NPC-DMG-Modul a top candidate for this Gate.
    Even without the Module this ship is amazing due to it's 90 seconds healing ability which heals 35% of it's max HP.
    UFE aswell as Mid-Game Spieler can't go wrong with this one.

    3. Aegis/Hammerclaw
    These Ships (if available, the Hammerclaw is rather difficult to get) are the best choice for a Beginner.
    Everyone who only has for example 8 Iris and full LF-3 and who doesn't feel safe, or doesn't trust his abilities to handle the different Waves and the Boss should go with one of them.
    With the 3 healing abilities, these Ships are nearly indestructible, even if you only use the minimum recuirement Equipment.

    4. The Waves.

    This part should be the most interesting for everyone who stumbles over this post.
    Here I will provide you with a full list of all the NPC's which are awaiting you inside the Gate, aswell as the "Spawn-breaks"* between the Sub-Waves.

    *For some Waves, these "Spawn-breaks" are a little special, I highlighted them in Red.

    The Waves do not have a set order!
    I numbered them, but that does not mean that you will encounter the Waves in the same order. They change with every time you enter.

    Also, based on the NPC's that spawn in each Wave I gave them a name. It's written in the brackets.

    Wave 1 (Boss-NPC Wave)

    5 Devo
    2 Boss Sibelon
    4 Aura Dun Jig

    Spawn-break until all NPC are dead.

    5 Devo
    3 Boss Devo
    1 Natal Nap

    Spawn-break until all NPC are dead.

    9 Kodkod
    2 Boss Sibelonit
    6 Sibelonit
    5 Sibelon
    1 Lac Lion

    End -> Gate

    Wave 2 (Pirates Wave)

    3 Lac Lion
    5 Barracuda
    3 Saboteur
    1 Annihilator

    Spawn-break until all NPC are dead.

    15 Interceptor
    5 Aura Dun Jig
    12 KodKod

    Spawn-break until all NPC are dead.

    30 Cote Lo

    End -> Gate

    Wave 3 (Normal and Event NPC Wave)

    10 Cote Lo
    4 Lac Lions
    10 Cote Lo

    Spawn-break until all NPC are dead.

    5 Kristallon

    Spawn-break until 2 Kristallon is dead!

    5 Lordakium
    5 Aura Dung Jin

    Spawn-break until all NPC are dead.

    7 Kodkod

    Spawn-break until 5 Kodkod are dead!

    1 Uber Lordakium

    End -> Gate

    Wave 4 (Zeta-Gate Wave)

    3 Melter

    Spawn-break until 1 Melter is dead!

    14 Scorcher

    Spawn-break until all NPC are dead.

    10 Infernal
    1 Natal Nap

    Spawn-break until all NPC are dead.

    1 Devourer
    8 Kodkod
    2 Aura Dun Jig
    2 Lac Lion

    End -> Gate

    Wave 5 (Kronos-Gate Wave)

    11 Spearhead
    7 Venom
    1 Natal Nap

    Spawn-break until all NPC are dead.

    5 Aegis

    Spawn-break until 3 Aegis are dead.

    2 Lac Lion
    11 KodKod

    Spawn-break until all NPC are dead.

    3 Citadel
    3 Aura Dun Jig

    End -> Gate

    Wave 6 (Boss Wave)

    4 Turret
    1 Plutus

    5. Advice for completing the Waves.

    Here you will find some usefull advise for the Waves, aswell as the best methods to kill the NPC's.

    Important, for all waves: use the Kami-Gear. It really does help a lot!

    Moreover: If you need a break (to eat or pee or drink or something), you can take on at the end of each wave (when the Gate appears) but you can take one inbetween aswell (during the spawn-breaks). for the latter, simply shoot all NPC's until they are all in the corner without killing them, respectively leave 1 alive.

    Wave 1:
    Use different drone-formations to kill NPc's faster and more efficiently:
    - The normal NPC go down the fastest with moth.
    - Same goes for the Aura Dun Jig.
    - The Natal Nap and Lac Lion do not have shield, so using dril, chevron or arrow (if no chevron available) is best.

    Use the formation that gives you the most denefits, based on your equipment and ammo used.
    As example:
    A beginner with aegis, 8 Iris and full LF-3 who only uses x1 is not gonna benefit much from the drill, the chevron would be better in that case.

    This wave is pretty easy, so nothing more to say here.

    Wave 2:
    Again, use the right formation, pirates go down pretty quick with moth, the Lac Lion again with drill, chevron or arrow
    The Interceptor are near death after 1x Kami.
    That way the run into the corners and you can focus on the stronger Aura Dun Jig and Kodkod.
    The Kodkod can survive 5 Kami-attacks and go down the fastest with again chevron, drill, etc.

    After the 2nd spawn-break, 30 Cote Lo will spawn.
    A simple yet really effecitve way to kill all of them in 2 seconds only, is to gather them around you and use the Kami-Gear as well as the NPC-Nuke at the same time.
    Both at the same time kills them instandly.

    But be carefull, you need to have enough shield to pull that off.

    Waves 3-5:
    Not much to tell you here.
    Just the usual, using Kami, the right formations against the right NPc and there should not be any problems.

    As for the ships in wave 5:
    Spearhead die easiest with moth, the Venom, Aegis and Cita one of the other formations mentioned.

    Also, keep an eye on the DMG you get when fighting the Venom Goliath, if they hit you all at once they do quite decent dmg (around 60k).

    Wave 6
    Now the most exciting part, the boss-fight!

    The most important first: Do not Panic!

    So let's begin:

    First you jump onto the Map and a little sequence will start .
    Afterwards, you fly to the first turret.

    This is how it works:
    The tower spawns the normal rockets (that do 6k dmg) as soon as you get close to him. Every 3 seconds 1 normal rocket.
    However, he does not spawn the Warhead as long as you dont attack him.
    As soon as you fire the first shot, he will spawn the first Warhead.
    From that moment, the tower will a new Warhead every 15 seconds, for as long as you shoot him and stay close to him.

    If you fly away from the turret (for healing or something) he will stop spawning the normal rockets and Warheads (but you have to be far enough away from him).

    The Countdown of the Warhead does not pause!
    Which means:
    If you keep your distance longer than 15 seconds, the Countdown of the Warhead is back to 0 and as soon as your first shot hits the turret, a new Warhead will spawn.

    And then again every 15 sec a new one.

    Also important: the Countdown does not pause when there is already a Warhead on the map!

    So if you stay close enough to the turret and keep shooting it, while 1 Warhead is on the map you will soon have a second one chasing after you!

    In short:
    When you attack the Turret, he will spawn a Warhead, kill it as fast as possible.
    Count (in your head) up to 15 or 14 (if you are nervous), fly backwards log the new warhead and kill it. Thn go back to the turret and shoot again.

    Repeat, until the turret is down and move on to the next.

    Here is the explanation, why you need a certain ammo for a certain Weapon-use: (the thing i mentioned in the Ammo part at the beginning)
    A Warhead has 30k HP, so it would be wise to shoot with ammo that can reach those 30k with 1 or 2 shots, to kill the Warhead as soon as possible.
    Otherwise you won't have much time between the Warheads to shoot the turret and the whole thing takes ages or you get more than 1 warhead on the map Warheads.
    Also, the longer a Warhead is there, the bigger the risk to get into his detonation range.

    After all 4 Turrets are destroyed 8 Generators will appear.

    To deactivate them just fly into the highlighted area, wait 5 seconds and move to the next.

    Keep an eye out for the mines, they spawn close to you But not in detonate-range.

    Healing Ships (Solace, Aegis, Hammerclaw) have great advantage her.

    The boss also spawns warheads, so be cautious and kill them when they come.
    Advice: Put your browser-zoom to 75%, makes it easie to see the warheads and still keeps them big enough to click them easily.

    Pretty easy, kill him. He doesn't do much.
    The warheads he spawns are as fast as hee is, so as long as you pull him over the map the Warheads can be ignored.
    His "dash attack" is pretty underwhelming too.

    6. Configs.

    Ship: Solace (Speed Module, HP-Module and the 15% NPC-DMG Module*)

    Config 1 (DMG):

    Generators: 12 Speed, 3 Shield ***
    Laser: Full Lasers
    Full Laser
    Full Havoc/Spartan**

    Config 2 (Speed)

    Generators: 15 Speed
    Laser: Full Lasers
    7 Drohnen Full Shield
    3 Drohnen Lasers
    Full Hercules**

    * modules are not necessary
    ** The drone designs are not necessary!!
    *** The DMG config is fast too because it is way easier to escape enemie attacks that way. And even if you get hit, as a Solace you can heal anyway so the low shield is not a problem
  2. completed the first time I tried, But then cometh the Lag can't even play the game let alone do plutus again. Plus did not get credit for doing it the first time