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Discussion in 'Technical Event Issues' started by *SCORPION*1, Dec 22, 2019.

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  1. DarkOrbit, Exclusive Discount Advertisement

    interfering with game, this thing pops up when jumping gates, you're in battle this can interfere with game. I look for ways to turn it off and could not find any way to stop it from appearing on the game screen.

    So, I buy it in hopes to stop it from Running on the game screen and it still doing the same thing. If someone buys it, it should stop from running.

    Once someone buys it. It should not appear anymore on the game screen. I can understand if someone not paying for it to go away, but if someone buys it. It should disappear for 19 days as it says, you can not buy this again for 19 days.

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  2. MRR

    MRR User

  3. Yes, standard block pop-up procedure not having an effect and the AD-Block add-ins cannot stop it. Is this using the same techniques as regualr hackers use to bypass game security?
  4. Yeah, it is annoying I am in a fight with major player and the damn thing pops up Exclusive Discount Buy Now at the same time enemy pops an emp and hides behind the damn advertisement, and he becomes hard to lock with the mouse lol, Oh that kills me every-time TURN OFF YOUR DAMN Exclusive Discount CRAP DarkOrbite I already bought it so Turn it off
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  5. Mod-Rogue

    Mod-Rogue Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Thanks for your time and effort to post it .. we have reported it higher up .. and hope they will do something for it

    Merry christmas
  6. Mod-Rogue

    Mod-Rogue Moderator Team Darkorbit

    Closing thread as Inactive
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