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  1. Bakjam

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  2. Dramborleg

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    I appreciate your work and thought here, but Berserker and Disruptor? Never even seen them in game. It's all good though, bro.

    All opinions are subjective :)
  3. Falcon.GR

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    Well you say my friend but something escapes you. 99% of the players are boats and if you are on board with which boat to take them out. they looked at the pimps and the support and laughed at all those who deal with these issues. What you write can be applied only if you find clean players without any illegal programs.
  4. It lacks speed which is what makes it great against the meta ships because they are mostly slow and cant move away from it, which makes it good vs Hammerclaw, Solace, Citadel... Yeah, I love the Disruptor, it's a very good ship if you practice with it.
  5. Yeah but who uses Citadel to travel? No one. If you're using Citadel it's usually to CBS defend, and everyone knows 50% bonus damage to shield is like 400k damage a hit, it's ridiculous how hard diminisher hits. Basically, if you have no emp or ish, you're gonna melt 1 million shields in a couple seconds if the attacks land.

    Health doesn't matter when you do 200-250 damage a hit, if you run out of shield by the Diminisher there's a chance it just kills your HP afterwards, and the spread of HP to shield ratio means you'll never be full HP even after an assault by the ability. I don't see your point really, you're trying to defend Citadel and Solace against a ship that directly counters everything about it.

    By the way, I played so much Diminisher and most targets die way before the ability ends, cause it lasts 14 seconds; unless they run away in which case you'd disengage from the fight.
  6. personally I'd place it at number 1 mostly because it fights against the meta of the game really well currently and has for many patches now. If you get good at Diminisher it's very similar to Disruptor, very difficult to fight head on.
  7. memrix

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    i am surprised to not see the Sentinel anywhere, its ability reduces shield damage, and with modules it also it hits harder among other things.
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  8. Dramborleg

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    Just saying thanks for all the info in this thread, as I don't have any of those ships yet, but will try to get one soon. So thanks again :)
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  9. what about centurion? with tyrannos design.
  10. memrix

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    while i agree to a point, i do have to point out that Singularity can be countered with EMP, while sentinel power cannot. Also if your enemy doesn't shoot your sentinel as to avoid the ability, then it's also not a loss as you have a chance to get away. Survival is better than a win-lose situation
  11. Zecora

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    Sentinel can become virtually invincible in 1vs1 fights periodically. Consider this, Fortress initially reduces damage taken versus shields by 30%. We also have to keep in mind that these 30% are not just affecting the shield alone. Any kind of shield absorbing ammunition becomes 30% more effective during this period. Dealing 40k damage with SAB-50? Well, with Fortress, the shield returned is virtually 30% more, so in this case it's 52k shield you are getting back. We also have to account SAR-02 and SR-5 Rockets being in use, further empowering the capabilities of Fortress.

    Virtually doesn't mean practically, just to clarify.
  12. memrix

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    that's a weird ship, saw one flying around with +-2000kills, i almost got it, but it hits so hard i died, frankly i died every time i tried to take revenge
  13. Zecora

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    I'm also curious why Berserker isn't higher on the list. I mean, yes, you stated it has some drawbacks. But I tested it intensively, and figured out the Berserker could easily be the best multipurpose ship. It excels at damage dealing, outclassing most ships with ease, with the only one coming close to it being Mimesis. Most enemies aren't aware of the effect of revenge. In many cases, they kill themselves. Even if not, 6 seconds of invulnerability with maximum damage output is not exactly something I'd call bad or a downside.

    Shield link makes it easily the best support ship. Fusions shields with Crab formation and shield regen boosters easily make you tank the damage of a mindfire behemoth while linking your ally, since you still benefit of the regeneration, practically making yourself and your ally invincible.

    Lastly... It's great in PvE, PvP and Group fights. You are alongside with the Disruptor a great team ship. But also a great solo ship.

    Frankly, I made a video about it on YouTube. Just search for "Darkorbit - Berserker is great" and you'll find it.
  14. memrix

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    after watching the video, i came up with a new gameplan, avoid the berserker at all cost, i say this due to the abilities are quite counter-classicfightstyle of just dishing out damage till death. And frankly it's hard enough mentally to focus on a classic fight, let alone keep in mind all the tricks the berserker has up its sleeve.
  15. Zecora

    Zecora User

    Berserker is admittedly a little overpowered right now. Even as someone who doesn't necessarily have the best equipment has the chance to compete with high tier players. Even if the initial Revenge ability is being ignored, you still have the 6-second invulnerability window, which combined with EMP and Insta shield provides in many cases enough time to dish out damage with Berserk. The issue afterwards is of course staying alive once the abilities run out. It can be balanced out with PET-Link though, as well as crab/shield configuration to further prolong the fight. But that's initially the point of the ship. Kill enemies with your window of abilities, or get killed. In most cases it's the former though.

    All we need is a player with full equipment and a bit of brain to dominate a server with the Berserker ship. I've seen people dishing out 400k damage shells with a Chromin RSB salvo. If those people had Berserk running, that would be a devastating number. And we have to keep in mind that Berserk as of right now affects everything. Rockets, Hellstorm, last time I tested it even mines.

    I don't know if the ship will ever be nerfed. I hope not. :D

    On top of all that, the cooldown of the abilities aren't even that long. 180 seconds for Revenge, which is quite short for an ability such as this. For Berserk even only 60 seconds, with this ability resetting if you die or jump while the ability is active.
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  16. Zecora

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    Speed really isn't everything in a grand perspective. Of course, if you specifically hunt, you want to catch up with your enemies. But if we only look at speed being a big factor, then Zephyr should go into the first slot due to the ability to reach insane speeds for a whole 20 seconds which are technically not connected to any cooldown, only the amount of things you kill, which in some maps is more easy than not. Or the fact you can kite enemies. More range in itself is a huge trait in combat, and if you are good at ship maneuvering, you can practically keep just a little outside of the range of your enemy and slowly shoot them down till they're dead without taking a single point of damage yourself. Done it, would do it again if the ship itself would be fun to play.

    The defensive aspect of Berserker is great, and combined with Hermes drones, maybe even moth, you can reach insane health values plus cooldown reduction which further empowers the utility. Hyperplasmoids further enhance the damage percentage for whatever reason, making you more tanky in exchange for even more damage with the ability. And before you know it, you deal 500k damage per shot at a consistent rate. Combine that with energy transfer, and you have consistent healing of 50k per second, which is an insane number if paired with several other defensive mechanics such as the already mentioned PLD-8 rocket. You can really drag our your fight and use your disadvantage as a huge advantage. It serves well as a tank/damage dealer hybrid, a bruiser if you will, with the best upside compared to something like Solace that you can have insane passive healing if paired with energy transfer the lower your health is.

    In other words, you're a massive vampire ship that draws more blood the less you have. A single EMP salvo would be enough to heal back up a majority of the damage dealt to you. Practically.

    Speed really is just a deciding factor here for the opponent. if they manage to get out of range, good for them. But no Berserker main would let an opponent slip, but instead try to slow them. My best tactic is to lay slow mines while using reflect to make them use EMP preemptively, giving me the advantage of IC3 and DCR rockets still having their ranged crippling functionality, with me still having my insta shield and EMP left for countering slows.
  17. Zecora

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    Right now, I believe the rating should go as follow:
    1.: Either Sentinel or Berserker.
    2.: Either Sentinel or Berserker.

    For both ships, we have a deciding factor. Sentinel has huge durability if utilized correctly with Fortress and shield absorbing ammunition, making it a great defensive ship that utilizes offense to further empower the defensive statistic. The same practically counts towards Berserker. Berserker however goes quite a bit further. For instance, using Revenge while linking a ship will (as far as I head and read upon it) apply the reflective nature of the ability to your ally as well. Whether that is true or not still needs to be tested thoroughly. Revenge also goes through instant shield and EMP. Basically, your enemy may be able to cancel out your attack, but if it continues to attack you while revenge is active, you are basically going to still damage your enemy regardless.

    Furthermore, being attacked while cloaked and activating revenge for some reason (probably bug) makes the damage on your enemy invisible. So they don't even notice they're attacking a Berserker that has Revenge active. Cloak-kills are the best indeed.

    Sentinel however is up there as well. It cancels out huge damage income, makes SAB tactics of your enemy useless while empowering your own. The only weakness to that ship: Moth/health builds. Nothing to sab on.

    3.: Solace


    4.: Citadel Veteran

    This one is an interesting one. With Elite, you're giving up many solo capabilities, or rather weaken them. Such as shortening your travel ability or shortening your fortify. And trust me, you FEEL that one second of shorter travel. 1 second suddenly feels like 5 at this rate. Elite is more of a group oriented variant. As a solo ship however, Veteran has the better diversity while still keeping up group capabilities.

    5.: Cyborg

    It's obviously a huge damage dealer, with an ability that can be used to either prolong the use of your enemy's EMP, or if they use it early, you finish the fight before it started by taking distance. On top of that, I believe Singularity II also increases the damage for all of your lasers by 5 for the duration of the ability. In other words, even more damage.

    6.: Hammerclaw

    Group and solo oriented tank/support hybrid. It's a jack of all trades, but indeed a master of none. It has an advantage to the Aegis. It's has higher burst healing, but weaker total healing. Has been tested, regular Aegis simply heals way more over a longer period.

    7.: Vengeance lightning

    Great for hunting and running, since Afterburner bypasses slowing mechanisms. That's... Kinda about it, though...

    8.: Diminisher

    Great counter VS Sentinel and further empowers shield damage against people who HAVE shields. Sadly, most people run around with zero shield configurations. So in other words, the ability rarely sees a lucrative use.

    Can't judge about Disruptor, didn't get the chance to use it or see it in action. On rank 10, I would actually put the Pusat. With the modules, it's quite a powerful foe that rivals some of the greater oil ships.


    Although it has to be said at this point that each ship has their own role and play style attached to it. So it's kinda hard to judge which ship is the best, as the Cyborg as a consistent damage dealer might be more of an advantage to someone who prefers high constant damage, rather than very high burst damage.
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  18. Zecora

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    Berserker against CBS? Let me describe that in two words:
    What CBS?
  19. Zecora

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    Comes close to Zephyr and Mimesis, actually. Zephyr is a very great CBS destroyer, since you outrange most modules that are substantially dangerous. Berserker however... You reflect the huge damage the modules deal back at them. Standing in the middle for 6 seconds with all of them shooting at you already takes away a lot of their health. You can imagine how much damage you deal against singular modules, let alone the core. Unfortunately, Berserker will never reach the immense durability of Mimesis in terms of CBS killing.
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