Extend Leo benefits for battle maps

Discussion in 'General Archive' started by Dreadlok, Nov 27, 2014.

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  1. A Leo is more than capable of doing galaxy gates without the home advantage. I did it plenty of times. If you cannot do alpha gate with your Leo, Then you are definitely not ready for bmaps.

    Like I said, the Leonav is fine as it is. Just get a bigger ship if you want to be faster. If you want to make the Leonav stronger or faster, then might as well change the name of the ship to goliath
  2. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Just have a Rocket Bio with Chevron formation.
  3. So, you want another ship from BP and it is a BM ship perchance. Fighting a strong Leonov is not really worth the ammo expended, but when is leave it's safe zone...so, worth it :cool:
  4. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    I got both and in a goli and the damage is disappointing, half of my guns are lf-2's and am at 12 pp's. I still see much value for the leo to be in bmaps and gg.
    All the weak answers offered insted of upgradin the Leo shows you guys don't understand.

    How many of u are still usin lf-2's?
    How long it will take the noob pilot to get good items without droppin coin in the game?
    The Leo in GG and bmaps will help.
  5. Why are you using lf2s? Get lf3s.

    The goliath is alot stronger than a Leonav.

    The goliath is 10 points faster, has alot more hp and can hold more shields.

    You can only hold 6 lasers on a Leonav. The bonus will make it act like 12. The goliath has 15.

    The Leonav has space for 6 shields; the bonus makes it act like it had 12. The goliath can hold 15.

    The Leonav only holds one slot for cpus. The goliath has 3.

    The Leonav has no designs. The goliath has over a dozen that either give you bigger shield or Damage bonus and gives you abilities such as heals and damage over time.

    The Leonav is ONLY meant to be used on your home maps because 4 years ago, noobs were complaining about being weak. The Leonav is suppose to be a cheap elite ship to help you start off; not to pvp.

    I played this game since beta. How dare you even say I don't understand. I made about 14 accounts and them all to level 18+ and I spent money only on getting rebate and premium. Never on uridium.

    Your generation of players do not understand how easy you have it now compared to us old school players who did not have the same opportunities as you new players. Before, lf2s cost uridium instead of credits and there no way of getting any items easily such as booty keys. Even the auction system was impossible back then. A goliath used to cost about 70 million credits and we had no skylabs. You used to have to spend 500 uridium every single time you die and if you didn't, you lost your ship and had to get a Phoenix till you are able to afford a bigboy. Then you save up again about 20 - 100m credits to bid on a vengeance or goliath but when you lost your bid, you lost all the credits and you had to resave up all that money.

    Everything you did back in the day took months of grinding. Now, you do not even need to play the game to become FE with 32 PP. All you need to do is spend one month Building your skylab, make millions of credits and bid on your equipment. My brand new account I made 3 months ago has 36 PP. A lvl 11 pet. Has 4 hangers with a lightning vengeance and another with a goliath with almost all designs. I did every gate multiple times and got dozens of lf3s and bo2s and 10 drones all lvl 16 upgraded with all my shields level 16 upgraded and all I spent on the ship is about 80$ for premium and rebates.
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  6. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    the Leo still offers equal dmg in lower maps to goli as with gun config: 31 guns without drone design or formations deal approx 5k dmg with rocket dmg of 2.5k usin x1 laser ammo and 2026's.

    The Leo with 14 guns total in ship and drones deals approx 2.5k dmg and rocket dmg of 5k using x1 and 2026 rockets.

    Is asking for that really too much in bmaps and gg for the noob players without goin thru all this foolishness grandfathered into the game by old school players?

    My generation of players deal with UFE and or multi acct holders in the same server that seem to go out of their way to drive us out or keep us down.

    Seeing them in forum is just too easy.
  7. No. The goliath is still stronger than a Leonav. The only thing that the Leonav has over the goliath us double damage with rockets that only supposed to affect aliens.

    A goliath with a max CONFIG for 8 drones and 31 lasers will do more damage than a Leonav with the same CONFIG but it will only have 22 lasers acting like 28. Which makes it weaker. The double rocket damage makes up for that damage gap between goliath and Leonav but the rockets are slower and miss alot. When you get all lf3s. The Leonav will only do about 4.4k damage where my goliath does 5.8k.

    Leonav also have less hp and shield capabilities and less ship abilities.

    New players have just as much of an advantage as an old school player today. My accounts that I use today are created using no money and they can kill UFEs.

    Dude. Just get your lf3s and bo2s and put it on a vengeance or goliath. Both of those ships are better than a Leonav. Like I said. The Leonav is ONLY good when you have no good gear and are just starting off.
  8. How am I doing so well then?
    My previous account was hacked and gone forever, and I had to start up a new one from scratch. And this current account I have was made when all of the current features came out. PET was there, LF4s, Havocs, Hercules, you name it. UFEs were everywhere.

    I managed to build this account from the ground up, from Phoenix, to Leo, to Vengi, to Goli. All without spending a single penny into this game. If I can do it, you can too.

    Don't believe me? Click my name in my signature and look when this account was made.
  9. Omega

    Omega User

    I can't stress enough how many times I've said this .they don't even try to understand the game .or to play the game .they just want the game to work around them...
  10. "My stuff is weaker than everyone else's stuff, make my stuff stronger so I don't have to work towards getting new stuff"
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  11. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    If you are a dedicated player, a month at max. Doesn't really take that long to get full lf3/BO2
  12. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    If u need it just get it.
    The Goliath is the strongest ship in the game with many designs to choose from, u spend next to nothing on ammo compared to the Leo. With the Leo u have 6 guns that hit like 12 if u hit or miss an with the Goli u have 15 guns that fire like 15 guns if u hit or miss.
    If ur a dedicated player for a month u'll get everything u need bcuz enemy an other company players will leave u alone while u farm an understanding the game will make it ezeer yet when u still only have Lf-2's bcuz less than 20 mill credits can't get ur lf-3's in auction an ur devotin all ur uri to pp.
    Ur soooo right, all of u.
    So I think i'll just keep tryin to get the Leo to expand the home advantage to include bmaps an gg, i'll leave u guys to enjoy ur reg or multi accts with great ships.

    Ur opinions have been informative and noted.
    Thanx for ur input.
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  13. Well If they make the Leonav stronger in bmaps and gg. Remove the home advantage. But give it 12 slots for lasers and generators and reduce the base speed so the 12 gens do not make the ship faster than my vengeance or goliath. And increase the rewards for killing a Leo and change the rocket damage back to normal. Make it a normal ship. And don't complain about this idea because it is making the ship the same with the fair amount of slots it is supposed to have.

    The "home advantage outside the home maps" will be unfair for players who use the vengeance or goliath. Since like I said it is meant for Noobs to get a quick start in the game and help save ammo and credits. If you been playing this game for longer than a month, you should not have to rely in a home advantage.

    And for you complaining about not having enough credits to bid on a lf3. That's completely your fault since the skylab can make you about 24 m a day If you are not premium and double that amount if you are premium. And you can see exactly how much credits people are bidding and you get those credits back if you lose.
  14. By all means technically bmaps are in lowers, but the leo does not need its abilities set to that map
  15. Okay, Okay - I get it...the OP wants to turn the Leo into Neo (chuckles) o_O - The Matrix !
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  16. Yes it is lowers but it's not a home map.

    It's Leonav Home Advantage not Leonav Lower Maps Advantage. If it was, then their ability will work in all the maps not just your company Maps.
  17. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    I'm not tryin to get all lower maps just the bmaps and gg as well as the lower maps.
    thanx for ur imput.
  18. I'll only accept the idea for Leo in galaxy gate. Not bmaps
  19. Dreadlok

    Dreadlok User

    Can't do that.....Both are the reason for this thread.
  20. Then my support for this idea is no
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