Extra npcs on bl maps

Discussion in 'Update & Idea Pool' started by nebe1245, Apr 5, 2021 at 8:19 AM.

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  1. nebe1245

    nebe1245 User

    First of all low level players cannot farm rinusk on bl maps the reason why they cannot farm so many extra npcs on bl maps like abide,speedfast.That new npc (Strokelight Barrage) spawn so many abide ,speedfast also high level players kill only Strokelight Barrage rest of the npcs stay still on bl maps and maps are become so laggy even fps drop so fast .

    My suggestion is move the Strokelight Barrage npc underneath Mindfire that low level players easliy farm some rinusk or they should keep abides, steadfast an stroke barrage in a specific area close to the mind.

    Second suggestion is for spawn Strokelight Barrage the user kill all abide and speedfast on map.
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  2. Yeah, I'm pretty confused as to how this new BL stuff works now--I was on break for about a year. I came back to farm some Rinusk, but had some severe difficulty. Absurd lack of Impulses, plus a bunch of those new NPCs running around at high speeds since their hp is low. Even for UFE players, it's a pain in the butt.
  3. initially it was, which created even more problems
  4. UKD37

    UKD37 User

    If admins and game developers read this maybe can something happen but as i see nothing gonna change i am 3 star rank even i cannot farm in bl maps because so many npcs and so many lags ,fps drop what is the purpose of this Strokelight Barrage high ranks palyer farm and low level player not farm rinusk ? this is not fair darkorbit must solve this equation. @admins @developers
  5. according to the user agreement, players cannot demand a return to the previous terms of service!
  6. The BL maps are not meant for low level players. They are supposed to be next to impossible for them. BL maps are meant for UFE players--those with full LF4s and B02s.
    We're requesting a change, not a return to the previous state.
  8. UKD37

    UKD37 User

    You illuminated us very well, my eyes were tearing. Thank you no more lf4s and bo2s for new equipments you must farm rinusk on bl map to get them.
  9. foreign sarcasm think i this is :)
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  10. You do not need Rinusk at any stage to get LF4s or B02s.

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