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    General information

    DarkOrbit presents a brand-new feature in the game: The Season Pass!

    It runs from 1st March until 23rd May 2023 with new missions and exclusive rewards for everyone.

    During the season, you may complete missions and earn points to level up your pass. Each level grants different rewards with 2 main rewards tracks – 1 Free Rewards track and 1 Gold Rewards track.

    Free rewards are available to all players and Gold rewards can be unlocked by purchasing the Season Pass with Uridium or via our Payment section. Once you have bought the Season Pass, you can unlock the Gold Rewards track and claim additional rewards on top of the ones in the Free Rewards track.

    How does it work?

    During the runtime of the Season Pass, you can access the Season Pass window via the Season Pass Icon on your Space Map.


    Accessing the Season Pass window will present you with a Rewards Tab and a Missions Tab. If there are new Rewards available for you, there’s a little red dot shown with the icon.

    There’s also a Level Bar which shows your progress. As soon as you complete a mission, you’ll get Season Points which fills your Level Bar. The number on the right shows you the next achievable level.


    You can also purchase a Level with Uridium, allowing you to progress even if the Missions are too difficult for your current strength.

    The Rewards Tab shows the different Reward tracks – there are the Free Rewards and the Gold Rewards. Free Rewards are available for everyone, the Gold Rewards are unlocked when you have purchased the Season Pass. The blue highlight denotes your current Season Pass level, and you may claim any previously unlocked rewards up until your current level, at any time before the season ends.


    Claim your Rewards when they are unlocked by clicking the individual highlighted items or claim all of the unlocked rewards with one click of the “Claim all” button.

    Forgot to claim your rewards?

    Do not worry! Any unclaimed rewards from the previous season will be kept for up to a month after that season ends. You may claim them by simply logging into the game (entering the Space Map) within this period.


    There will be a lot of new missions that needs to be completed. Completing the missions earns you Season Points that contribute to leveling up your Season Pass.

    The Season Pass includes Daily Missions, Weekly Missions, and Season Missions:
    · A fixed number of Daily and Weekly missions are randomly selected per refresh.
    · Daily Missions are running every day and they reset each day at 5:30 am LST when the daily server restart happens.
    · Weekly Missions are running on a weekly basis, and they restart on a Monday at 5:30 am LST when the server restart happens.
    · Season Missions are running for the entire duration of the Season Pass.​

    Gold Missions:

    · Whenever Daily/Weekly missions are refreshed, bonus Gold missions can be seen in these categories.
    · Gold missions are selected randomly.
    · Gold missions may be completed for extra season points.
    · Their points may be unlocked by purchasing the Season Pass.​


    Please note:

    · There are Daily Login Missions that require logging into the game. To complete the mission, it’s necessary that you login to the Space Map (Login to Client) – you cannot complete the mission when you login to the web page only!
    · While inside Astral Ascension mode, Season Pass missions cannot be progressed!
    · Missions cannot be completed more than once per refresh.​

    Free Pass & Gold Pass Track

    Each Pass gives you different rewards. The rewards from the Free Pass can be claimed by all players who have attained the required Pass Level to unlock the rewards. The bonus Gold Pass rewards can be claimed if you have bought the Season Pass.

    In addition, reaching Level 50 of the Gold Pass track will grant players an achievement and a title! Bonus levels from level 50 to 70 grant additional rewards and are available for players who have purchased the Season Pass.

    As a Gold Pass Reward, you can get Data Shards that you can use to craft Season Pass exclusive rewards in the Assembly. Data shards are a permanent item and do not expire after the season ends, so you may choose to keep them for future recipes if you do not wish to spend them this season.

    New Achievement & Title

    There is a new achievement and a new title that can be reached:




    Glory of Gold

    Complete 50 levels of the Gold Season Pass for March 2023


    New Design Series - Mobius

    Mobius Orcus Ship Design

    There will be 1 new ship design called “Mobius” coming together with the Season Pass:
    - Mobius Orcus Ship design (permanent recipe available via Crafting in Assembly, requires Data Shard)​

    Mobius Diminisher P.E.T. Design

    There will be 1 new P.E.T. design called “Mobius” coming together with the Season Pass:
    - Mobius Diminisher P.E.T. (available as Season Pass reward)​

    Mobius Sentinel Drone Design

    There will be 1 new Drone design called “Mobius” coming together with the Season Pass:
    - Mobius Sentinel Drone Design (available as Season Pass reward)​

    New Season recipe

    There is a new permanent recipe in Assembly that may be crafted with Data Shards.





    Build time

    Ship design

    Mobius Orcus


    10x Data Shard

    5 sec
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