FAQ: Ship Plus Update: Solace and Solaris!

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  1. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    General information

    At long last! The latest breakthrough in materials research has made ship upgrades possible. Collect Diametrions from Galaxy Gates, and Dispatch, and upgrade your Solace, and Solaris ships to their stronger Plus variant.

    You’ll find 2 brand-new recipes in the Assembly to upgrade your ships. Among other resources, each recipe needs your existing ship to build the brand-new Plus variant of it. This means, your existing ship will be expanded and you cannot use the old ship anymore!

    Please note: The ship designs for the old ship cannot apply to the new Plus variant of the ship! But on the other hand, the new ship will have awesome new benefits, like an upgrade of the base stats of the original ships to increase their effectiveness, new skills, and all upgraded ships will have an additional module slot!

    Solace Plus
    Bask in the glory of Solace Plus! With its enhanced Nano Cluster Repairer Plus ability, the Solace Plus easily lives up to its title as the galaxy's shining beacon of hope.

    Ship information
    • HP: 377,500
    • Nanohull: 377,500
    • Speed: 310
    • Laser Slots: 16
    • Generator Slots: 18
    • Special Slots: 4
    • Rocket Launchers: 1
    • Ship Modules Slots: 4
    • Cargo Space: 1,500

    Skill: Nano-Cluster Repairer Plus
    This skill helps you to survive tricky situations! The Nano-Cluster Repairer Plus skill recovers 50% of your HP and 25% of your group members’ HP. It passively increases shield power by 15% (up from 5% from Solace).
    • Cooldown: 90s

    Solaris Plus
    The destructive Solaris has been enhanced! Deliver a roaring blaze and punish your enemies with the new and improved Incinerate Plus ability.

    Ship information
    • HP: 400,000
    • Nanohull: 400,000
    • Speed: 310
    • Laser Slots: 18
    • Generator Slots: 16
    • Special Slots: 4
    • Rocket Launchers: 1
    • Ship Modules Slots: 4
    • Cargo Space: 1,500

    Skill: Incinerate Plus
    For 10 seconds, burn enemies continuously in a circular radius around you.
    • Deals 15,000 damage per second to ships in an area around the ship in a radius of 600
    • Can damage NPCs and other players
    • Players that are affected follow the same as Draw Fire’s conditions
      • Players in the same company don’t get damaged
      • Players in the same group don’t get damaged
      • Opposing player pets are possible targets
    • The Incinerate Plus skill is interrupted by JAMX effect. The JAMX Effect also prevents the Solaris Plus ship to use this skill.
    • The skill can be toggled off. After turning off the skill, the skill cooldown begins.
    • Duration: 10s
    • Cooldown: 80s

    Locked and Loaded ability
    With this ability the ship improves its own destructive abilities. It passively increases the overall damage by 3% per module equipped (up to 12%).

    New recipes: Solace Plus, Solaris Plus
    ShipSolace Plus11,000,000 Uridium
    500 IAC
    3,250 Diametrion
    1x Solace Ship
    Once12 hours
    ShipSolaris Plus11,000,000 Uridium
    500 IAC
    3,000 Diametrion
    1x Solaris Ship
    Once12 hours
  2. Malaikat

    Malaikat Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    The following existing modules can be used on each ship :

    Solace Plus

    • DMG-NPC01
    • DMG-SG01
    • HP- SOL01
    • SHD-SL01
    • SPC-SL01
    • SPC-SPD01
    Solaris Plus
    • DMG-SDZ01
    • SPC-ROC01
    The new ships are also included into the roll chance for each unstable module in the game. Please be aware that unstable modules that you already own cannot be equipped on the new ships. You need to craft a new unstable module if you want to equip it on the new ship plus variants.