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    General information

    The latest breakthrough in materials research has been expanded to more ships. Collect Diametrions from Galaxy Gates and Dispatch, and upgrade your Spearhead ship to its stronger Plus variant.

    Once an agile reconnaissance ship, now a maelstrom of chaos; an assassin in the shadows with a disruptive playstyle! With Neutralizing Marker, she is able to buff allies and debuff her target, while JAMX Creed can disable player skills, deal damage onto marked targets and send your opponent into disarray!

    You’ll find the brand-new recipe in the Assembly to upgrade your ship. Among other resources, each recipe needs your existing ship to build the brand-new Plus variant of it. This means, your existing ship will be expanded and you cannot use the old ship anymore!

    Please note: The ship designs for the old ship cannot apply to the new Plus variant of the ship!

    Spearhead Plus
    Ship information
    · HP: 350,000
    · Nanohull: 350,000
    · Speed: 370
    · Laser Slots: 14
    · Generator Slots: 17
    · Special Slots: 4
    · Rocket Launchers: 1
    · Ship Modules Slots:4
    · Cargo Space: 1,500

    New Skills: JAMX Creed & Neutralizing Marker

    The existing ship skills like “Ultimate Cloaking” and “Recon” haven’t been changed but there are some new skills added to the ship.

    JAMX Creed

    This ability emits an interference field which paralyzes player ships' functions, compromising all effects they are currently using. If the targeted player is currently marked by your own Neutralizing Marker ability, they receive damage equal to 10% of their ship's HP, and their control is reversed for 4 seconds.

    If an enemy is currently marked by your own Neutralizing marker, the following effects occur:
    - Deals 10% of the enemy’s current HP as damage to that enemy in a single instance (not during the whole skill duration)
    - Cancels other skills and prevents the ships to use the until the skill runtime is over (doesn’t cancel NPC skills)
    - JAMX Creed is an active skill
    - Duration: 7s
    - Cooldown: 200s
    - Damage (Enemy’s HP%): 10
    - Damage Cap: 250,000
    - Reverse Control duration: 4s
    - Reverse Control immunity duration: 10s
    - Important: The 10% HP Damage is capped at 250,000
    Skill: Neutralizing Marker

    This skill is similar to Spearhead’s original skill – Mark Target.

    This ability marks targets for your group, increasing the laser damage caused by all outfit members, increases Spearhead Plus' own speed by 5% for 15 seconds, and reduces the target's shield penetration by 50%.
    - Damage bonus (Laser): 4%
    - Shield Penetration Debuff: 50%
    - Duration: 15s
    - Speed Buff: 5%
    - Cooldown: 75s
    - Max Damage Bonus Cap: 12%
    - Neutralizing Marker is an active skill​

    The passive skill adds Extra Evasion to Spearhead Plus:
    - Extra 5% Evasion to Spearhead Plus​

    New recipe: Spearhead Plus








    Spearhead Plus


    1,000,000 Uridium
    500 IAC
    3,000 Diametrion
    1x Spearhead Ship


    12 hours

    Ship Upgrade Modules: Spearhead Plus

    The modules that can be used on the Spearhead Plus ship:
    - DMG-SG01
    - DMG-SH01
    - HP-S01
    - SHD-SH01
    - SHD-SH02
    - SHD-SK01​

    Important: The unstable ship upgrade modules that you already own cannot be equipped on the new Ship Plus. You need to craft new unstable ship upgrade modules if you want to use them on the new Ship Plus variant. This means that if you already crafted unstable ship upgrade modules e.g. for Spearhead, they cannot be used for Spearhead Plus!

    You need to craft a new one and roll an unstable module that can be equipped onto Spearhead Plus.
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