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    General information

    The latest breakthrough in materials research has been expanded to more ships. Collect Diametrions from Galaxy Gates and Dispatch, and upgrade your Tartarus ship to its stronger Plus variant.

    Rain explosive hell on your enemies as you zoom by in the Tartarus Plus. Boasting cutting-edge rocket launcher slot technology, whenever the Tartarus Plus fires a volley of rockets from its rocket launchers, it has a 1 in 5 chance of firing an extra rocket.

    You’ll find the brand-new recipe in the Assembly to upgrade your ship. Among other resources, each recipe needs your existing ship to build the brand-new Plus variant of it. This means, your existing ship will be expanded and you cannot use the old ship anymore!

    Please note: The ship designs for the old ship cannot apply to the new Plus variant of the ship!

    Tartarus Plus
    Ship information
    • HP: 377,500
    • Nanohull: 377,500
    • Speed: 250
    • Laser Slots: 14
    • Generator Slots: 16
    • Special Slots: 4
    • Rocket Launchers: 2
    • Ship Modules Slots: 4
    • Cargo Space: 1,500

    Speed Boost Plus Skill

    Engage maximum speed! Toggle this ability on to receive a speed bonus of 45%. Toggle it off to return to normal speed. Please note that your laser damage is reduced by 25% while this is active.

    This skill increases the speed of the Tartarus Plus while sacrificing some laser damage.
    • Active duration: Toggle
    • Cooldown: 10 seconds between switching on/off
    • Speed bonus: 45%
    • Laser damage buff: -25%
    • JAM-X Effect: Skill is interrupted and prevented from use
    • EMP-01 Effect: Skill is not interrupted or prevented from use

    Rapid Fire Skill

    This ability instantly loads all your rocket launchers with the maximum possible number of rockets, and reduces your cooldown in between firing them to one second! This also puts your rocket launchers into overdrive and increases damage from them by 20% while the ability is active!
    • Active duration: 3 seconds
    • Cooldown: 72 seconds
    • Bonus Hellstorm Rocket damage: 20%
    • JAM-X Effect: Skill is interrupted and prevented from use
    • EMP-01 Effect: Skill is not interrupted or prevented from use

    The Passive Skill adds a chance to get an extra rocket launcher rocket to Tartarus Plus
    There’s a 20% chance of firing an extra rocket launcher rocket when firing from rocket launcher
    o The rocket type is the same as the one selected for the rocket launcher
    o This extra rocket launcher rocket is provided even if you don’t have enough in your

    New recipe: Tartarus Plus

    ShipTartarus Plus1 1,000,000 Uridium
    500 IAC
    3,000 Diametrion
    1x Tartarus Ship
    Once12 hours

    Ship Upgrade Modules: Tartarus Plus

    The modules that can be used on the Tartarus Plus ship:
    - DMG-MTCH01
    - DMG-T01
    - DMG-T02
    - SHD-T01
    - HP-T01
    - DMG-ST01
    - SPC-ROC01
    - SPC-TAR01​

    Important: The unstable ship upgrade modules that you already own cannot be equipped on the new Ship Plus. You need to craft new unstable ship upgrade modules if you want to use them on the new Ship Plus variant. This means that if you already crafted unstable ship upgrade modules e.g. for Tartarus, they cannot be used for Tartarus Plus!

    You need to craft a new one and roll an unstable module that can be equipped onto Tartarus Plus.

    Changes to original Tartarus “Rapid Fire” ability
    - Automatic reload of all equipped rocket launchers to the maximum capacity (or if the
    number of rocket launcher rockets is not maxed out to the maximum number of rocket
    launcher rockets available)
    - If you trigger Rapid Fire while the rocket launchers are already in the middle of reloading, the
    skill takes over and automatically reloads to full capacity of remaining slots​
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