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    Happy Thanksgiving, SpacePilots!
    Enjoy double the rewards and get special rewards from Galaxy Gates this Thanksgiving, extending all the way until Cyber Monday! Also, look out for Roast Turkey Cargo Boxes!

    From Thursday 24th November until Monday, 28th November, the Galaxy Gates Special Rewards Weekend 3 takes place all day long as well as the Double Galaxy Gate Rewards Day.

    The Thanksgiving Boxes will be activated for all servers and they have been rebalanced.

    These boxes are only available on 24th November
    (Thanksgiving day).

    There will also be some special Spaceball, Team Deathmatch, Ice Meteoroids, Capture the Beacon and Infiltration events from Thursday, 24th until Monday, 28th November.

    In addition, the WIZ-X ammunition is available in our shop area again.

    And also keep your eyes open to not miss some special discounts that will be offered!

    Last but not least: Login every day from 24th November to 2nd December to get all rewards from the Thanksgiving Calendar!


    There are some achievements that can be reached:





    Master Roaster 1

    Transform 200 players into roasted turkeys using WIZ-X rockets


    Master Roaster

    Master Roaster 2

    Transform 500 players into roasted turkeys using WIZ-X rockets


    Champion Roaster

    Master Roaster 3

    Transform 1000 players into roasted turkeys using WIZ-X rockets


    Turkey Overlord

    New Ship Designs: Prometheus

    - Prometheus Spectrum Ship Design
    - Prometheus Solaris Plus Ship Design​

    Sprays & emotes
    The following existing Emotes and Sprays are available at a reduced chance:
    - Eat Turkey Emote
    - Turkey Dinner Spray
    - Like Turkey Emote​

    Shop offer

    - WIZ-X rockets will be available in the shop​

    Thanksgiving Calendar

    The Thanksgiving Calendar is available from 24th November until 2nd December and gives out 8 rewards in total. You’ll be able to claim them during 9 days to give you the chance to get them all even if you cannot login each day.
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