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    General information

    We are happy to present the next step of our ship module system: The Unstable Modules Restabilize System!

    During the last weeks, our ship module system already moved forward with introducing the Unstable Modules which guarantee that a randomly chosen ship will get a stat modifier attached. But what if the modifier is not the one you were looking for? Or if you did huge efforts for the Unstable Module and the result is not what you’ve expected? And by trying over and over again to get the correct module stat, your inventory is filling up with a huge amount of Unstable Modules?

    Here’s the solution: With the new Unstable Modules Restabilize System, you can now use Unstable Modules that you’ve collected in your inventory for recycling them into the brand-new Unstable Shards.

    The Unstable Shards can be used to restabilize the stat modifiers of your Unstable Modules! This makes it possible to change the existing stat modifier until you’ll get the one that you are wishing for!

    Tip: Even if an Unstable Module is equipped on your ship, you can recycle or restabilize it. After the recycling or restabilization is done, the ship’s stats will be recalculated.

    The new Restabilize feature can be found as a new tab in the Assembly:

    On top, you’ll find the different Unstable Module types: They are sorted by DMG, HP, SHD, SPC. If you don’t have a module of one of the types, it’s not shown there.
    Below, you’ll find all your Unstable Modules of that type that are in your inventory. With hovering over the icons, you can see the different stats that each single module has and the ships it can be equipped on.

    You also find a recycle button that you can use to recycle the chosen Unstable Module. This section also indicates how many Unstable Shards you’ll get out of the recycling process. Note: Recycling the module consumes the module, so be careful not to recycle the wrong module!
    In the next section, you’ll find the costs required to restabilize the Unstable module. Each module can be restabilized up to a limit of several times (an indication of how many restabilizations are possible are shown in the section).

    Recycling System
    When you choose one of your Unstable Module for recycling, the overview shows you how many Unstable Shards you will get for it. After the recycling process is done, the Unstable Module is destroyed.

    Restabilize System
    You can restabilize each Unstable Modules up to a certain amount of times – depending on the module code. How many times are possible are indicated, e.g. showing 1/10. With each restabilize, the restabilize costs are increasing.
    IMPORTANT: Please note that only the module stat modifiers will be regenerated, not the ships on which you can equip them! This should be considered when you choose the Unstable Module that you want to restabilize!
    For restabilizing the Unstable Module, you need the new Unstable Shards. When you click the “Restabilize” button, the stats for the Unstable Module will be regenerated to new ones.

    Unstable Shards
    The Unstable Shards are new to the game and you can use them to restabilize your chosen Unstable Modules, generating new stat modifiers for the module. You can get the Unstable Shards via the following:
    • Recycle your Unstable Ship Upgrade Modules
    • Special limited time offers in our Payment section.
    The following table shows how many Unstable Shards you’ll get from recycling the Unstable Modules, the costs for restabilization and the restabilize limit of each Unstable Module.

    List of Unstable Modules
    Unstable ModuleRecycle ReturnsRestabilize CostRestabilize Limit
    DMG-X12 Unstable Shards10 Unstable Shards10
    DMG-X24 Unstable Shards20 Unstable Shards8
    DMG-XT1030 Unstable Shards150 Unstable Shards2
    HP-X12 Unstable Shards10 Unstable Shards10
    HP-X216 Unstable Shards80 Unstable Shards5
    HP-XT1030 Unstable Shards150 Unstable Shards2
    SHD-X12 Unstable Shards10 Unstable Shards10
    SHD-X24 Unstable Shards20 Unstable Shards8
    SHD-XT1030 Unstable Shards150 Unstable Shards2
    SPC-X12 Unstable Shards10 Unstable Shards10
    SPC-X22 Unstable Shards10 Unstable Shards10
    SPC-XT1030 Unstable Shards150 Unstable Shards2
    DMG-XW012 Unstable Shards10 Unstable Shards10
    HP-XW012 Unstable Shards10 Unstable Shards10
    SHD-XW012 Unstable Shards10 Unstable Shards10
    SPC-XW012 Unstable Shards10 Unstable Shards10
    DMG-XV014 Unstable Shards20 Unstable Shards8
    HP-XV014 Unstable Shards20 Unstable Shards8
    SHD-XV014 Unstable Shards20 Unstable Shards8
    SPC-XV014 Unstable Shards20 Unstable Shards8
    DMG-ZPVE4 Unstable Shards20 Unstable Shards8
    HP-ZPVE4 Unstable Shards20 Unstable Shards8
    SHD-ZPVE4 Unstable Shards20 Unstable Shards8
    SPC-ZPVE4 Unstable Shards20 Unstable Shards8
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