FAQ: Update Gate Dispatch 2022

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    General information
    We are happy to present an update on the Dispatch feature in DarkOrbit. From the far reaches of space comes the nifty Retrievers, readier than ever to assist you! With a revamped tooltip visual display for Retriever Dispatch, pilots can now obtain better intel before sending retrievers out on their journey.

    What’s new?
    • You now have the possibility to see what you get with the chance and amount indicator for each item so that you’re better able to compare between different tiers.
    • There’s also a new event introduced: The Dispatch Day!
    • We present new achievements and titles for using Dispatch

    In addition to the normal overview, there will now also be an overview of the items that you might get from each Dispatch Retriever as well as an indication of how high the chance is to get it. The drop chances are shown as
    • Very low
    • Low
    • Moderate
    • High
    • Very High
    Here’s how it looks like:

    Please note: The little icons are not showing a special amount but only indicate a certain amount of an item. You can only compare the piles for one item, e.g. a low and a high pile of Permits can be compared. But a low and a high pile for RSB-75 show a different amount of items than for Permits. Example: Low pile for Permits can be 1 Permit and a high pile for Permits can be 2 Permits. A low pile of RSB-75 can be 200 and a high pile can be 500 RSB-75 (all numbers are only examples!).

    Dispatch Day
    When the Dispatch Day is active, you can get an increased amount of items from both Gate Dispatch and Retriever Dispatch. There will be a little icon on the Dispatch tab that shows when the event is active.

    Please note: This event is only counting for Gate Dispatch and Retriever Dispatch. Normal Galaxy Gate rewards won’t be affected!

    The amount of drops will be boosted during the event run time. The rewards will be defined upon time of collection, e.g. if you run Dispatch on a regular day but you collect your rewards during the Dispatch Day event, you will receive the boosted rewards like defined during Dispatch Day.

    New achievements
    There are some new achievements that can be reached:

    DispatcherExecute 5 Retriever Dispatches5
    MerchantExecute 25 Retriever Dispatches10
    Marco PoloExecute 50 Retriever Dispatches25Marco Polo
    ExtractionExecute 5 Gate Dispatches5
    AutomationExecute 25 Gate Dispatches10
    Gate CrasherExecute 50 Gate Dispatches25Gate Crasher