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    General information

    The VIP Merchant Exchange held on a travelling spacecraft is currently open for trades, for a limited time only! Merchants from all around the Galaxy are offering valuable items in return for various resources. Become a VIP today by purchasing any one of the following packs linked below.

    There will be some special payment packages available in our Payment section.

    With buying one of these packages, you’ll become a VIP with access to a special „VIP Merchant Exchange“ window where you can exchange resources into valuable items.

    Important: This VIP status will only last for the time of the sale!

    VIP sales packages

    The payment packages that makes the „VIP Merchant Exchange“ visible in your account are the following:

    - XL Unstable Shard Deal
    - Massive Salvage Core Deal
    - Retriever Permit Pack L​

    Merchant Exchange

    If you gain the VIP status, you will be able to exchange resources into valuable items. During the sales period, you will see a little VIP icon in the game client if you unlocked the VIP status with buying one of the above mentioned packages.

    Click on it and you see a VIP Merchant exchange window with the items you can exchange and the costs for it.

    For players who don’t have the VIP status, they can see a preview of the exchange item but not interact with the exchange window until it’s unlocked.

    Before exchanging your resources, please make sure that you have enough of the respective resources. If you already exchanged e.g. Uridium and you leave the interface without clicking the „Exchange“ button because you don’t have enough of other resources, it may happen that your Uridium costs might be displayed as „deducted“. They only reappear if you leave the game and relog to it. This is only a display error and you will see it again after relogging to the game.
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