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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Feb 18, 2015.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello Spacepilots^ ^

    There's a new dev blog today. If you have any feedback we would like to hear from you :)

    Thank you

    Reminder, please stay within the forum rules and to the subject matter as we really would like to keep your posts intact.
  2. The LOW gate redesign makes it almost unplayable

    i would like to see the npcs back to regular strength but having to kill all npcs before next beacon thats golden. That alone would slow down the falcon farming problem. Also these beefed up npcs from the LOW gate seemed to make their way into invasion they hitting really hard a little lag and pop. both can be done with how difficult the npcs are now but i don't see anyone wanting to spend how long it takes to pop them. It should be fun not a pain also kami needs to be in LOW gate too makes pet worthless just to shoot when circling or running backwards pet barely fires any shots have to tank them to make pet do any help and with how hard they hit thats not possible.
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  3. Favorite Events:
    1. Scoremageddon
    2. Ice Metroids (more often, as they are the best ammo to payoff npc's in the game)
    3. Space Ball (adjustment is needed to keep port sitters involved and company happy. Possible solution: if you dont shoot the SB a certain number of times you dont see cargo? just a thought)
    4. Kids Day (when everyone was a peanut -- that was hilarious and fun)
    5. Not sure the name of the event - 4x rewards for npc's day -- that was nice

    Major complaints from players:
    1. Major Lag
    2. No new maps / quests / npc's
    3. Removal of "enhanced ships"

    Thank you for the updates and keep up the good job
  4. Just what Bionic said,
    including REF-BOT events,
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  5. My personally fav events, the bests of them are first:

    Alien events:
    1. Hitac
    2. Referee bot
    3. Titanic event (really long time ago players got x2 to x4 more rewards from kristallon and kristallin aliens)
    4. Ice meteoroid
    5. Demaner freighter

    Pvp events:
    1. Domination (a lot of pvp fights in 4-x maps)
    2. Scoremageddon (hoping that its coming back someday, without any fear about pushing players getting ahead in this event)
    3. Spaceball

    long- timed events:
    1. Solar Clash (high event ranked players got amazing rewards and unique titles)
    2. Pirate hunt (a lot of fight in pirate maps)
    3. winter- events (i was hapily suprised about last year winter event)

    What i have saw now, bp have removed all useless and embarassing offers in uridium page (including 50e slot-4 cpu, 20e veteran and exalted design pack etc.) GOOD JOB! Lets wait for much better offers, like todays super booster- pack. That's what is really called an offer.

    What i want to see next is either new galaxy gates or totally new maps: it starts to be really boring to go every time through the same maps an aliens....

    I want also say my opinion about this new battleray update: Finally players can make and finish their battleray missions when there is multiple battlerays in 5-3. But im not happy about this new deadly battleray: npc's dont need to be in pvp maps! I hope that im not the only one who agrees with me: deadly battleray should jump between pirate maps (5-1, 5-2, 5-3). With this way players can start to make missions in 5-1. At this point 5-1 have always been that map, where is no activity at all; i mean in all servers, not only in small servers. I really hope that we can get old 4-x maps back without any deadly battlerays: and what i said before, dbr moves to pirate maps, where it should belong!
  6. All what was said + referee bots.
    Also for next month i think there have to merge us1 server wiyh any other cause server is preety much empty or also will be good idea server change or redirect new players to inactive servers instead of others that are more active :)
  7. SauronL

    SauronL User

  8. FIX the lag!!! Nothing else matters if we cant play the game. I can play the game flawlessly until around and during primetime.

    I have no other issues on any website or game. I know a mod or some one from Darkprbit will come on and say its my fault just like support does but it isn't me its the server.

    Fix the lag or I will put my money into a game I can play all the time!!

    and please stop blaming players for your product!
  9. There isn't any lag hardly these days?
  10. ßőŋεѕ

    ßőŋεѕ User

    Tell me who exactly gave the go ahead for this new update with that stupid box in the mini map? And don't tell me it was feedback from the Test server, because nobody liked it at all, they might of liked all those players from different servers in one place, but that is about it. I like most pay to play and keep this game up and running, and I say NO NO NO!
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  11. Correction: 'was' no lag...
    Update has changed everything...
  12. what is that and in what server cause it seems everything OK in my server ?
  13. The horrible updated Client is only on Germany 1.
    Now with the third Client Update within 7 hours.. All v9.0.x
  14. I've noticed everyone has standard formation? Is it a part of the update? Or a lag...
  15. Definitely bring back PET week, Solar Clash, Hitac, , Titanic, and Kids day. I remember uniting with the clan outfit for some of these events and it was definitely enjoyable!
  16. DJXL.SA.TX

    DJXL.SA.TX User

    I like the invasion of the peanut liberators where everyone is a peanut
  17. I have only one thing to say: Ice Meteoroid event more more often please. It is really nice event, I think everyone enjoys it and we all can get some good amount of uri and credits.
  18. Some good things going on,

    The special sun boxes durng Solar Cash were some of the best I can remember, also those pumpkin boxes several years ago.

    Speaking about right now, the MArdi-Gras boxes were so-so, but the increased Spaceball and Ice Meteoroid events are great, keep them coming.

    The booster pack deal was a great idea, even I threw a couple bucks at that, also the random % deals on store items and gate spins is nice.

    On the down side (I'll keep it short this time):

    All UFE equipment is still sadly difficult to get, and the random chance factor is still the evil elephant in the room. People want some level of certainty, 30% chance for any item should come with a cumulative "no less than 10%" chance factor as well. Therefore, the only "luck" people can get is good luck, as in better than 30% chance.

    All in all some pretty good things, lots more to go, lets do it. ;)
  19. For whatever reason the Easter event of 2011 is really what got me hooked on DO. The bonus eggs were out for a full week. I hate the random and short time of the special boxes. Since box botting is a thing of the past, we want special boxes often and we want them out longer. I quit the game for the past year and have only been back two days. I like the progress so far, keep it up! Ive got a lot of money invested in my account and I want the game to live on. On one hand I dont like the everything being available in the auction since I paid cash for a lot of it, BUT, anything that will bring in noobs and keep them playing is fine with me. The game seems to run better on the average computer now so congrats on that!
    We love Crazy Cubi !
    Icys are great but need to last longer like they used to. Also, more icys per map would help the noobs get a piece of the action!
    We really enjoyed the 4th of July events.
    St Patricks Day is big in the US, maybe some shamrock boxes?

    PS We have never really been rewarded for being honest, non cheating players. How bout some kudos(substantial rewards) for never being caught cheating? I apologize for drifting off topic.

    ~Captain Trips:)
  20. We love Referee bots and i havent seen those around since 9 months so better bring some again time after time :)
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