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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Feb 18, 2015.

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  1. `Luke

    `Luke User

    Might just as well remove the LOW gate from the game so the instances do not lag the server. The restriction on kami and the huge increase in the HP of the NPC's makes the gate only worth doing to be disappointed.
  2. 2x rewards from kristallons was an awesome event, I really miss that.

    Also, when TA came out you told us that we will get 2k uri for each victory for the 2 first days. Yes we did. But TA did not work for 99% of people. Now when it works I would appreciate if you would give us this awesome promised event that we all waited for but it failed miserably.

    Players would love to have days like "double uridium" for like 2 days every year (or/and the suggestion in the next paragraph) and like 5 times more from bonus boxes for 1 hour each week. They would absolutely love that! And it would be something to wait for. There has not been an event worth waiting for - to be honest - in years. During every event I am able to make more uridium by killing cubikons than doing the event stuff.

    Things like 5 times more from bonus boxes could be like happy hours, random hours in week. That would make players play all the time to make sure they won't miss that :) Same kind off stuff would also be great for aliens, double rewards for 1 hour, mega alien hour for 3 times more :) Players would love this! I really hope that you would listen to me with this, I have been playing this since 2007 and I do know how players feel. You have a great game which has a great chance of becoming much much bigger and popular if you do the right steps.

    Events suggested above would help everybody, having a 1 hour boost advancing in the game would really, and I mean really, give positive image of the game to newer and older players.

    Great other events: spaceball, crazy cubi, ice meteoroids
    Not worth the effort: pretty much the rest
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  3. Gildarts

    Gildarts User

    Here is what I think!

    1. Pirate Hunt, Do the same as its always been - make it a competition between companies and clans, so top clan gets a unique colored and named title.
    2. NORMAL invasion, We need it back bad! Pirate invasion is the worst on west server, everyone ends up dying so no one plays! And pirates/Epsilon gate aliens are just super annoying to kill! Going through invasion killing every type of alien you see on the maps and getting all the way to kurkurbiums was the best! Now invasion is just another event that no one does... PLEASE bring back the old one!
    Update: Check this link! Lists exactly what the gate was! WAtch the video too! It was the funnest! REMOVED
    3. Spaceball, Now spaceball plays a lot which is great.. But the Port Sitting is killing all the fun of it, and it makes getting a cargo way hard. It just screws it up when you shoot the ball the whole time and get to port and don't get one cause all those port sitting people get them for doing nothing.
    4. I like the new arena jackpot really puts a challenge to it! But Old Jackpot where is was a HUGE BATTLE was SO SICK!! IF you brought that back as an EVENT it would be the coolest thing EVER!! PLEASE PEOPLE WHO AGREE LIKE THIS POST!!!
    5. I have always wanted one of those referee designs but its been months since they have came so that would be sweet!
    6. Crazy Cubi more often!
    7. Ice Meteroids more often!
    8. The High Score Gate was Sweet! Think that should come back! IF you don't remember well here is a link about it!
    9. Never got to see this one but here it is!

    Please like and comment let me know what you think about my ideas!
    ( I like the Jackpotbattle event idea the most, it would be so sick!)

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  4. The event with the beacon thingies in battle maps was fun, can't remember what it was called though.
  5. capture the beacon? Its alright I guess, free kills.
  6. Kris of various sizes release shards...would like the Ice Met to release icicles ;-)
  7. RõBéré

    RõBéré User

    GREAT! Rename it "Capture the Beacon Thingies". ;)
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  8. I think you are referring to the Domination Event
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