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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Dec 15, 2015.

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    ASTRAEA User

    Today the test server will be open so that you can check out the Equipment in the client. We would like to hear your feedback and hope to hear from you

    As always, lets please stick to the subject at hand and keep the flaming to a minimum in favor of constructive criticisms pleas

    Thank you and Have a nice day,
  2. Silviu

    Silviu User

    Has the test server been open yet or not? I can't find it in my server list, though it's past 15h CET.
  3. The test is scheduled to run from around 15h CET until 11h CET tomorrow.
  4. Silviu

    Silviu User

    Dude, until tomorrow at 11h CET. Time doesn't flow backwards. And btw, it's open now, so your attempt on being smart is a complete failure.
  5. Toudi

    Toudi User

    Well it's looking nice and smooth, it could be better if you add key short cut to it. Is the new mouse cursor look will be added to main update as well ? Because to be honest I like it . Filter is working fine, the only thing what need to be added is multiple sell, so I don't have to press all the time to sell 20 lf3's etc. The design overall looks amazing got that darkorbit look. As far I don't see any disadvantages
  6. MяF™

    MяF™ User

    Is the upgrading system also going to change, or am i looking to much into that with it being a test server? Upgrading instantly and successfully is pretty awesome.
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  7. First Feedback: overall i like the UI but i have some concerns about the booster running time. now everything has to be done ingame which will take much time and so the booster will loose there power for no good reason... either the booster running time has to be stoped while in the Equipment UI or the whole booster system has to be revamped
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  8. Here's What i like:
    I Like the new equipment settings.
    Like that i can see my damage.
    Instant upgrades for da win XD
    What i don't like:
    Being forced to use that tiny cursor, i prefer my custom cursor.
    As said, Boosters get wasted doing everything on game screen, this needs to be thought of.
    Being forced to do 100% chance upgrades, i liked my uri saving chances better.
    Issues i faced:
    More lag then usual, freeze on log-in, test usually doesn't lag like that for me.
    Can't switch configs, not with pressing 'C' or good old fashion clicking, just doesn't work.
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  9. It is a very big shame that you have increased the costs from the item upgrade system. Big dislike!

    All in all, the upgrade time is now very nice, the equipment window is clear.
  10. MяF™

    MяF™ User

    Issue 1: Just purchased apis, zeus, generators etc. but none of them would appear for me until i refreshed my client (i.e. opening and closing the equipment tab didn't make them appear).

    Issue 2: The hotkeys for equipping don't all appear to be working smoothly. Mainly the shift and ctrl short cuts that would normally work on the backpage equipment page. 'shift' sort of works in highlighting items but 'ctrl' doesn't always appear to work in insta-equipping, instead i have had to drag several items which is long and tedious.

    Example 1: When i try using 'shift' and 'ctrl' for drones, it will only instant equip one drone with the selected items instead of all of them.

    Example 2: 'shift' and 'ctrl' are proving to be very unreliable. Sometimes 'shift' will only highlight one item and i have to click on 'shift' again to make it highlight all of the specified items. Furthermore, 'ctrl' also sometimes requires several clicks before it decides to insta-equip.

    Example 3: 'ctrl' sometimes will not work unless i highlight a certain item first.
    Issue 3: Unable to equip more than one of a certain AI protocol for PET


    Issues not necessarily attached to equipment update...

    Issue 1: Unable to change configuration using the in-game button or using hotkey. Only jumping portal appears to change configuration.

    Issue 2: Horrendously laggy

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  11. Costs are all the same actually. It's just all 100% Chance now.
  12. Silviu

    Silviu User

    I like it, i really do, but i hate having to click then shift click to select some items of one kind. I hate that i can't directly ctrl click to move one item directly, fistly i have to click it. I hate the fact that when i'm in the drones sections, i shift click a bunch of lasers or gens, then i ctrl click them, only two of them go on the selected drone, i want everthing i selected and ctrl clicked to go on all of my drones, not a single one. I have the fact that i can't directly drag and drop an item, firstly i have to click it. I hate the fact that the drop zone of one item has been reduced to it's container only (ex: when i drag a laser on a drone, i have to drop it exactly in it's slot, if not it's discarded, the full drone should be the drop zone for it.).

    I'm not saying anything about the updating bugs, like when you buy or receive an item it doesn't show up, you're aware of them, and you will fix them until realease, but what i wrote above, are features present in the current hangar and not in the new one.

    Don't dissapoint me in the ending, i have big hopes for this, because it's a major update, and i kind of love it.
  13. I cant change hangars at all, not sure whats wrong there, another big downer is that now you have to fly to a station to change equipment's, where as before you could log out and change what was needed to be changed of loaded I.E cloak CPU
    I also don't like the fact that we cant see all of our equipment like before, only whats available to change on the ship
  14. Second Feedback: It seems that percentages are shown wrong in the Equipment client for example if a drone is equiped with an hercules design the percentages will still stay as all the other drone who dont have a design.
  15. tarantolas

    tarantolas User

    I'm no can on in it im click start waiting and it no work
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  16. i been waiting for test server game page to load for 15 mins i think its broke :/
  17. Cookie

    Cookie User

    The upgrade should be reduced a little bit now that they are 100%. Its not a big deal on the test server, but in the main game it will take a year to upgrade everything to 16.
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  18. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    The new equipment interface looks good and the new look equipment update is a lot more easier as you can see were the equipment you want to upgrade is on both ship pet and drones. There is also a negative side that is the mouse cursor is far to small and the click hotspots need the be worked on. I found it difficult at times going through my hanger due to very bad lad caused by the immature element using the test server as a play ground and flooding the server to let off steam and party, this makes it very difficult for those who want to test new features properly and give back proper feed back on bugs and make the game better for all players.
  19. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    The actual equipment page itself is nice in my opinion, the new feature of statistics is a good one, a few issues it not being smooth and with shift + ctrl hotleys though as already mentioned by MяF™. Still, not expecting it to work perfect during a beta test so not too concerned about that.

    I am concerned about the indirect impact of this new feature though.

    It used to be that we could log out and change our configs around to suit whatever our need was at the time. For example, if I was doing spaceball with my clan mates and decided 30 mintues in that I should really get some more shield on my slow config because there are more enemies than I expect. I would hide and log out to change equipment - that would be it sorted.
    However now I would have to fly all the way back to base or use a jump chip, which can be pretty hard to come by - especially if your company doesn't win spaceball much, which is more time and more 'expensive' than before. This is pretty annoying.

    The other annoying part of this change is that players will have to be spending booster time to change configs. This might seem like us being a bit pedantic for pointing out that we are going to be using up a few minutes booster time for changing equipment. However since the DO team has plans to port over the GG generator to the game client as well, this will be a pretty substantial amount of time lost on boosters from making gates and changing equipment.

    Not just here to point out whats annoying though, will throw in a couple possible solutions too ^^

    Personally I would say this best solution would be to create a 'logged out mode' where a player will still be on the game client and able to change around their equipment as they would have been able to do before this new feature. This mode could work with the GG generator too when it is ported into the client.
    Of course the key with this is when a player enters this stage it takes 5s or 20s to activate depending on their premium status and all information about their game / minimap is removed or frozen so that the EiC works and nothing else.

    The quick-fix solution for the booster problem would be to prevent booster times running down whilst a player is sat on base, however I do think that's the weaker of the two solutions and that a 'logged out mode' would be much better for the players as it will mean we don't lose the ability to change equipment anywhere by being logged out.
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  20. i agree with the booster thing think of all the lost time its could add up over time. The shift and ctrl is still a problem but that could be a test server thing.
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