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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Dec 15, 2015.

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  1. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    Was on and off during the day till the server went off about 40 mins ago
  2. I have yet to come across a good reason why the hangar equipment screen needs to be moved to the ingame page.

    As others I have pointed out, booster run down is going to be an issue, as is gaving to go to base to access it each time.
    I also think the panel should be resizable. It is too small on my screen. I would rather do upgrades on back page, there are just too many things going on ingame to distract while trying to equip ships etc. Nothing was showing in extras at all.

    Overall I think it is an unnessacary change, no one asked for it and I cannot see any benefit with it being in game.
    I would rather make it an additional option to accessing on back page rather than replacing it.
  3. Will be opened again this test server in this month ?
  4. Mostly liked it, would like to see uridium balance on upgrade screen. Liked the instant upgrade feature, I always went 100% anyway. Don't like the booster usage while in equipment.
  5. and this upgrade and hangar on the game page i'm not for it ...
  6. that in game equipment is not a good idea like the other guy stated the boosters will still be running while u trying to set up new items on ur ship;plus only can add item at base
  7. L4gg3r

    L4gg3r User

    are few times I go to the forum and this the first time I comment
    It is a fatal change and very uncomfortable
    1- lose with Lion enhancers
    2-I have to necessarily connect the game to aquipar my ship and have to improve my iris or laser shields
    3- The cursor is very small
    4-hangar have to change to another vessel aquipar
    5- having to equip one by one the iris removing functionality CTRL
    6-overshadow those of most other windows when I select vicibilidad removes much of the red dots when they attack other players with camouflage

    This is a change inesesario and only affect the gameplay and game performance
  8. Tristan

    Tristan User

    interesting... no one saw that the upgrade cost is higher

    complete a lvl 16 item upgrade cost more

    if you think to change the hangar, ok: i don't like it, but it's an opinion of mine (i prefer to have the hangar out of the client: i don't burn the booster time, i don't risk my drone, like others players said)

    but please, don't change the upgrade system like i saw in the server test

    don't try to change it without explain that it cost more than the 100% success

    hangar is a thing, upgrade system is another

    if you want more uridium for upgrade, insert an uri option to have an istant upgrade, for who want to use it (and don't change the actual upgrade system, for who want to try to save some uri)
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  9. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    i need to upgrade before this system is implemented! How long before this system is implemented?
  10. Just work fast. ;) Hopefully they change it so it gives options for the percentages in the real thing, and hopefully they put that in the test server before going live. I think everyone has hit all of the bad points. I can't find a good point.

    I didn't like how you can't switch switch ships while out of the game now. What does it cost if you wanted to switch to a hanger and you were not at base? Why do we have to deal with that issue? People have different ships in different hangers set in different maps for different reasons. LOL, so different...:D Anyways, you have your ship in pally collecting like crazy and now its time to sell. Before you cold log out and switch to your ship that is in 5-2 and sell it for spins. Now you have to stay in game to do that, but since you are in game, is it going to cost you? And how much. Will you even be able to do that? I tried to switch from a ship in x-4 map to a ship in x-1 map and could not get it to activate. o_O
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  11. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    is upgrade hour this friday?
  12. The upgrading thing is a big NO-NO. not gonna work, as i like to save my uri.
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  13. ... It looks like it's time to edit my previous post ...
    Those are really bad changes. I'm not supporting this crap anymore!

    " Looks good, but it's just new crap that eats your effort & money "
    Developer team should anyway fix old crap, before bringing new crap to demolish more this "Ex-Great game"! You are digging grave to Darkorbit with UNNECESSARY, and BAD updates.
    For example: when you are going to change Kuiper gate or answer questions we want?!

    It's obivous that Do wont profit money
    to Bp. at it's current state!

    It's bad method to try fixing things with increasing old stuff prices! In this case upgrade prices, and preventing players to change hangers in old style.

    You are throwing your money and effort in garbage can.
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  14. We found problems with the last test and DO chose to load with the bugs any way so they do not care about preventing the bugs, seems like a way to advertise the future EXPLOITS of the change instead of preventing bugs.

    I personally think that moving the EQUIPPING feature to the maps is going to create further problems with the game as we are going to be stuck in game making changes when the server locks up and then we do not get to finish what we started. I have already seen in-game QUICK BUTTONS that are failures (PET Fuel purchase change to buy PET fuel but Uridium does not update to available amount). The fact we can no longer talk with Real Life Friends trying to plan our next activities without being logged into the game (to see Quests) also now when trying to buy equipment from Auction we need to be in maps and back page to see what we want (instead of opening hangar and make a list and switch to AUCTION to place bids or switch back and forth between 2 tabs).

    I agree wasting boosters is not profitable so I see fewer people buying boosters of making changes to their equipment while they have the boosters available.

    Was unable to see the actual changes as I could not log in to the TEST server so am lost on the upgrade scenario.

    You can only equip as fast as the system will let you and I have had too many times where I have had to exit and re-enter the Hangar to be allowed to equip anything of having to delete config's so I could add a cloak chip, so this is a major fail already.

    In-game it is a WARP costing a Jump Credit and removing the ship from the PARKED Map thus it is getting rid of the ability to park ships and not have to run through the maps to sell Pallidium, or knowing where you are going to end up whenchanging to different map with the Jump Credit. Too many times I have jumped and by the time I am able to move have already been attacked to a point where I am almost dead. Which is why so many people bought the extra hangars and ships to begin with, but again since we enjoyed doing this D O has to make a change so we can't do what we have enjoyed in their game. D O does not want people to enjoy their game they want to create hate and discontent in the game instead.
    I agree with this there are too many other issues in the game to create changes that are not requested or beneficial to the community. Sounds like D O is getting ready to lose another 1000 players who were on the fence about continuing to play or quitting a game that has lost its enjoyment level.
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  15. test szerver is no open :/
  16. I simply dislike the whole idea. I tried it on the test sever and was so disgruntled i ended up logging out.
    1. Working in hangar and doing upgrades on the backpage is simpler and clearer, trying to do it ingame is a total pain
    2. Booster run out is a major issue.
    3. We have been encouraged to populate further hangars, it is much simpler and quicker to switch on back page than logging into client, in fact i could get it to switch from ship to ship using in client version
    4. The lag in game when trying to upgrade and switch equipment was horrendous.
    5. When doing tasks in the ingame window, and a problem occurs and you lose uri or accidently sell an item are support going to quickly restore it?

    I can see no advantage to this change what so ever, please listen to the players and do not implement.
  17. I only want to ask..

    Really will be possible to change equipment only on base/clan station? Hmm.. I should start looking for a big clan with many CBS :( (not my cup of coffee, I like to play alone...).
    If will be implemented Possibility of pre-saved configs, then boosters won't be wasted so much.. but it won't. :( Or some "if, then" could be applied.. "if hangar is opened, then boosters are stopped".

    I play this game since 2008 - and I'm not the only - but this thing can aspire to worst update in DO history. Nothing affected game so much. GGs, boosters, pilot bio - it's all mostly ok, upgrades too.. but this? I liked idea, where most of important things are in game window as I remember troubles with laboratory on backpage (before skylab came out), but not this. If yes, make possible to change confi everywhere, only with non-attack "cooldown". Like base jump - cpu to x-1 (JP1 - CPU and JP2 - CPU).

    Please, BP, think again about this change during holidays...
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  18. Sounds like it is what we have now, except you will be able to do it only when logged into maps now. I really do not like this idea (for the same reason I hate the NYX ONLY access to the Quests/Missions) IF I want to see what equipment I have or what I want to BID on I do not want to have to be in the maps and Back Page to do so. I do like the idea of STORED Configurations so you can choose what is equipped for what you are doing (Gates, PvP Hunting, NPC killing, Just for FUN playing, Raw Material Collecting, Etc.) but again this is an addition the community likes so it will never be added to the game.

    IT seems that the In-Game Equipping is going to be crammed down our throat, no matter the FACT no one WANTS it, (and it is because we do not want it) that they are doing it. It seems the things we LIKE gets changed and things we DON'T LIKE is implemented as is and we get stuck with it.

    Well here goes another 1000 players out the door (when you implement the "Equipping In-Game Only" change). Big waste of time and Boosters making the changes in the maps. Only way it might work is if Boosters are OFF any time sitting at BASE or your clan CBS (granted if ship is moving/attacking they are running, but this is the only way I could see this being acceptable to anyone.
  19. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    i might quit
  20. I also agree with what most people has said regarding the wastage of boosters. Please give us the option to turn them off and also for us to be able to see how much time we have left on them on the game screen. Do the Devs really listen to us as a lot of people have mentioned this in the past and nothing has been done but no-one mentioned having inventory on the game screen but it is being introduced. :confused:

    It will also be a pain having to travel all the way back to base just to chance equipment, instead of just being able to log out etc.
    Maybe if there was a mini base in the x-4 and x-5 maps where the mission thing is. Just a thought.
    But personally I liked having the missions and the inventory on the back page so I could look through and sort them out at my leisure.
    With regards to upgrades leave them on the back page as it will be more of a waste of boosters upgrading things and that you can only upgrade things at base. Wait what? Really!!o_Oo_Oo_O

    Also please dont change the cursor as it is way too small and can easily be lost when there is lots going on. Also leave out the fading windows thing.
    And please, please, please for the love of god please dont give the achievements a main menu option.:eek: They have no real impact on the game and it is a menu that I dont click on, like ever. I mean what is the point to achievements who really cares about them.
    Put rankings in its place at least rankings are important to the game and worthy of a main menu option.;)

    Finally, just leave it as it is but introduce the booster time remaining and the option to turn them off. I think DO would get a better response from the players if they did this rather than trying to fix something that's not broken.:D
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