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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by ASTRAEA, Dec 15, 2015.

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  1. The client hanger hall is fine. Replace the tab with Tech Center, other than that the game is fine the way it is.
  2. Another solution could be pre-saved configs, Which could reduce time drastically. However for some situations time will be lost if they wanted to add a few more shields like okapi stated.
    Another which is a little more far fetched would be the when you are in a demil zone or base, Your boosters are not being wasted. Seeing as the minute someone decides to shoot they lose their demil thus giving players the chance to still have to be at base to change configs or a port. However I can see other issues rising from this such that boosters might activate immediately.
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  3. AkAKuzuki

    AkAKuzuki User

    as @ACheapMajor said it will be awesome if you guys add each hangar have 2 config save system
  4. But I don't fly on base, only if I die - so I'm changing equipment logged out somewhere on map. That won't be possible now. :(
  5. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    You will still be able to change ships when at a portal away from your home base but you will have to spend uri to do it, at your home base it is free of charge to change hanger. Looks like with the booster situation plus higher upgrade costs and charging to change hanger away from your home base is going to be a leach on your wallet and the final nail in DO's coffin.
  6. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    what happens to the free players?
  7. This is true, but I was referring to the in-game changing, so the equipment change can ONLY be done where we do it now (in-game) and can not log out to make changes on other maps. MAJOR FAILURE D O.
    I was reading that people were not able to get the hangar to change on the TEST server and thus you only had the WARP which just brings another ship to where you are, not changing Hangars/Maps. YES D O has given so much away with recent Exploitable known BUGS that they need to increase REVENUE and Hangar changes is something everyone has gotten used to doing so know they want to charge for doing it, and not allow for the changing of Hangars while not in the game so as to make sure they get their MONEY seems to be a logical progression to them.
    You have to Box more to collect more Uridium and Extra Energy's as they may add Hangar vouchers to the GG Materializer or Special Boxes (like the Jump Credits). But then you are not a revenue stream for D O so they do not care about you, you are needed for cannon fodder for the WALLETS only. D O knows for every P4F player they lose they will get a short term wallet noob to replace you, until they get wise and quit also.

    MY OPINION is that D O has been on its death bed for so long that they are trying to pull the plug and allow it to die an unnatural death, just look at the event missions for their Birthday celebration or the X-mas prelude, Birthday they tell you when you can do the missions (assuming you can get to the target without being popped) by scheduling when the ICY Meteoroids will appear, the X-mas pay so little and take so long they are not worth doing, and can you imagine a UFE sitting around to collect rocks in the x-2 maps?, not to mention the other maps (pally has a greater purpose so this they will do). I have my suspicions we won't be doing anything in D O for their 10th Birthday as the game won't exist anymore, UNLESS they start listening to the community.
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  8. Seems like DO are passing on the cost of the mistakes they have made onto the players moving the hanger to the game page is going to be the biggest fail so far. The dev team need a wake up call and open there ears for a change.
  9. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    but i pay by watching ads!
  10. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    Summing everything up, this is definintely the worst change I've ever seen in DarkOrbit.
    Please, just abandon the idea.
  11. The bad thing is we will miss the equipment in the back page and you removed that from the game, that just sucks.:eek:....
  12. One of the biggest issues I have with this, is since the backpage is separate of the gameserver, connection issues aren't able to stack. A good example was earlier this year with AT&T Uverse. Was unable to log into the game client due to persistent and long lasting issues between BP CDN + AT&T Peer. With a separated system, I can continue to use the core feature of the game without being influenced by issues that may plague the gameserver.

    A condition to this proposed client equipment feature, would be to retain the existing hangar / equipment page for those of us who prefer that system.
  13. Rossi

    Rossi User

    WHY? I am asking WHY are they doing this?
    Okay, I kinda survived when they put the quest in game, because you don't accept quest that much, even though it is pain in the "back" to fly over several maps to just accept the quest.

    But this?! This is just the worst idea you could ever think of! Why do you want for people to spend more time in the base than flying around and enjoy the game?! Hmmm? I SRSLY don't get it. What will be next? Galaxy gate?! NO NO NO NO NO. Keep it the way it is and rather add "save configuration" even if it would be only for premuim players. (everybody is already premuim, coz you can't rly play without it, since there is so much ammo and drone formations)
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  14. You ask what is next? D O is trying to get rid of the back page completely, don't you see the writing on the wall? Shop, Auction, Hangar, Quests, EVERYTHING is being moved to the MAPs so they can KILL the back page access and FORCE everyone to fly to bases to log out or be unable to do anything else with their accounts.

    The plan is to FORCE multiple account players to select only one account to use and forget about using other servers or accounts to further deplete the servers and then merge everything into one server as they have reduced the numbers of players to a point where they only need one server to accommodate them. This measure is going to save them so much money they won't be worried about how many people they lose or how many wallets they tick off as their expenses will be so minimal after the final change to the game they would be able to operate on pennies versus dollars now.
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  15. Well , from a time this Darkorbit is not anymore in Bigpoint or just a little , cauze i read somewhere as and this game is owned in big part of Tencent Games and maybe this will cauze this thing .. and in my opinion that hangar in client is ugry , i'm a oldman player and i don't like this things , well this Tencent got aprox 65% of online games like League of legends (Without games on stream) and idk what to say more and it was much much better if they make it back ... And yea sorry for my bad english cauze english isn;t main language ( english is not spoken in my country so language english isn;t learnable in this city , just online are possibilities )
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  16. bisphenol

    bisphenol User

    A wise words say: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    There are so many broken things in this game that need urgent attention but haven't been addressed for years.
    I have swallowed many changes in this game that strongly went against my favor. Nerfing our stuff after we paid for it, with the PET being the best example... to mention just one thing.
    If this goes live I am becoming wise and am quitting. Enough is enough, everyone has a limit.
    A customer leaves the shop, never to return to it and deter other people from it.

    But of course, whatever I say will make no difference...
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  17. This sentiment is what I have found to be true, more than not, about anything the community says.
  18. xuhu99

    xuhu99 User

    i'm not premium, make it for all players
  19. Saved Configs instead of Hangar IN-Maps change and it should be for ALL PLAYERS. Stop giving the wallets ALL the BENEFITS and forcing the P4F players to suffer or QUIT, eventually they will end up spending if only for PREMIUM or ADVANTAGE PACKS, but this is only if they stick around long enough to see the benefits of buying these items.
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  20. i gotta ask: why ?
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