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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Aug 22, 2014.

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  1. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    Hello spacepilots

    There's a new Dev blog up and we'd love to hear from you :)

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  2. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    In terms of advantages losing companies could have:

    If a company is losing by a considerable amount, say it has over 50% less points than the winning team, when they jump into the bmp they could get a ping on the minimap that lasts for only a couple of seconds saying where the enemies are. Maybe this ping could go off every 5 minutes or so.
    At least this way if they want to try and stage some sort of come back they can say "hey there is only x amount of enemies in here right now, we could go for it".

    In terms of very slight disadvantages for the winning company:

    If a company is winning by a considerable amount there should be a system where the more that jump to a certain bmps at once, the longer it should take. For example, if MMO are completely dominating and controlling the event by over 750 points and EIC take a beacon, then it is natural for about a lot MMO to jump in to defend the beacon. They jump in, take the beacon and carry on winning with no problem, I think instead for every person in that MMO company jumping in with jump CPU, there should be 1 second added onto the jump time.
    So if 20 MMO are jumping in at once to 4-3, it should take them all 30 seconds to get there. That way they can't just jump in and stop any attempt at a comeback before it's even begun. Hope I explained that clearly enough.
  3. SPSAT99

    SPSAT99 User

    Make it so that only the winning company gets to shoot the NPC (More incentive for others to participate)

    Increase the chances for good stuff (Havocs, BO2, elite things) in the cargo-booty boxes the NPC drops.

    Make the 100 pally the box currently gives to 150 (Divides equally with the standard rate of exchange.
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  4. PORG-44

    PORG-44 User

    Ref the domination event, the following has already mentioned in another thread.

    Instead of the single cargo box drop by the freighter, have something similar to spaceball. Maybe a single good cargo (LF-4, havoc/herc etc) and a spread of smaller ones with 'reasonable' rewards.. small amounts of x4, gate spins, the odd DCR or EMP???
  5. peluchekun

    peluchekun User

    A good way to find a balance is think what the most advanced player can get... and based on your game what can HE do with it as a UFE or FE.

    Any player can get the cargo, that's good, but not everyone who shoot the boss will get a prize for his time and ammo.

    I'll put my example, when the first demmaner appeared on my server, I used around 30k of uridium JUST in ammo. The sad part is that I got only 1200 uri and 7k XP, awful.

    A good way of balance is make a formula for example;

    50% Very Good Drop
    -Uridium 1k-10k (Jumping 1k-2k-3k etc)
    -Log Disc "same" 10-20-30 (the limit is yours)
    -GG EE "same" 10-20-30
    -Boosters 10 hours, even cooldown booster.
    -Any ~10k U Store Item
    10% A chance to really get something.


    PlayerDmg=%totaldamage then

    (.15)(.50)=7.5% chance of a very good drop making 15% of damage
    (.4)(.1)=4% chance of cool drop making 40% of the total damage


    This means, you can get 3 rewards, one of single tier. and you can get nothing, also
    this also means that there sould not be any booty, just the rewards at the dead of the boss. This will make it easier, maybe too much.

    Move the numbers ADD rewards.... maybe you can introduce a rare chance of get a free upgrade on any item, this will atract newer players 1/10 chance sounds good if you make something like 3 demmaners every day for a fixed hour
  6. lol u gave away free things for some players that was ther lol is that fair???
  7. Well i have some ideas too :)

    I think Domination should played only in 4-4 PvP Map. Like SpaceBall ...

    And if you're enter 4-4 while Domination process , if you blown up , you will respawn in one corner of the map.

    Advantages for Leader Team

    - If Leader Team captures all domination areas , one LTM-LR's better low version (10k hits per 3 seconds) will applied. This will make areas better guarded. But locking should be disabled if this applied.

    - If Leader Team captures Portals too , portal will be surrounded with 3-5 DDM-01 mines. For better protection.

    - If Leader Team builds a CBS too , Another Module will added to areas. Better low version of the LAM-LA. (Hits 25K per 5 seconds.)
    Advantages for Loser Team

    - When rival company captures areas and Poor LTM-LR's added , players can give x6 damage with RB-214 to modules. But this x6 damage only effects on modules.

    - When rival company captures portals , EMA ammunition will effect mines and DDM's will blown up. But be careful , if you blow up mines they will respawn in 7 seconds.

    - When rival company bulid their CBS , and if you get damage from CBS ; you will never get damage from rival company pilots. But if CBS stops attacking you , rival company pilots damage will effect you again.
    Prizes for Winner Company

    To winner company , all company members who participated or non-participated , they will get standard prizes like UCB , UBR-100 , RSB-75 ammunition , GG Energy , Booty keys ... but best 3 participiants of winner company will get special prizes like 1 Week VIP , RB-214 Ammo , Mines (For Insta of course ...) P.E.T Fuel and Boosters (10 hours and they're Pro edition.)

    Prizes for Loser Companies

    If your or other companies lose. Don't worry ! If your company win next game , your company will get x2 more rewards. Good deal eh ? :)

    Enough from me. Hope these are added to game.

    Regards ...

  8. this should be done, brill idea
  9. Domination ..

    this Name is exactly what is happening on the Server I play.. West Coast USA..

    Some of those Dedicated to making a Statement with the Ability to Purchase what they want, have several High Level accounts within all Three companies..

    Together with others..
    they will NOT support one or Both of the other companys.. what we call Wallet Warriors Dominate .. Both that Company.. influence the Events and the Ultimate .. the Server's Personality.. the movement from one Company to another, to Befriend some of the Heavy Hitters, and persuasion .. " I like ..( Unknown Unmentioned ) because they helped me in Uber Map Quests.." These Players will Beat Down those that notice this trend, and Post in company chats.. they they will be WARed upon.. by All 3 Companies if that is what it takes to Break Loyal pilots away from their attempt to Stand up to this Bullying.

    Results in the Participation in Spaceball, Capture the Beacon and "Domination" has been affected Greatly by this " Wallet Warrior Domination of the Server Agenda " many within our Company have moved away from MMO.. switched to EIC or VRU..

    I think more Discussion, Planning and Thought needs to be implemented to make these Exploits, less of an issue, many have Refused to participate in the Events, look at the Scores.. MMO ( 0 ).. EIC ( 0 ) VRU ( 44 ) or as in the Recent

    "Domination Score" VRU 2,645 EIC 5,327 MMO 762.. not an exact figure but Lopsided for sure..

    I refuse to be a Victim, to succumb to what I feel is terrorism tactics to make me Leave the Company I started this game playing.. but Clearly I don't stand a snowballz chance in HELL, to combat these Players, ships, or Tactics as they have Said.. "We will Place a Permanent WAR on you"..

    Perhaps this Domination will continue and This Input will be Placed within some other Thread.
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  10. ^That made me laugh :D
  11. GuasonMEX

    GuasonMEX User

    Domination? Demaner? :v
    This game should be like before, not more events without nothing of rewards.
  12. Scrap the idea and start fresh. MAKE sure it works before launch. That is if you really want ppl to play and get into the hype.

    You are loosing players due to lack of support for events and all around, Bad gamers who push themselves around And mod staff dont step in, And mods not wanting to help the game progress.

    Example the other day a bunck of players seen a ship flying around and this pilot was not acting like the pilot who flies this ship. They simply asked the mod to take note of it in the event this account has been taken. The mods reply was no its not my job im her to look over chat. How hard would it have been for him to just send in a email saying if this player reports his account i have info about it.

    Im not trying to trash the mods of staff in any way i just want you all to place a stricter rule pack and a easier way for us to report the mods, And an unbiased way for them to be reported. And said event to be investigated.
  13. Bigpoint so tell me if iam wrong u gave ppl free things for coming ther i know iam right.... is that fair u gave a person hes acc back after he was kicked for booting ?? and u want new playes in the game Lol
    ID 3398813
  14. Well put DANE!!!!

    Lets let the cheaters back to do it again and kill the game more. These players that had been ban was told to us by support gone for good. Its even posted in the forums zero tolerance for cheating! All Lies!
    Did you do this just to boost your look for game convention? While those of us who chose to do things the right, and honest way sit back and get yet another smack in the face. Is this tough love, Or plain out disrespect to us honest ppl.
  15. So much of What Dane, Parasite and many others..have said.

    Yes we Like Our Chat.. and Our Mods, but We, that are here Playing on our Servers, talk to each other.. and Have Memory Way better than some EIC Bound Elephants..
    We use NOTEPAD and copy n Paste chats.. We Know the Names of those that Botted, Got LightYears ahead of Us Legit Players.. and Now those that Didn't, ohh ohh.. I get it.. didn't earn ALL their Stuff..

    I suppose all those Electronic Records of Banned IP addresses, Screenshots, HyperCams, Conversations in the Chat logs and a Uriah's Heep of Script using reports have been Documented and Saved..
    Now Support needs to Go back to the Future and use your RE-BANN Sun in the Fun Glasses.. and Clean these Parasites (sorry Bud) I needed the Word here.. from the Game and Give them the Long Promised.. " Darkest Orbit " Wormhole those Accounts into another Plain of existence..

    What about the Feelings of Your Customers..
    just a sample:
    We whole-heartedly Jumped into this "Domination Abomination" and Got our Tail cut off because of the same people we have spent years complaining about..

    a Little girls voice is heard in the background..

    ==> " Their Baa-aak " <==
    perhaps not able to bott, but they have more ammo than most of us from the Gates they have built from non stop boxing done before..

    and with the same Disgust, of watching a pale skinned Possessed Girl spew out Grr-een vomit..
    Legit Players are expressing a Familiar Nausea.. again.

    We are Here, because we like Our community, Our Mods and Our Game.. and we hope to enjoy it on an Equal playing field..
  16. Lam-ang

    Lam-ang User

    honestly i dont even see any positive reactions lol how come you appreciate such thing when in fact we cant read one we were promised to be given a reward in winning the said event, as believable as it was we prepare for it work our buts to defend and put everything we got on it a day after the event is over we and some friends bought this so called double box booster for rest assured our company won the event what shockingly surprise us the promised date is over and we havent realy seen or experienced that 10% bonus on bonus boxes... so who ever are those VERY EXPERIENCE PLAYERS you said who realy humbled and give positive comments will your right they might say nor give those comments for the truth they doesnt know because they NEVER SEEN THE GAME.

    "Hello space pilots!

    I’ve just got back from Gamescom and I’m really humbled by all the attention and positive comments we have received from experienced players and people, who have never seen the game."

    it was pointed out on your terms and conditions that cheating is not tolerated on the game but do you think it was us players that are getting cheated on here... ended we got dominated by you and your game
  17. I have one idea to ballance the companies at every server.....As we all know at the servers of eyrope first company is mmo....thats becauze she has the palladiums.....My idea is that in the game must be some bonus to companies.....Different company,different bonus...The first Company must have 5% at all(credits,uridium,damage)...The second shall have 8% bonus at all and the third 10%...That will be as like the domination match,that we must take a beacon to our vompany and all companies have a bonus....That will balance the game i believe....cauze now in eyropes only mmo win.. :/
  18. SauronL

    SauronL User

    I appreciate that more than some compensation . I hope u r right .
  19. As you've said you'd follow this post closely, I would like to toss into the pool of feedback the ammo cap being lifted. We've posted in the forums, we've message support, all we've heard is that it is being considered and all we now need to know is when we're going to expect something that will appease us.

    Now in terms of the domination event, I don't do quests, I don't box, I don't play events outside of the battle maps. I do gates then I play PvP. The event ensured that the maps had more players on it (not miles more, but definitely more then usual) and post-event I have seen a vast increase in CBS being built (yay, more pvp).

    I had no intention of playing the game just for the rewards because I knew I'd be disappointed at the end of the event. It would be really cool to see some sort of ship design being rewarded to active players of this event (please note; not awarded just to winners, but to those who actually try to put up a fight) - therefore it would have to be a design worth getting (not just a different coloured ship, we want bonuses)

    This most likely won't be feasible for this event, but it would be cool for you to keep in mind having a cross server event in the future. I firmly believe integrating the servers would not only breath life into the current stalemate game, but it may also attract new users.
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  20. well I agree.. but more than likely they will make it an Achievement ..

    with my Luck it will be Given me, Never a Winner.. " Shaken Not Stirred ":confused: or
    " Beaten but Not Cooked " :mad: or " Repair Credit Champion " :eek:

    But a Ship Design would be cool.. like a Black n White Striped Citadel, called..
    " Battered not Baked " :cool:
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