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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Aug 22, 2014.

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  1. KrisKelvin

    KrisKelvin User Team DarkOrbit

    Thanks everyone participating in this discussion, I really appreciate this.

    The reward for Demaner Freighter were not appropriate, and we have taken steps to compensate for that, as you might have noticed.

    I can relate to the comment of Lam-ang and understand his disappointment, but again - I admit that we made a mistake, we'll to avoid try them in the future. I think, that if we look back on what we have done in the recent years and months - there are many positive changes to the game and I hope - many more to come.

    Regarding [-КАТЮША-]'s question on ammo capacity - we do have this issue on the radar, however for now I can't elaborate on this further for now.

    There are some interesting thoughts about the possible developments of the Domination, but I'd like to point out, that it would be interesting if we tried to imagine, that Domination is a permanent mechanic. What would do you think would be interesting to add/remove, if Domination is always ongoing?
  2. Hey there
    I would like firstly to specify a boring game are getting better day by day, and a lot of users got bored of this game leaves from boredom. you new users you want to achieve, but new users 4 of 5-year players can not deal with the game and never come back, so the truth is I think the former member to retain your priority should be and play them the boredom away from the need for it the only thing needed a bit stingy ceases to uridium easily achieves

    What remove the game from being routinely unaware of what Ill be monotonous think it would be more fun to play a game on the optimistic approach can not be labeled the same things are happening every day, every moment different work because Ill be bi impression of a thing to be different

    Kris Kelvin, a number in

    In this presentation, I would like to specify a system to reach the main centers in Germany will recognize the support team should be familiar with Administrator king in the game it's going to be eliminated. It was a lot of injustice in turkey 3 server admins to protect the players post has been deleted because the main centers of support delivered to the photo I would appreciate it if you find a solution by the

    Thank you for reading
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  3. SauronL

    SauronL User

    Bases :

    I think when bases are for credits now , we could get something interesting for poping them so it will cost to waste our expensive ammo . For example : For 1 destroyed module u will get "35 ACMs"(the best reward for the strongest player)- reward was 350 uri before and now its 35k credits so thats why i think it should be 35 again...

    As a next they should make something which will make us to NOT install next module again cuz when i pop one module , they start replacing it instantly (cooldown 20 minutes or so ?) So guys wont push from base ...

    Domination event:

    Beacons: Should be same as before with locks and with some higher reward for RB(new ammo)some mine , uri or so(Reward will count just if it was neutralized before) And guys will get reward if theyre in MAP(And they are MOVING, FIGHTING or staying in CIRCLE)[Yes its not fair, theyr fighting somewhere in map and helping to get beacon but they wont get anything cuz they have to fight away from circle]

    NPCs: I will like 1 Demaner spawn every 20 mins in 4-4 and it will do circles around map, DROP will be like from SB . When it will die it will drop cargoes like SB . So with 5 cooldown i dont think somebody will get 2 cargos . And guys with bad connection or so could get something too.

    I will like to increase chance to get something from them . Cuz of last domination i got 4 boxes and 2 of them gave me 1k PLT 2021 (Who want to waste 20k RB to get 1k plt 2021 ?) and next 2 gave me 100 pally(For time i ve spent on it i could get a lot more in 5-3) and 1000 RB ammo(Who want to get crap ammo which will be wasted on next demaner)

    Ammo: Decrease price of RB-214 by 70% (That means ammo will cost now 3uri per round)
  4. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    I like the sound of the bit highlighted, however I think the extra rewards such as 35 ACM should only happen if the base has been around for x number of days. The longer the base has been up, the greater the bounty for taking it down sort of thing.
    At least this way it will prevent people making and destroy bases just to farm good ammunition.
  5. GuasonMEX

    GuasonMEX User

    KrisKelvin, this game don't need more events, need more players for more events.
    Darkorbit has more than 100 Administrators, it seems that they are just paper
    Maybe if you open a new server as the version from 2009 to 2010, you'll have the same fame as before, not now.

    In my opinion, the event "domination" is an event anyone, which was created in form driven to despair to have players, which will never have.
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  6. In my opinion the event and game are suffering from a rise in "cheater". I and several others refuse to fight against players that can see though cloak's and use other battle help programs. If you want the event's to be fair for all then remove those that are "cheating".
  7. KrisKelvin

    KrisKelvin User Team DarkOrbit

    Ok, and what about the protectors? Do they have enough reasons to protect the CBS, especially with growing pressure?
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  8. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    For every couple of days they successfully hold a CBS they could be awarded with a upgrade voucher each.
  9. No one protects the Cbs...Look server eyrope 3....You must unite some servers together cauze the game die day per day.....every day from each company deleted 50-60 players.....The end is coming soon.....
  10. SauronL

    SauronL User

    It was just for example

    Imagine this , imagine that :) . Still isnt too late.

    That credit base upgrade made this game more funny , cuz it makes more PVP and that means my server will grow as grass after rain.

    DO just need some big interesting advertisement in perfect place/s .

    And that game will grow , i know that. Prob its one of the most laggiest game ive played but that game is really addictive. Yes i said really.
  11. pecanin

    pecanin User

    Dark Orbit Unloaded/Reloaded/Overloaded ..makes no difference as same old underlying problems are there....takes too long to get anywhere for free player/low spending player/advantage pack is too easy for boter/cheater/bug abuser

    Game is boring ,same old tired events over and over and over

    New player has no chance no matter how many LF 3/B02 you give them when i get 700 k shield wiped out in two shots ..what chance does new player in nostro have....

    X2/X3/X4 maps should be same as X1 .. once upon a time 5 new players with not much firepower could work together and take big bad fe out ...Place 100 new players in middle of map and they will all be killed before reaching you think that gives new player incentive to play and become spending players one day ...your game has become something that is run by Zynga

    Old players that would return look at what is needed to enjoy game again and log out 10 minutes after logging in...

    You had your cake and you ate it ,time to increase drop rates for items from booty boxes really think people are happy to be getting same old crap over and over ...i got my 12 th aegis from blue box other day ..not to mention juicy mines

    You want to make game interesting for PvP crowd ....Clan Wars with reward ..i mean real reward..not 20 gg energy or 50 rockets

    Want to fill in maps ..rotate aliens in the maps have Icy's,you have Sun have Emperor LKristalon....not to mention Melters and others from gates....replace aliens in uppers for one month with them and you see busy servers

    BTW matter what Accountants are telling you ..reducing uri in boxes ,not increasing it from aliens ..changing % on gates...changing all good aspects of game for bottom line will not save your game ...same kind of greed has brought it to its knees ,if you continue ...The End

    Go back to drawing board with /Demeaner ...visit old forum where i suggested far better freighter that travels from X1 to X 8 so all players can take part in the event ,,from little liberator to big ugly ufe per hour per company will make it interesting in pvp as players from other companies can try to stop it from reaching other X? 8

    And this tired old box drop is crap ...make it so reward drops in players inventory
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  12. This is probably first thing they should do!
    I don't even participate events anymore, because my box get stolen always.
    Getting box drops from Demaner or Hitach, or any other big alien is crap, because box's can be stealed.
    If i go, and shoot all my X4 to alien, i want to get reward that belongs to me, not to share it with stealers!
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  13. I really think the best thing Big Point can do is lower the cost of uri. Bleeding the WW's of their cash is not working as many have quit playing. The time and money it takes to build a strong ship need to be drastically reduced.

    When I started this game in 2009 it took 1 month of hard work to build a FE ship with out using uri. When pilot bio started it took 2 or 3 months depending on how many PP you wanted.

    Now it take 1 to 2 years just to get the new equipment unless you are able to spend 200.00 dollars every week.

    lower the uri cost by at least 50% maybe more. Big point would get a huge boost in players spending money. It is better to collect a lower amount of money from a larger pool of players, then a large amount from very few players.

    The President in the United States collected the most donations while running for his office than any other in history. He did this by appealing the 90%. His average donation was 10.00 and he raise over 1 billion.

    Fill the maps with competitive players and balanced ships the rest will take care of its self. The reason this game is fun is the social aspect and pvp action. the NPC, Gates, bonus boxes are all filler to get to fight in a large group and pop other players. I had the most fun in 2009, and when uriwars was on face book. Everyone had the same equipment, but only a few knew how to load it for the best config and the real talented players rose to the top. That is until the bots showed up.

    Again the best thing to save this game is lower the total cost of uri. More sales and more UFE ships means epic battles and more fun. More fun means more players.
  14. That's probably true ώïlќεṉ2øø2™€ÐĶ²-LD, but i have noticed another pretty big problem, and that is issue with palladium VS killing aliens.

    Palladium is very profitable.(Also, during events.)
    For beginners, who are able to collect there it is way much profitable compared to shooting aliens, unless you have premium, and you can go to cubi with pet.
    That makes whole game somewhat boring, and it must be fixed.

    One good way might be, what pecanin suggested at post #31 about aliens.
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  15. I agree with you man!!!! The cost of Uridium is very big and credits too!!!!The cost make the gamers dissapear from the game!

  16. Pls share with me the positive improvements. Because I and many other can agree there is a laundry list of thing that need improved. And some of your improvements was a big fail. Just a few.
    1 Ammo cap
    2 Script to catch cheaters (Dont work as stated it would)
    3 Poor responce from Support staff
    5 Events never work
    6 Constant Bugs and Glitches
    7 Allowing Perma-Ban players back just to boost numbers
    8 Giving said ban players back there stuff in which they didnt even earn in first place. Thats why they got ban!
    9 Under staffed when there is many of ppl willing to help
    Ill stop at 9 because this is just my rant others can fill in 10 to 100
    But i do want to add you are closely watching this but only 1 response. See my point?
  17. KrisKelvin

    KrisKelvin User Team DarkOrbit

    Yes, I do see you point. The thing is, though, that I haven't really started this thread to argue, I wanted to discuss the development of the new Domination mechanic and how it could make the game more interesting and engaging.

    On top of that I wanted to discuss further additions and enhancements of the game. Thank you for driving our attention again to these problems, and I must say that I'm not happy with many things either, and I do have the problems you have mentioned on my list.

    Unfortunately, there is no magic wand we could use and fix everything at once, and we also want to bring in new features and mechanics, so we have to proceed step by step. My main goal here is hear your thoughts on how to make gameplay richer and more diverse, and it doesn't mean, that we'll not be doing anything else.

    And I hope that you'll be hearing from our producer soon enough with the details on the global future plan.

    For now, however, I would suggest to continue the discussion. :)
  18. The event didnt do anything to progress the game. In fact it showed us players your more interested in adding then fixing. Sure new things perk eyeballs but if you can even play the new event because of old issues whats the point of the new. I know your in this as a business to make money. But sooner or later the money will stop because ppl are not happy. You can keep driving a car with the rods knocking but at some point you have to replace the motor! Its time to replace DarkOrbit's motor! If us players of the game are not happy then the business as a hole is failing.

    The man concern at this point would fix the lag issues! If they are fixed players would be a lot happier and more likely to spend money and invite ppl to play. Which would make added revenue, And show a positive impact to this gaming community.

    About the LAG
    Every time we mention lag its put off saying its our connection or our pc. Well the funny thing to that is Hulu runs Flash Player to stream there shows. I have My hulu account set the same as Dark Orbit As in graphic settings. And hove no issues Buffers at 5 bars. Close hulu and open dark orbit Lag Lag Lag. If it was my system or connection it would be across the board not just one site. Almost makes me wonder if you systems are set to handle everything that is going on. Have you ever thought of switching to cloud for a trial run. I do not know a lot about cloud but hear its the best of the best for gaming. Yes it a little more expensive i know what you are thinking. But Added revenue would make it more affordable.

    Another thing that is upsetting. You place a new item or items for sale by cash only, And tell the ppl its the only way to get it. Then in 6 months after they spent 150 dollars its placed in auction or booty boxes. Example the 5 goli design pack hundred and some dollars. After ppl quit buying that you placed them in booty boxes ,now there in auction. Which means your ppl lied to get ppl to spend money on a item that would be free in time. Or your willing to be kind enough to refund the ppls money you took on free items.
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  19. Has this thread be over looked yet again? Or are you not to concerned with our input. You asked what we thought, You got the answer. And as of yet still no answer on to when and how this is being fixed. All we got is its on my list. Well on my list isnt good enough. As being on a list makes it easy to be over looked! And lets us sit waiting on your response just as we have been for the last week now. How many time has bread or milk been on you food list but yet had to back to the store and pick it up because you forgot it?

    I worked at a grain elevator and every year had to make a list of what we wanted fixed during shut down. Funny thing is the same list i made in 2010 is still the same list they turn in every year. they just keep putting duck tape (band-aids) on pipes and new links in chains. This is the same as what is going on here. A good motto to go by. Its easier to fix it right the first time, Then waste years covering up the problem. When sooner or later you will just have to fix it right ,like you should have the first time!
  20. I for one Agree with the Cool Mummy, þå®å§¦†£,

    and Perhaps I will be able to add some Colour to this..

    We all possibly have seen the Long Eared, bush tailed 4 legged animal used by even Jesus, The Blessed One . to ride upon.. :rolleyes:

    so If.. I can say in the same line of þå®å§¦†£'s comment..

    Fix it Now, before It " Bites ya in The Ass "..
    and your load of Straw drawn Payload gets spilled into Other Things to DO.. on the Inter-net..
    Fewer and fewer People's Cash will Enter-your-net.. and If the Cache don't Flow.. the Game Slows..

    Im runnin out of movies to watch and want to get back into the game.. :mad::confused::cool::p
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