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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Solid_Eye, Aug 22, 2014.

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  1. gamepark

    gamepark User

    Hmm, IF you really want to see this game getting better - Stop focusing on new things - I agree with Parasite.

    All players will agree that we don't care about new events , new ammo, new designs, we don't want to hear about what's new - we all want to hear what's being done about Lag - what's being done about Cheats - What's being done about the current problems in the game.

    Let me paint you a picture

    The game is like a tree

    and the people that come by to watch your tree grow are the players that play the game

    we watch as you attach new branches to the tree to make it look more attractable and interesting to the people that come by to watch this tree as it grows - this would be your updates with ship designs and such - events.. blah blah.

    Now - the way the tree grows is by gaining more people to come see your tree

    so in a way...we are the water....more players that come to the water the make it grow....understand?


    For some reason - The tree keeps falling down...why?

    apparently - you attached too many branches too early in its growth - now the tree is slowly breaking...and getting ready to fall

    it hasn't fell to the floor just yet - you still have people watching to see if you will take off these branches so that the extra weight can be removed

    along with that - you have the cheaters....

    lets call them...insects......Cause in fact - Cheaters in the game don't help the game grow - they destroy it - little by little - by causing more lag...and players to leave....viewers to walk away from this beautiful tree you had growing good at the start

    These INSECTS - eat away at everything attached to the the tree is not only's also infected with insects that's demolishing it it falls.


    the tree hasn't fell to the floor just yet...

    At this point - you - the host that's showing this tree to people that came to watch and enjoy the view and're trying to tilt the tree back up to stand straight...but the insects starts biting your hands..tsk tsk

    at this point - we the viewers ...are expecting you to get rid of the insects...and stand the tree back straight...and fix the branches...

    But you do something else.....

    You keep attaching branches as the tree is falling, and the insects are eating away at it.

    so now, viewers start to walk away - cause you are so obsess with attaching new branches that you don't see that the most important thing is to restore balance...

    The tree is falling - still hasn't hit the can still be saved

    Get rid of the insects....which are the cheaters....Put the tree back standing straight...which is - taking off the extra branches you added...

    if you can get it back to normal - you can continue getting back the viewers that walked away - they will come to see that you are fixing the problems

    and you will gain new viewers - cause they see that you have plenty of viewers already - so this must be a good show to watch ! :D

    I know you can do it DarkOrbit

    Don't let down the community

    Yours Truly
  2. Hmmm.. If a tree falls in the forest but there is no-one to hear, does it still make a sound?

    Well of course it does.

    Fix the problems in the game. Once these things have been figured out and actually FIXED.. bring on some more new stuff.


    I enjoy this game, allot of very good new ideas and things to accomplish.

    -Things in motion tend to stay in motion, things standing still stay the way they are -

    Good job via the "Team" if ya ask me, just get these tweaks and fixes done and taken OFF the "List".

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  3. Today i, and my team mates met collection of bugs.
    This bug/bugs often appears when fighting certain users, so i think it's probably program.

    These bugs are following: Catchup, avoiding mines, emp dont work etc., location revealing(I am unsure about that.), and RSB without cooldown

    Point is, that there is no point to develop PVP side, when these, and other bugs make it impossible to compete.
    Fix it before you do anything else !
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  4. Man does it feel great to be blown off by someone who asks for your feed back. This is starting to remind me of how support treats ppl. Your doing a great job here development team. Well that is if your trying to kill the game off! I will just be point blank here and say I am very unsatisfied with the way the direction of this game is going. Along with the way the management dept are running the show. I sure hope others fallow in my path. NO MORE MONEY FROM ME TILL THIS JUNK IS FIXED!!!
  5. Well its Official this tread was made clearly for the use of putting us off, In the attempt to make us feel heard! Clearly have you not only lost a lot of respect from your gaming community, But you have shown us that we really do not matter to you. You must have forgot we are the ppl who make this game possible. With out us there is no dark orbit! No wonder you carry a F score in the USA Better Business Bureau logs. Here is a screen shot of grade! After that is a screen shot of Logs from Ripoff Report.
  6. KrisKelvin

    KrisKelvin User Team DarkOrbit

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I just want to point out, that I have to devote my time to making the changes happen.:) I'm really sorry that I'm unable to post quick responses, but I do not abandon this thread, as you might imply.

    For the issues that you mention - I can say the following:
    1. Right now we're putting together a few critical fixes from the community requests, some of them are pretty obvious - like ammo capacity, for others I'll need your input and I will have a separate post on that in the coming days. So as I said we iterate both on improvements and new features. The fact that we released Domination event and ask for feedback on it doesn't mean that we don't work on fixes.
    2. I still think the game cannot go forward if we stop thinking forward and stop iterating on new and exciting mechanics for you.
    3. Regarding the lag issues - there is not much I personally can do being a designer, but rest assured, that our tech team is on it and sorting out all the performance complaints. It would be very helpful if you could report about lag issues with specifics to our support. In this case the more info we get, the better are our chances of nailing and fixing the problem.
    4. Regarding our sales, we are now generally revisiting every payment package, to make sure that they offer a real value for money. I think, that we should make sure that players are always aware, if we plan to put a direct payment item on the auction or in the Uridium shop.
    Again I must say, I admire the passion of your comments, and I hope that with your input and scrutiny we will move forward in making DarkOrbit more fair and exciting.

    Thank you! I will now withdraw from this conversation to prepare a new post, but I will still be reading this thread as long as there are new updates. :)
  7. Pls explain, The game don't work right as you have personally stated. And yet you team devotes its time to creating a new forum. What is the logic behind these actions? You have a very large gaming community, But only about 25% use the forums. I could understand the forum update if more people used the forums but they do not. Maybe implementing quests that involve the forums would bring people to the forums. Or make there visit worth while with some sort of compensation.

    In your last post
    (1) You talked about the ammo cap. Let me point out to you that this was as stated by Rick Dekard in Oct of 2013.Note the time frame he gave us and note today's date. Here is the thread link.

    "We are looking at removing the ammo limits completely, but we won't be able to get this done until 1 or 2 months, as first we have to do a proper analysis.



    It has been almost a year and still no progress. And he said 1 to 2 months.

    (2) I do understand the point your trying to make. But your missing the point your community is trying to get you to see. You keep talking about all these big improvements, and how much you think they will enhance the game. But what good are these improvements if the underlying problems still exists.

    (3) Regarding the lag issues. Now this is where it gets even worse off. Your team creates a thread Wanting us to post our issues along with a ping test and a trace route. Here is the link to that thread. Keep in mind this thread is 13 pages long! And when people contact support. The support team puts it off as its the players PC that has issues. When in fact you personally have stated the game is the issue. Maybe some communication between you and the support team would also help!

    Many have done this and yet it seems that thread has fallen on def ears, with no answers to any of the issues and no reply to any fix in sight. Update the threads informing the players of the imposed fixes would be a good idea! Don't just let us sit hanging by a string guessing. Actions like this is what makes people walk away. They need the assurance your working on the fix.

    (4) On your #4 you say you believe players should be let aware, But this is not the case. How many players have spent money on items that were sold as "Available Through Payment Only " just for a few months later they turn up in Auction, Booty Boxes. and so on. Is there going to be some sort of compensation to these players. As BigPoint clearly ripped them off in these transactions. By stating only available through payment means that it is just that, But after the payments stop you move the item into a free or some what free area. I'm sure you will agree that this is bad business. And makes your company look bad.

    Also i would like to know more info on how your stock and how it is listed. I know you are in some point listed.

    I would also like to know if Level 3 communications is still your delivery network and caching services? If so I think this could be some of your issue. As they have issues with a lot of companies and there data usage.

    I'm not trying to cause a big blow up for you. I am just a concerned player. And i see the direction this company is moving and think it needs put back on track. But you cant do it alone, As a community we can do this.
  8. gamepark

    gamepark User

    They are not going to stop working on new updates , as he said - "I still think the game cannot go forward if we stop thinking forward and stop iterating on new and exciting mechanics for you."

    The mental state the company is in as a business is to satisfy the community WHILE bringing in some money, of course, it's how a business operates. He also states that they are not just working on new and exciting mechanics - they are also working on the lag issues and cheats, as a company needs to be efficient. They have to juggle fixing problems in the game while also bringing out new features.

    I understand their goals, but I wish they would stop looking towards new features and just focus on the major problems in the game, ..and unfortunately ...loss of players, and the game dying is also a problem, which is why they think maybe if they change the game looks and add some quests, add some events...maybe they could attract new players.

    I won't lie, I like the changes they have made, the new features they added, I could get into that, but their really is no point getting into it when i lag every 5 seconds, and die by cheaters when i try these new events they added, or even think about spending money when I know there is some cheating clan that's gonna get what I am buying for free, which is why most new soon as they hear about cheats ...another loss to the game company....cause now they gotta ban that player, and every player that go for cheats when they learn about it as soon as they start playing..

    that's why talking about cheats in the chat, you get banned for it, because it's like spreading a virus, and new players are more excited about cheats, since most of their community are teens and younger - they gotta ban more than half of the new players they brought in with the new stuff they added.

    but still...the cheat problems, the lag problems are still in play....and i would believe it's because of lack of understanding and focus.
    When you care about money more than you do about looking inside yourself and doing what you know is right, then your planning for failure.

    We can not stop them from doing what they intend - but we can stop playing the game, and spend our time and money on something else that is definitely worth it.

    I love dark orbit, been playing for 7 years, never thought about quitting, not even after i got popped by cheaters and lagged so much that I couldn't even play the game, all that was on my mind is , I gotta get big, and i gotta be known.

    but now it's to the point where I don't care as much, or I care as much as the game creators care, if they are not willing to make a sacrifice for me, I can't sacrifice for them any more., this game was once my home of fun, and it's only ...when are they gonna fix these damn I can't play space ball ...cause one, MMO is cheating...VRU is dead...EIC is killing each other...whatever is left of EIC.

    pirate maps is kinda pointless if i am getting popped ever day every collecting palladium is out of the picture....just logging into darkorbit is pointless if i am not prepared to waste a couple 100 dollars just to catch up to cheaters.

    because they ruin the game for all of us, because BP fails at listening to players like me...telling you what the exact problem is why I can't play, then you are gonna tell me you need new players?...don't you see what's going on...don't you see the circle this game is isn't getting better with every update and minor tweaks ...its getting worst with every useless updates , and minor important tweaks.

    But then you have the bigger players that influence you more...the ones that want the new updates...the ones that can afford it because they don't pay for anything...they have you focus on new things while they use their cheats.

    If this game survives another 7 years. with not a single player complaining about cheats and lag....

    I will continue dumping money on this game

    if not...Goodbye.
  9. Sir gamepark,

    Please ==> DO-nut Stop Posting your INPuT.. BigPoint is kind of like a Small Robot with Huge Soulful Eyes, and a TOOL Box (to Fix Things)Strapped to its back..

    .. click brr-rrkk.. ( MrBlender ) that was just stupid DrJ.. aka Want-a-Bee TechnoGEEK.. It's a "Rocket Silo" (to Fire at those with Talent) .. click.. pkk..rrrkk..

    and Cool "Martian Rover" All-Terrain Propulsion Assembly .. MMOre InPut..

    MMO Cheats.. :mad: What Server.. I will Start a Revolution against EM, If they are ON my Server..

    Fixes Recommend..
    I know I'm gonna Earn a "Pink Slip" from an Admin that has NO Sense of HUMOR.. :mad:but here goes..

    (!) Fix the DarkOrbit"s Support Management Team.. I would Love to Re-Vamp it..

    (2) Fix the Lag.. We are NOW in the 21 st Century.. and With XBOX, Weeee, PlayStation ( insert Robotic Soundeffects).. :confused:

    No One Like to Get Lagged out.. :mad:Especially IF there is NO Real Visual Reason for it.. This is not 3D gaming Platform.. and my "WIZ Rockets" can't Change anyone in a "Dancing Napoleon Dynomite" Doing the " MMOon Walk ":D

    "We WANT it Now" .. that is the Name of the New Generation..

    Ive bean Waiting half a Century for Technology to Catch up.. o_O
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  10. Term2050

    Term2050 User

  11. Trem your post was written in a quote taken from kris's. When you quote someone add your reply after the
    /QUOTE] coning. Other wise it looks as if the person you quoted said what you said. Learning the forums is a must do if you want to be respected in the forum community. Pls take this advice in stride and keep posting!

    And to you Mr Kris I see yet again we are left hanging. Still no response as you stated from the producer. No answer to fixes and what not. I did contact support to test my theory and still i see you to are not working as one. If the support team do not know of the problems you have acknowledged then how are they to handle the situation properly. If you want this community to survive then you must take this as serious as us players are. The farther you push us away the harder it is to get us back!
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