Feedback for Galactic Strife and Astral Ascension Rankings - April 2024

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Apr 9, 2024.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please post your constructive feedback here about the event. Please take any discussion and conversations to the proper forum area so we can keep all the feedback on the event here in this thread.

    As usual, off topic posts will be removed from this thread.

    Your DarkOrbit Team
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  2. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Fantastic event if you PVP, if not.............
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  3. I honestly think there shouldn't be any group pvp aloud if your alone it's pretty hard to kill a group or even one with shared boosters
    that waits for backup.
    I mean if your in a group there shouldn't be any point's awarded you should have to be alone even if you use TS or discord that's fine as long as you are not getting any direct help from a group like shared boosters or even location benefit's from a group.
    just my thoughts!!!
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  4. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    I agree 100% when they put this PVP event on all I can do is gates if I have enough EE that is, otherwise it's not worth playing, shame as there is some nice items in this new BP!
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  5. Is the event start time at 10:00 CEST or 10:00 LST? Server US3.
    If it was 10:00 CEST, the event should have started.
  6. Very nice event, only down side is if you play alone. Kinda hard to kill as a solo player people in a squad.
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  7. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Goliath Plus skins are in the battlepass exchange, not Hammerclaw Plus. I hate that there are mistakes with the forum post every single event.

    Why Basilisk again? So many ships to choose from and we get a repeat ship in the span of a few months...
    People have gotten Asmodeus from BP boxes in the past, so maybe that table's also got mistakes.

    Please make future event FAQs accurate.
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  8. full of auto lock and train users , yall dont ever ban them
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  9. the hammerclaw plus one are in leader board m8 not in the objectives go take a look top 5 players get its:)

    Reputation Ranking Rewards
    This is based on your Reputation at the end of the event.
    1.New title: Cosmic Slayer
    Neikos Hammerclaw Plus Design
    1,500,000 Uridium
    3 months Premium
    100,000 Seprom
    400,000 UCB-100
    40,000 RSB-75
    10,000 IDB-125
    2.Neikos Hammerclaw Plus Design
    800,000 Uridium
    2 months Premium
    75,000 Seprom
    300,000 UCB-100
    30,000 RSB-75
    7,500 IDB-125
    3.Neikos Hammerclaw Plus Design
    500,000 Uridium
    2 months Premium
    50,000 Seprom
    150,000 UCB-100
    15,000 RSB-75
    5,000 IDB-125
    4. – 5.Neikos Hammerclaw Plus Design
    250,000 Uridium
    1 month Premium
    35,000 Seprom
    100,000 UCB-100
    10,000 RSB-75
    2,500 IDB-125

    Reputation Per Kill Ranking Rewards
    This is based on [Total Reputation of players killed] / [Total number of kills].
    1.New title: Honorable Assassin
    Arios Hammerclaw Plus Design
    2 months Premium
    200,000 UCB-100
    25 Booty Keys
    100,000 Uridium
    10,000 SR-5
    10,000 IDB-125
    7 days DMG-DLB
    7 days SHD-DLB
    2.Arios Hammerclaw Plus Design
    1 month Premium
    150,000 UCB-100
    15 Booty Keys
    75,000 Uridium
    8,000 SR-5
    7,500 IDB-125
    5 days DMG-DLB
    5 days SHD-DLB
    3.Arios Hammerclaw Plus Design
    135,000 UCB-100
    10 Booty Keys
    50,000 Uridium
    5,000 SR-5
    5,000 IDB-125
    3 days DMG-DLB
    3 days SHD-DLB
    4.-10.Arios Hammerclaw Plus Design
    120,000 UCB-100
    10 Booty Keys
    30,000 Uridium
    4,000 SR-5
    2,500 IDB-125
    2 days DMG-DLB
    2 days SHD-DLB

  10. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Yep, I know :p
    They were listed in the battlepass exchange rewards in the FAQ. It's been corrected now.
  11. madhatter2

    madhatter2 User

    whats the point of a pvp event when 90% of the players are cheating, events a joke ..........
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  12. jayherbo

    jayherbo User

    Indeed it is and most of the rest can't even send minerals from lab to ship without the game crashing! What event?
  13. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Not in the FAQ post...

    2 x 10,000 Uri drops from dupes of something.
    and another design not in the FAQ:
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  14. test020

    test020 User

    got this from discord.

    kill 50 enemies still a terrible thing to do even in global server which has the saturn npc's and UFE npc's looking for humans to kill :rolleyes:

    galatic strife needs to be reworked into a galaxy gate of sorts where you fight random stat aliens that look like ships and have random nicknames to imply they are working for the kristallons or something and ditch the whole pvp event idea, forever.

    make a UBA season instead dammit and tell global pve players to kick rocks or play R-Zone because WHY ELSE ARE YOU ON A PVE SERVER?
  15. Seraphim

    Seraphim User

    Only just noticed I got several ZPVE modules from battlepass boxes. Yet another thing not in the FAQ...
  16. Disconnected in astral gate took hours before i could log back wrecked that run next run chaos prot like 6 runs back to back sounds like fair play to me lol.
    Some though look like they somehow get the best runs each and every time the event runs am I surprised no not really any more.
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  17. This event is the most cheated event in the whole game players in top 100 in both rep per kill and reputation accounts made in Jan. of this year and player lvl 24 is a joke and BP doesn't ban these accounts just gives them all the rewards to build their accounts to sell or to even manipulate events like this. Good Job really makes me want to stay and play, now I am starting to understand why my contact list is always empty!!!
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