Feedback for Gauntlet of Plutus (January 2023 update)

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Jan 11, 2023.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please leave your constructive feedback here for the Gauntlet of Plutus (January 2023 update).

    (Reminder, this is not the place for off-topic posts, questions or conversations. This thread is reserved for feedback regarding this event only. Please take your questions and conversations to the appropriate forum section. All non-feedback posts will be removed.)

    Your DarkOrbit Team
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  2. Monsta

    Monsta User

    The addition of the bonus rewards wave is a nice touch but why on gods green earth did you change the droppable modules from the boxes from XU-01's to XHD-01's while claiming in the FAQ post that they are still the old XU-01's Makes me feel like i got ripped off buying my bonus box doubler
  3. Excessive

    Excessive User

    Sooo, SHD-XHD01 modules.
    Crafted 8, got 2 more from the single event gate I have so far completed.
    1 Citadel -7% evasion 8% shield
    3 Citadel Veteran 4% 6% 4% shield
    3 Cit+ 4% 7% 20% shield
    2 Beserker -1% damage 7% shield, 4% shield
    1 Holo -1% damage 7% shield

    Result; 18 Unstable Shards, 1 module I may be able to use in the future, 35 battle pass keys - Wasted.

    Seems these modules are for Citadels with a wee tiny chance of getting one for a different ship (10 modules, 7 for the same ships type) - Less chance of getting anything decent.

    I'd like to suggest DO re-balance the RNG for crafting modules.

    Can't say much about the event itself, it's been done to death - Nothing new to see here..
    Even the "new" bonus gate is just a little less than boring as.. Tarnom as the rewards, really, a resource that has no current use?
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  4. your battle pass is rubbish
    1. there's not even enough keys for us to exchange for all of the 8 top modules!
    2. the boxes that drop from npc in plutos keep giving useless tech items that nobody ever uses
    3. you deliberately make sure there's not enough keys hoping that we purchase more using real money! what kind of battle pass is this!?!?!
    4. after the battle pass event is over our accounts are no better off than when it started as the modules are very rarely for the ships that we use!
    5. there is no craftable cc-c ammo which requires black light resources instead you are trying to push this abortion astral gate upon us in order to gain cc-c ammo! nobody wants to spend all day in there! get rid of it.
    6. you give us that purple rsb ammo as rewards in the pass but then force us to use it all in order to complete the pass!!!
    7. the bonus wave in plutos drops some resource that doesn't even have any recipes in assembly!!!!
    8. a battle pass is supposed to be fun and rewarding for your account but your battle passes are a scam where you try and get us to use real money to purchase more keys.
    9. there's not enough real players left on this game to even leave enough feedback on here as nobody is even playing the game! they are all using bots!
  5. It's not even worth it as the unstable client brings disconnects and freezing causing bad times, also thought they brought in better rewards for the drops to be more worth it but they look the same as last time to me!!!
    I see others are having issues with plutus as well also disconnected again today, the game is getting harder and harder to stay interested when it's as bad as it is !!!
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  6. from 5 portals this is 5x 5boxes +plutus(
    little very little amount of infected lasers) reward only high tech items 1 time gave me ammo rsb-75, 0 extra rewards from presented extra portal which never opens for me...

    0 RCB-140 ammo rewards what can we do quest jobs

    this is horrible this is disgusting absolutley

    one run cost more than 50 k U. and rewards are around 7-8 k U. included Plutus boss who's actualy give 5 k

    this event cost me more than 2 million ammo, what worse can you think of than that I don't know, but for a reward absolutely ZERO

    I've placed in the top 5 twice in this event, now I can't even think of being under 30 minutes, which is absolutely ridiculous against the background of my elite ship...

    6 portals i still can get absolutley nothing
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  7. `Djurkz`

    `Djurkz` User

    event for death lag:mad:
  8. Peace

    Peace User

    Don't Kwon if this is the correct place for this post so please bere with me. I traded 25 battle pass keys for the Nobilis Solace Plus and have not been able to find it, any 1 where I can find it ?.
  9. You need to have Solace plus to use it.
  10. If Plutus deems you worthy enough, he might even invite you into his Trove of Riches!
    Funny all I got was a bunch of useless minerals we couldn't do nothing with, Does this company even know what they put in the forums.
    Or is the whole game run and played by bots only?
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  11. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Thank you for your constructive feedback, it has been sent up to the game team.

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