Feedback for New Unstable Modules Salvage Expansion

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Aug 24, 2022.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Please provide your feedback here for the New Unstable Modules Salvage Expansion.

    Your DarkOrbit Team

    (Reminder, this is not the place for off-topic posts, questions or conversations. This thread is reserved for feedback regarding this event. Please take your questions and conversations to the appropriate forum section. All non-feedback posts will be removed.)
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  2. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Not sure which players you listened to with the "salvage core" design but spending copius amounts of uri (300K+ per cpu) to do Astral gate multiiple times for enough salvage cores (200 cores per) to revert 1 unstable upgrade is just another "milk legit players" so bots can get more.
    Getting enough polychromin for a single CPU is too expensive for anyone who can't be online 23/7 - More so once you have all the "special" Launchers as there is no other reason to do dispatches.
    Make Polychromin easier/cheaper to obtain, that way we can at least compete with the bots who make millions of uri a week.

    My average rifts done is 23, so it's going to cost me +- 600k uri for enough cores to salvage 1 unstable module. I make, on a good day, 20k to 30k uri ph for the 3 or 4 hours a day I can play (all depends on how many bots I'm competing with for npc's).

    Seems with every new update DO is telling everyone BOTTING is how you get ahead in the game...

    This used to be a game that if you put in the effort you got ahead - Now it's - Put in the effort and lose out to bots.

    NB; I just got accused of posting "false information" in a feedback thread where I post MY experiences.
    Also, if you're going to accuse me at least tell me what is considered "false information" and give me a way to respond to the allegation. It can't be called a "conversation" if only one person can engage in it..
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  3. Anyways, feedback from me, the oil and abr requirement needs to be removed. Don't know why you did that when OIL is terrible to farm, and needs a serious drop buff, the fact its bad still hidden behind a paywall is an issue.
    Also, why is rolling mods still so difficult? The rolls are trash, the costs are too high, getting the material is damn near impossible as you get 2 from craftable mods, crap from the cheaper BP mods, 30 from XT10s, and yet the rolls require over 100. It's terrible, lets not forget the only other way to get the material is behind a paywall, limited at that, and it costs $20 for a single spin on good modules. Like, the systems terrible and needs a serious rework.
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  4. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    As for your actual feedback, I agree the costs to restabilize are stupid high.
    Yet the cost to gain Salvage Cores is even higher AND based on RNG.
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  5. [​IMG]

    this time there is some difference.
    once out of 5% speed I got ... 5% speed
    a great opportunity to waste resources in the void
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