Feedback for OBT/Stress test of cross server map

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Oddessey, Nov 8, 2016.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

  2. The cross server maps have already got an error of which is the reason tdm died out ,- re spawning on the same place where others are able to get to you ,this will make other teams spawn-kill , this will make the map/mode thing boring , especially for the loosing team , to stop this i think there should be a zone on each side of which the other team cant go into , how ether (like the bmp ports) you cant go into your own if your getting shot at.
    Also i think cloaks should be aloud in the map, but mines shouldn't , as it is quite a small map and , can easily be filled with ddm making it very hard to move , or at least a timer to make the mines disappear after a certain length of time , for exampe , dropping a slow mine 5(x) minutes later it disappearing.
  3. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    The point already raised above about the spawns / no protection is a big one. Before the map got busy myself and a few MMO were sitting at the VRU spawn just laying DD mines and using moth to kill anyone who jumped in as their map assets were loading up ... can't imagine that's much fun.
    Really needs a neutral zone so people can load-up and get themselves ready. Also a safe place for when they respawn so they don't just get insta-killed with mines. Could make it so that once they leave the neutral zone they can't get it back until they die.

    Edit: Works much better now with a neutral zone :)

    A side note on this, how are the player numbers going to be regulated? It is going to be even numbers per company or just first x amount of players to go in the queue?
    I'm having flashbacks to the JPB when there would be 200 EIC, 200 MMO and about 50 VRU in each map because it was the least popular company overall.

    I was able to shoot my own company, this needs to be stopped or else there will be instances where it will turn into nationality vs nationality (i.e a few Turkish clans vs everyone else) instead of company vs company.

    Other concern I have which isn't really ever going to be properly represented on the test server, ship abilities.
    I can't help but imagine that the whole map is going to turn into a case of waiting until your shield is low then using Spectrum and running away.
    This is already the case with general PvP, but it would be made even worse with a concentrated amount of players in a small area.

    I honestly don't think it would be that bad an idea to just disable skill abilities completely, at least for the Goliath ones anyway. I see them making the PvP more frustrating to be a part of, rather than enhancing the enjoyment.
    Even if the Spectrum nerf ever does arrive, I still think the Goliath abilities will end up annoying people more than make it fun.
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  4. USS-Aries

    USS-Aries User

    Once on the cross sever map you cannot return to the normal home map with out being jumped back to the cross sever map. If I activate my P.E.T I get jumped back into the cross sever map, if I try to jump from the X-1 map to the X-2 map I get jumped back to the cross sever map. This bug will cause so much frustration if this feature is allowed to go live and the new map is no were near ready to go live for the winter event.
  5. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    I don't think that's a bug. People weren't going to the CSZ, which is what the entire test is for, so the devs gave the server a push ;)

    They can't test the CSZ if people don't go in there to begin with
  6. Yeah, well I'm stuck in 4-1 and can't go anywhere. So something is messed up.
  7. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

  8. game123456

    game123456 User

    wont let me connect to game anymore, when i was on, i had major lag and couldnt leave the cross server map, and when I was able to leave (by dying) i was teleported back to it shortly after..

    Could you move my account pls? And if you can, could you change it to 3d instead of 2d? I think that is causing the lag.

    userid: 96576235
    Last edited by moderator: Nov 17, 2016
  9. Solid_Eye

    Solid_Eye Board Administrator Team Darkorbit

    There isn't a button we can press to change your ingame visual settings - we can't just get it switched back to 3D

    in any case, at this point it seems the test server's gone off rails some as it does. We've reported it but for now there isn't much we can do but wait
  10. can no longer connect to test server since i logged on and was forced in to csz...
    how am i meant to test it if i cant play it -.-

    user id: 97062111
  11. wolfbaas

    wolfbaas User

    Yeah .. same problem can't connect to server, in day was everything fine. ;x User id: 165865870

    Hmm about the cross server map, it would be good if company's ZONE (vru, mmo ,eic where we respawn place) be guarded with some npc or walls where just that company players can go through.. Because players still coming and put's around circle mine's its really annoying. Thanks for reading.
  12. murdoc01

    murdoc01 User

    test server live yesterday was a load of pants because of log out issues and log in issues could not even log in game to play without getn a log out box all day since it started plz rerun the test with it fixed and u will get people playing tyvm
  13. i cant even connect to the test server game for like last 10 hours...there is just "Establishing connection..." and it stays that way..started when you put us all in cross server map :/
    maybe i stuck somehow or idea
  14. Exactly, and when i roll over the hangar page it says Location: . doesnt show a map.
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