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  1. long long time in the future, in a place that's very close..
    *star wars music in the background*


    A bunch of phoenix ships has launched out from 1-1, 2-1, and even 3-1 bases.
    they were all getting ready for a battle of the life time, there is a new event coming out soon. But what was it? No body knows, so prince Phoenix and his commanding officer named sir phoenix, has set off into NYX to find out what they should do. Will they ever survive? Or shall they face a new threat that no one has seen before?

    ... Log Disk Commence. READING FILE>>>> 0001 ERROR

    -scene- 2-1, in a office located on earths ground.
    Sir phoenix: my lord, we have a problem!

    Prince phoenix: what shall be the problem today lil penut?
    Sir Phoenix: we.. well sir we have a distress signal from our allies over at 4-3, saying that they have been fired from some weird weapons.
    Prince phoenix: oh what? isn't 4-3 the safest map ever?
    Sir Phoenix: not anymore its not.
    Prince phoenix: then send our best phoenix there asap and find out what is going on!

    -scene- in 4-2, and 4-1. Ships are ready to jump to 4-3 and are communicating with each other.
    commanding officer of 4-1: we are ready to jump to 4-3, let us finish building the portal first.

    commanding officer of 4-2: no, we must get there asap, we are jumping now! ALL FREAKIN Phoenix, jump!!!
    -they all go through the portal- and are now in 4-3

    commanding officer of 4-1: well? what do you see there?

    commanding officer of 4-2: uhh well we see a bunch of dumb asteroids and weird boxes floating around, but nothing else.
    commanding officer of 4-1: well keep searching around, we need to find the missing fleets of 4-3
    commanding officer of 4-2: wait we see something moving.. but well maybe im hallucinating.
    private noob of 4-2: sir I see a shadow on the asteroid but I don't see anything that should be casting it.
    commanding officer of 4-2: engage maneuvers 5-5-7-8-C now! we have been fooled! It's a cloaked ship! fire fire!! AHH!
    cchhhchhchchch -static-
    commanding officer of 4-1: NO! Troops hurry up with the portal, and jump now!

    scientist: its done sir, jumping now!


    prince phoenix: lil pnut?

    sir phoenix: yes my lord?
    prince phoenix: how's the strueners?
    sir phoenix: strueners? why would you care about them?
    prince phoenix: well they used to be human too you know..
    sir phoenix: yh until that one breakout.. I don't want to talk about it..
    prince phoenix: well.. send them more lasers and ammunitions to fight off the new kristalins ive been hearing about.
    sir phoenix: aiding our enemies to fight our enemies? okay, got it.
    prince phoenix: hmm.. how is our friend at 4-3 doing?
    sir phoenix: I just got reports that the fleet of 4-2 have been destroyed by some.. cloaked ships? and the fleet of 4-1 ships are now entering.
    prince phoenix: this my friend, is no ordinary cloaked ship, I have believe that there is a new enemy about. With such high technology I don't know if we could keep up.
    sir phoenix: well I think our scientists are making a new discovery.
    prince phoenix: yes.. the weapons.. its almost ready isnt it?
    sir phoenix: it will be within about 2 weeks sir!

    -back in 4-3-
    commanding officer of 4-1: We have our army of 500 phoenix ships, nothing has stopped us before, and it wont stop us now. FIRE!

    noob: you surrender now. We have better ships than you >:)
    commanding officer of 4-1: hahaha! nothing beats the phoenix.
    noob: well we do >:) we are the yamatos!
    commanding officer of 4-1: the ya what nows?
    noob: yamatos. we are faster and stronger than you with our army of only 400. prepare defeat.
    commanding officer of 4-1: perhaps it is you who shall be defeated. Ships! engage!

    -a few hours later-
    captain of 4-3: im the last one.. i have to send a msg to warn the others.

    noob: too late, you have been terminated.

    As the yamatos fire onto the captain, he is blowned up with 500 R310 rockets.

    -Prince Phoenix sitting in his office by himself, 10 days after the incident. a hologram msg popped up-
    Prince Phoenix: woah! who the heck are you?
    Unknown: I am your new leader, surrender yourself now!
    Prince Phoenix: you don't know who you are dealing with. Identify yourself now!
    Unknown: I do not negotiate with terms that make me weaker. But I do assure you, within a few weeks earth, mars, and venus shall be mine.
    -Prince Phoenix quickly dialed up an old friend of his Phoenix the noble knight as the message of the unknown resided-
    Phoenix the noble knight: yellow?
    Prince Phoenix: It is me your friend, remember me? the guy that gave you nuclear weapons? and then millions of credits to slay the sibelon?
    Phoenix the noble knight: yes I do my lord.
    Prince Phoenix: I am not your lord, I am your friend. Now I just got a message from an unknown caller, I need you to do your best and chase the unknown down! I'll reward you so greatly, you can pop more than 9 sibelons
    Phoenix the noble knight: I shall not let you down my... friend
    Prince Phoenix: Good, then go.
    -theres a knock at the doors, and sir phoenix comes in-
    Prince phoenix: Great to see you again. I am curious, how's the new weapon?
    Sir phoenix: It is good, but there is a disturbance in 4-4 and I think we should send our finest..
    Prince phoenix: NO! we shall send all of our phoenix to 4-4 every single one of them.
    Sir phoenix: Sir, we shouldn't we need some defense, plus we got a meeting with NYX soon later today.
    Prince phoenix: Fine, let the disturbance continue in 4-4. Have a scout crew ready and report on what the disturbance is, if it is a freaking yamato, I want you to send in everything.
    Sir phoenix: Yes my lord.

    A few hours later the evening Prince phoenix and sir phoenix are walking along with each other to NYX so they to find out what they should do with the new threat.

    -NYX is sitting at a very large table with very large seats-
    NYX: Welcome to my palace
    Prince phoenix: Sir phoenix, go sit outside for a while, I need to set some manners.
    Sir phoenix: Yes my lord.
    NYX: Your lovely sir phoenix hmm?
    Prince Phoenix: he has been my sir for quite a long time now, but you know why I am here.
    NYX: You can't solve your problem with your phoenix?
    Prince phoenix: No, I cannot. What should I do?
    NYX: You do know your pilots are at a very low morale don't you? After what happened during the icy kristallons invasion, and then WW4 and even the incident 10 days ago when your fleets got whipped out by some new enemy you yet don't know.
    Prince phoenix: Thanks?
    NYX: No need to thank me, we are on the same side.
    Prince phoenix: I was being sarcastic.
    NYX: Oh. Well to boost your morale, you need to get the new weapon operational, and to do so I heard it is going to need a lot of the new uridium substance to build it.
    Prince phoenix: Yes, but I cannot get any uridium, there isn't enough in space.
    NYX: You don't know it yet, but try checking in the million of boxes in outer space, pick them up with your ships claws or something.
    Prince phoenix: You can do that? wow I never knew.

    To be continued.. and re-edited soon!

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  3. ;p silly let me finish story before posting xd
  4. Awesome! Really funny xD
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    Lol, sir phoenix xD, I'm still waiting on a real darkorbit story though, something like star wars but then darkorbit style, Citadel could be star destroyer and so on.
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    Been a while since last post, sorry to keep you all waiting:D

    ... Log Disk Commence. READING FILE>>>> 0003 ERROR

    Driven into a corner and no where to go, Prince Phoenix with no other option but to send his best and fastest phoenix's to collect the weird floating boxes in space, to their surprise they were filled with uridiums. After gathering enough uridium that NYX had requested...
    NYX could be seen commanding construction drones to build the new weapon with all the uridium prince phoenix has gathered in space. As prince phoenix approaches eagerly awaiting his new promised weapon.

    Prince Phoenix: Seems like you have been busy.
    NYX: Same goes to you, has the final shipment of uridium arrived yet?
    Prince Phoenix: Yes it has, are you sure that.... this can... turn the tide of the battle?
    NYX: Hmm?
    Prince Phoenix: The war... Its long and tiring me out, the war leaves many children's without food to eat, they go day to day only eating small handful of peanuts that we hand out to them. Peanuts are even being used as currency in the impoverished new towns on mars.
    NYX: Hah, I didn't know Prince Phoenix was actually Prince of Peanuts, I may have to write that down somewhere. I do assure you that this war will come to an end in the near future. This weapon should be used for good, and I have chosen you as my good.
    Prince Phoenix: ...You're not in love with me are you?
    NYX: Hah! Is your brain made out of peanuts too?

    The two, relieved of their troubles and found some peace and harmony in their small talks

    Meanwhile somewhere in the void empty outer space:
    Phoenix the noble knight: Heh, I found your hideout mystery caller. Those who threaten my lord will surely be punished.

    A few second passes.

    Phoenix the noble knight:
    Its actually empty out here except for that one large megastructure in space, I wonder what that is.

    A few more second passes.

    Phoenix the noble knight: This... Is a trap!


    Phoenix the noble knight:
    Heh, Im in trouble now aren't I?

    With his quick thinking he had switched his ship's configuration systems and the ship's latest Speed G3N-3310 Speed Generator got to work. His ship seemingly threaded through the rockets as if he knew exactly where the next one would be after dodging the one before it. His voice comms opened up and...

    Unknown: IMPOSSIBLE! No Phoenix should be able to dodge all those rockets!
    Phoenix the noble knight: You have mistaken me for some space junkie. I Phoenix the noble knight shall punish you for attacking me, a noble knight of Prince Phoenix.
    Unknown: So... The Prince's own son, or perhaps adopted son has arrived.
    Phoenix the noble knight: How did you..

    The voice comms cut off and suddenly flares lit up from the megastructure out in space. The fading silhouette has given Phoenix the noble knight of a structure so large it had alien ships coming out from it as if it were a shipyard of some sort. The hundred of ships started firing onto the one little phoenix.

    He Fired Back.

    Back on earth, Prince Phoenix could be seen strolling and Sir Phoenix running up to him to give his full report.
    Sir Phoenix: Its done sir, the new weapons are all set.
    Prince Phoenix: Good, now lets command all of the troops to jump back into 4-3 and reclaim what's ours
    Sir Phoenix: It's been a while since anyone inspected the maps but they have gathered up forces in strange sectors like 4-4 and even 5-1 to 5-3 maps.
    Prince Phoenix: Our forces should be able to handle anything that they throw.
    Sir Phoenix: God bless our remaining fleet


    Commander of the last phoenix fleet: No signs of anything strange yet. Keep an eye out for strange shadows and such. The if they surprise us with their cloaking capabilities then we will be finished like the ones before us.
    Sergeant of the last phoenix fleet: There! Up ahead behind those asteroids!
    Commander of the last phoenix fleet: You cannot fool us this time! We have new weapons!

    They EMP Blasted a large emp towards the enemy wave to show about 250 yamatos popping out of thin space.

    Commander of the yamatos: That is your new weapon you have been creating? HAH it wont do you any good we still have the upper hand in strength and now numbers as well. It seems as if you only have 200 phoenix remaining earth, mars, and even venus is now ours for the taking.
    Commander of the last phoenix fleet: That is not the weapon we have been building. Open fire!
    Commander of the yamatos: Hah what good will your MP-1 lasers do?

    For the first time a new blue tidal wave of lasers started tearing down the yamato fleet.

    Commander of the last phoenix fleet: While we did get our hands on some new EMP technology, our scientists have been working hard on the LF-3 weapons, the previous LF-2 protoype could have worked too but to be sure we sent you running we had to make sure to end you here once and for all.

    As the last smoke from a blazing laser dissipate to the cold unexpecting space, the phoenix has reclaimed the sector they lost a month ago. All the yamatos fleet were wiped out and not a single phoenix ship lost. It was considered one of the greatest technological advances in human kind.

    Commander of the last phoenix fleet: Heh, and now they are working on some shielding systems that'll withstand this? Crazy...
    -he lit his cigar and stared into the "sunset" on his phoenix-
    Commander of the last phoenix fleet: Huh, I guess the sun never sets in space, and neither do we.
    2nd in Command of the last phoenix fleet: All ships, we have a message to aid Phoenix the noble knight. Get ready to jump!

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    That dark blue text is really hard to read though xD
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    any more? I like it

  9. Just discovered a DO serial adventure! Where have I been that I haven't known this was here? 2 thumbs up, and all my fingers and toes too!!! Please your Highness and Noble Knight, don't stop now!
  10. I have returned to finish what i should've done long ago. Look forward to more of the story. :)

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