Forgotten Password Function

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    Forgotten Password Function

    To use the forgotten Password function, in the top right hand corner under the log in area you will find a link that reads:
    Forgotten password. (As shown Below) Click the link to prceed.


    Here is where you start.


    After you have clicked NEXT to proceed a new window will open that reads - Check your Mail. (As shown below) You will need to go to the registered email address for the account to retrieve the next step.

    Once you have received an email from bigpoint , Subject: Forgot Password.

    The email should look like the one shown below.

    In this email you will find a link that reads: Enter New Password- You will need to click this link to bring up the next step of the process. 4.png

    Once you have clicked the link in the Email, a window to change the current password will open. (As shown below)

    On the right side you will need to Enter a NEW password - You will have to type the password twice to make sure that the
    2 entries are the same.

    Click next to proceed.

    The next window will give you a notification that another email has been sent, and to the email address that it is being sent to. (As shown below)

    You will need to return to the registered email, where you should find an email from bigpoint, Subject: Change Password.

    An example of the email: (as shown below)

    Click Confirm Password to complete the final step of the process.

    Once the email Confirmation for the Password change has been made, you will receive a window reading Sucess! (As shown Below)


    At this point you can click the back button
    to take you to your home page.

    Forgotten Password process is completed.​
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