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Dear forum reader,

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    What are the biggest changes from this forum compared to the old one?
  2. Funky

    Funky User

    That question is strange, you can see and compare it yourself.
    For me are the biggest change new "Post Reply" options.
  3. jacktatt

    jacktatt User

    For me its not having the USERCP section, but i think the notifications is better.
  4. Okapi32

    Okapi32 User

    The new forums does have a UserCP, just renamed and reskinned:

    But yes I would agree with you on the notifications, I think its a great feature ^^
  5. The biggest change also could be the whole look of the forum because it looks a lot brighter and a lot nice to the old one in my opinion
  6. The old one had a more unique feel to it. While this seems more generic. That's what I think about it.
  7. It looks cooler
  8. =SERAPH=

    =SERAPH= User


    Thankyou to all for your answers.

    That is a difficult question to answer, since we are still trying to find out how most things work, and if other things SHOULD work, and how to somehow fit everything from our old structures into these ones.

    Personally, I would say that the major differences are in the area of user communication within the Forums. The ability to post on other profiles, set status messages, report problem posts, "like" posts you approve of, "follow" other users - all of these will hopefully help generate a stronger community feel on the Forums.
    For more specific differences, you will have to wait until we have our Forums Guide completed to compare how things are done now, compared to how they used to be.

    Do you have further questions?
  9. New forum is more "Modern Looking" and for a 15 year old it is attractive to me i geuss i am sure next year i might hate it, we will have to wait and see
  10. Enjoy the game.

    Closing as lack of response from OP.
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