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Discussion in 'Official Forum Games' started by Oddessey, Oct 21, 2022.

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  1. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Hello Space Pilots,

    Here is the feedback thread for our forum games. Please be sure to keep your comments relative to our forum games and constructive.

    Remember, criticism is welcome, but well thought out and well worded criticism is much more likely to be heard.

    (Off topic or inappropriate posts will be removed)
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  2. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Once again DO miss the whole point of PLAYER INTERACTION, getting people involved.

    You're running a blind competition where not only do players not have a say in who wins or loses (or even if they are in the running for a "prize"), they don't even know who, if anyone, is competing.

    If there is a tie in the top 5, the first entry submitted gets the higher prize. (for example if 3 players find and submit all 42 words / phrases correctly they will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd places based on who submitted their entry first).
    What happens if 10 people submit 42 correct answers within 10 minutes, who gets the prizes?
    Why is the game so openly discriminating against players who don't have all day to sit and look for words/phrases?
    This "game" started 4 days ago, only the first 5 entries have a chance of getting into the TOP 5 - SO, say 5 people submitted answers on Sunday, anyone submitting correct answers after that are wasting their time.

    The "prizes" are mediocre at best - If this is really the best you can do, give up now.

    NB; The only way I could find Halloween words/phrases would be by using google to search for them (I'm not American and have never celebrated Halloween) - Which doesn't seem to be in the spirit of a game - This will just and up like everything else - DO ask for feedback, then completely ignore it.
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  3. TermiteFan

    TermiteFan User

    The word search was fun, thanks! I hope you will do more of these.
  4. Sgt~Ocker

    Sgt~Ocker User

    Yep, nothing quite like a competition in a multi player game that pits you against yourself.
    I'd be interested to know how many players actually participated. 3 days bfore the event ended no-one had submitted 42 correct answers - then all of a sudden at least 5 have?
    2nd chance draw - for players who submitted at least 21 correct answers - I'm pretty sure at least one player got a 2nd chance prize and didn't have 21 "correct answers"

    Personally I could care less - It just means less people get involved with this type of thing when it's all "make it up as you go" by those running the "event'
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  5. I hope more forum games will come in future, it was fun to do even though I didnt find all of them and even got lucky this time in random drawing :D
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