From zero to hero (guide how game should be played)

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  1. This is suggestion for newbies how they should play from nothing to ultra elite.
    I know many search for free way, this isn't one of them but this is cheapest possible way to play game in my oppinion. I just wanna say you can do same steps if you don't wanna spend any money but you progres will be much slower in that case.

    I started new account on new mail few weeks ago so I felt many struggles you will.
    First what you need to do is quests until you get quest devolarium attack. You will get easy gate to do where you will get some uridium and other things. Also you will get quest where you get 2 weeks PREMIUM FOR FREE. Main goal at start is get enough uridium to buy leonov. This is best ship ever you can have for farm uridium on start. On the start your laser doing low dmg and rocker is main source of dmg for farm uridium because of that leonov is great go to ship and beside that enemy don't get much points for killing it only 12, some people will just ignore you.

    You gonna farm x-3 and x-4 map for uridium, main goal is farm as much as you can in this 2 weeks while you have premium because after it your rockets will shoot slower, with premium and extras you fire 1 rocket per secound, without is 1 ever 2 secounds.
    I suggest you buy spectral lancer 2 in shop for 300k credits each, its doing only 5 dmg less than LF3 and its much cheaper and LF3 you will get in next steps so its pointless waste uridium/credits for it. Always colect cargo from aliens on start and promerium put on speed, shield and rockets, don't put them on lasers its waste couse you instead of 400 dmg you will do 520 what isnt big difference but on rockets you will feel it much more and you will need it much less.

    Before premium end would be nice if you can buy rabat and open on few zetas on weekend, spend all uridium you have and save as much ammo as you can which you get for open gate for future. Zeta is best gate you can do. On sunday when you finish gate you get 50 booty keys, 100 log disc and ammo while you open it. For open gate you need around 100k uridium if you gonna click with 55ur per click and from gate you get around 48k uridium combined with NPC and gate rewards which is basicly cost of booty keys while ammo and log discs you get for FREE. Even after you get 10 havoc from zeta its wurth to shoot it until you have enough Log discs for 24 pilot points where you can have enough for electro-optics.

    I been doing some math, LF3 with electro optics doing almost same dmg on average as full LF4 without it, reason for that is because if you don't have it you misshit so often and it lower you overall damage, because of that ZETA for LD over KAPPA for LF4.

    All booty you get at sunday save for zeus event. Once you have at least 20 parts you can finish it with uridium but its better buy it once you aready colect enough Log discs for 24 pilot points, till than you will get a lot of booty and spend them ALL on zeus day, just ignore LF4 day, from my experience LF4 day is unlucky for LF4 mostly you get LF3 and you don't get Zeus parts which lower price for buying it.

    I usually buying rabat weekly for 2 euros every 2-3 weeks, overall its cheaper than buy instant for 2 months and you don't really need it all time. So farm uridium in x-3 x-4 map for 2-3 weeks than spend all uridium you have in Zeta or Hades.

    Hades is great option too but you must have really good teammates who will let you shoot with them, its hard to found so its better focus on Zeta.

    Kappa gate do once you have finished Electro-optics because even you get LF4 from it damage difference will be low, it cost more, hercules don't give damage boost and booty key and log disc from kappa is low.

    Basicly all you are doing on start it trying to maximize damage you can do to aliens so you can kill it faster and make uridium faster.

    Now you have full havoc, 20-ish Lf4 from all booty you colect, 10 drones and electro optics, you save a lot of x2 x3 ammo from doing Zeta you are ready to move step forward.

    You gonna make goliath and go in x-7 map and farm kristallon with x2 x3 ammo to make uridium faster than on small map. Always try to have promerium on lasers when you are using x2 x3 ammo.

    You can farm cubikon as well but its tricky kill it alone, if you can group with somebody great, I know people who been killing it with x1 and promerium with little sab all of them in aegis, its great 3 people can make 16k uridium each per hour but on bigger server and now when they are merging it will be much harder so stick to x-7 map if cubikon is busy.

    Amazing way to spend ammo with friends is LOW gate in x-3 map, that 4th portal in map on which many people already forget it exist or never knew what it is for.
    You need at least 3 players to join it, once you are in you go around and kill npcs, once you have killed all npcs spawned on map you can shoot relay and spawn more, each time you shoot relay to full (it has energy, you fill it up with lasers) it will spawn one more and 1-2 gorups of npcs as well. Once you fill up 4th relay century falcon will spawn, you need to leave around it 3 vargants than it will not spawn more of them and you can kill it, with 3 people usually 2 shoot and 1 tank it with sab or 2 shoot 1 go and repair come back ... you will figure it out.

    Reason I mention LOW is because its best way after cubikon to make uridium, even better than cubikon if you look all facts.
    UFE on cubikon spend 1k x4 for kill one cubikon and get 1k uridium.
    UFE on boss kristallon spend 1k x4 for kill on and get 512 uridium.
    Cubikon and boss kristallon got same HP and shield so by numbers you can see that its you spend 2 times less ammo for same amound of uridium than on boss kristallon.
    Cubikon to ammo ratio is 1x4 for 1ur
    Boss kristallon to ammo ratio is 2x4 for 1ur
    In low gate when after you kill all npcs inculding century falcon you share around 36k uridium and LOW gate to ammo ratio is around 1,47 x4 for 1ur.
    3 UFE can do 1 LOW gate in cca 15min when you count in flying or jumping back in next one or 4 per hour so they share 144k ur so its around 48k uridium per hour for each of them while on cubikon you can share around 50k uridium because cubikon got respawn time of 5 minutes with LOW gate that isn't case.

    All you doing is spending uridium to open gate, while you open it you get ammo which you spend on map to farm uridium again. This aren't correct number but I wanna give you idea how it work, for example you start with 0 uridium and 1m ammo, after you spend all ammo to farm uridium you spend it all in gate, now you have 0 uridium again but you have 2m ammo so you can farm twice as much uridium than last time and after you spend it in gate you will have even more ammo to farm more uridium.

    In total you need to burn with rabat around 10milion uridium to get UFE, it will take a while.
    In this 10m are inculed upgrade of bo2, drones, full havoc, hercules, spartans, ugprade of LF4, full open of pet so take it slow.

    So you buy rabat on sunday do gates, next 2-3 weeks you spending this ammo you get for opening gate to make uridium again, than do same again, do it over and over and over, in next few months you will get to UFE.

    As I said on start isn't for free you must spend some money but isn't big money.

    Keep to roll uridium and ammo and have fun.

    »ØPŦ‡MU§_K‡ŁŁ_§« GE5 basic general
  2. I forget but this part is really important as well.
    Once you maximize your ability to make uridium thats full havoc(can spartans too but not really important), full lf4, electro optics than you decide where you wanna go, PVP or farm some more.
    If is PVP you need to finish bounty hunter, evasive menauvers, rocket fusion, in total is 36 points something like that.

    UFE should have in total 43 pilot points thats cover pvp and pve.

    I saw so many times people killing UFE account but being lazy doing gates. Once you have everything and get loaded with ammo dont burn it for uridium so you can buy RSB, boosters emp and other nice things for PVP, leave some uridium and burn in gate again to renew ammo so you can keep rotate and never need to buy uridium.

    I see post getting support, if you have any quest feel free to ask I will try to answer as soon as possible. This are couple of things where most people slipover so I mainly focus on them but there is a lot more that dont comes on my mind right now, idea of this thread is make guide for every new play they should follow to progres fast, painless and not feel like didnt make progres for time spent on playing.
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  3. Kancered

    Kancered User

    Hi, great article :) acually i got in to the possition that i have to choose one from the ships that costs the oil. I know best way for farming is gooing for DPS ship what is cyborg but mimesis and hammer doesnt look bad too and it takes a time to get 450 oil again. Can you try help me which one is the best for me?

    BTW: sorry for my english i am not from english speaking country :)
  4. @Kancered
    hey, from my point of view best ship to farm NPC (for uridium, not for rank) it's Cyborg because it have 16 lasers + 10% more dmg
    Mimesis it's a ship made mostly for PvP (mimesis vs 3-4 enemies) and Hammerclaw it's like an aegis, it's tanky and it was designed to protect the friends by repairing them.
    if you want to get more uridium I suggest you to craft Cyborg and farm, works good with seprom+alien hunter+double dmg booster+infection mine, you can reach over 100.000 dmg with x4 ammo if you have all lasers level 16.
  5. Agree with all from špïη†εςα†⊕ruL, my goal aways been spend as less ammo as possible to make as much uridium as possible. If you doing that than you need to shoot less gates (makes less rotation ammo->ur->ammo->ur) to keep account "alive" if you don't wanna buy uridium.
    But there is always event which will boost your progress, I'm UFE for long time but 2 demaner and 1 hitac in last few months gave me in total around 5m uridium, 1k emp, 2m plt2021, 8m rb demaner ammo, there was also vortex gate where you get helstrom rockets and uber if good remember.
    Some events are better than other, for example this one was good, if you bought 3 times double box you could really get a lot. My brother started new account on start of event, it now have 1.5m uridium, full havoc, 20ish lf4, 8 hyper, was unlucky with alien lf4 get only 6, 300k rsb, he made full havoc and have 8 hercules just from free EE colected during event, he is now basicly on 30-40% to be UFE in just a month and 6 euros.
  6. Good effort. I wrote a similar guide a while ago. Hopefully there is some good discussion on account building here. We both did a lot of text without any headers or organisation though xD it's an area which could be improved for both of us.
  7. Bakjam

    Bakjam User

    I barely do gates as I have always wondered if it is truly possible to gain back more ammo and uridium than you have to invest in it, or if people play it just for honour. Anyone?
  8. olleH

    olleH User

    Aby on weekends with 55uri/click using 1/5/10 clicks will let you gain uri+ on long terms.

    You don't even need to farm uridium for that, you just need like 150-200K to get started and to compensate a possible loss of uriuridium on short terms.

    --> all ammo from clicking is a gained, as you don't need it to get back any uridium

    This just applied to ABY, every other gate makes you lose more or less much uridium.
    (Some players claim to get positive uridium out of kuipers but this gate is kind of a gamble)

    So all you need is premium/rebate and your account can run perfectly, 100% free-to-play means losing uridium, even with ABY.
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  9. MyBigi

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    Cyborg is the best Overall ship.

    Best damage output potential(Mimesis deals more dmg only when she has her ship skill active).
    Is the fastest Goliat(same speed as Surgeon).
    Has 1 extra gen slot compared to other Goliat(Same as Surgeon).
    Has the best ship skill imo(if your enemy EMP, just click that ship skill button, and your enemy will lose around 300k hp over 30 secs).
  10. Zamolxes77

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    I understand until buy Leonov, the rest might as well be ******* chinese.

    I'm sorry but this is a terrible guide, because it assumes the newbie to know what you are talking about, guess what, we don't.
  11. olleH

    olleH User

    If you are a total newbie it's hard to understand how to play and get your account decent effectively.
    In general this guide is very good, if you don't understand parts or words you could look up forums index or even better, somehow get on TS/Discord to talk with experienced players, this would be the best option.

    Knowing all the stuff I think it to be pretty understanding, I can't put myself in the position of a newbie sadly.
    Just this first guide- post was pretty long already and English isn't his mother tongue, would have been 10X longer and exhausting to explain every detail and term in depth.

    If you got specific questions, I think the OP or others would be fine to answer.
  12. YokkaCJ

    YokkaCJ User

    Hello, I am new to this game and created an account on Global Europe 5
    Thank you for creating a guide, would be following this one as I play through the game with spider monkey guide(comprehensive guide 2018) in comparison aswell

    Hope to see you in game.
  13. Yes, English isn't my mother language and really hard when you start to write things like this say what you want so majority will understand. Also you must be careful to not get drift away from main topic so overall everything make sense and isn't to long, trust me, if I get so deep into this and make to a detail many would say its to long I'm not gonna read it at all.
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  14. Hello, I'm new to the game and my spectral lancer II is very lame in shooting. I got a gholiat the G-exhalted.
    How can i upgrade my lasers? everybody talks about lvl 16?
    I'm dutch btw so i'm sorry for my english ;).
    What do i have to do to become a descent player and team up with players who are like me 24/7 online.

    My dmg what i do is around 3000 nothing more, with x1 laser the x3 laser does 5900 at max. and i got 20 Spectral lancer II (5 at the drones)

    I hope someone can tell me what to do ;)

    greetings djsickness
  15. anduril

    anduril User

    Yes, the low level lasers don't do much damage. Leveling up lasers is about making LF-4 lasers better, you can upgrade them to level 16. But LF-4 lasers have been superseded, or outclassed, by the enhanced LF-4 and Promethius lasers in the Blacklight maps.

    So if you don't have LF-3 or LF-4 or anything else I think all you can do is login every day for the login bonus, complete the missions you can do on your own, and box for the hope of getting a better laser, speed generator or shield generator. Use what you have, keep flying, and build your ship up. That's what I did, took a long time. There really are not not any short cuts to that. Also, don't neglect your skylab. This is not a complete explanation, just my attempt to answer your immediate question. I hope it helped a little bit.

    I wish you well, good luck in the Orbit :)

  16. on what gl ar you on then its better to tel in dutch :)