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Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Dec 17, 2019.

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  1. Event was canceled for now
  2. MOΨS

    MOΨS User

    With the new big respawn timer of 10 minutes for icy meteoroids the labyrinth is now pretty much useless. We just do it for the battle pass missions, which give pretty bad rewards honestly, it's just about the zephyr and the solace module.

    Pretty disapointed for a christmas event, it feels like a waste of time.

    Having that much people share a 10 min respawn on the NPCs is worse than farming cubikon even though it's now always filled with bots auto-farming them. I understand that having that much potential for urdium farming like there has been at the start of the event is way too overboard. Though it feels like we got cubikon / boss kristallon farming back, and a place to actually spend our ammo effciently ( sadly nowadays there aren't much places to do it anymore, because of bots and diminished returns ). So while I understand that it would be too much, it's only fair to make it reasonable for people.

    Either make it a solo gate, where there isn't much point to share the maps right now anyways, the only interaction there is with other people is to leech off the meteoroid they locked first. With a set amount of the NPCS on the maps, and that 10 minutes timer for each, it would be up to the players to roam around and hunt them if they want to farm it, and they can't farm too much and too fast because they have to look for them in each an every map. Also make the spawn for the npc global and random for all maps.

    Or you could just lower the respawn time by half or so, which would be more reasonable. There will still be a pack of people on each maps struggling against each others like right now, but at least they won't spend their time roaming on an empty map like right now ( or at least a little less ).
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  3. [​IMG] Definition of bad luck ^^
  4. Please extend this event it's so good, easy 200k uri in 4 hours.
  5. I like the event so far, this could be heaven for me and for other players as well! we can easily earn up atleast more than 100k in the whole event's duration, not to mention it opens up twice a day! how much could you even earn till january 1 2020!

    After the event has been fixed, haven't seen any bugs or encountered any, but the pattern on the jump gates is very confusing without taking down notes so you know where to jump when you see the Sync on the same map as you are but on a different divider or separated space on that map.
  6. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Good for making uri, but it is so sooooo boring.

    Not to mention the 0 % chance to shoot the synk.
    In 11 hours I've been in those gates, I have been only TWICE on the same map as the synk - but haven't been even able to see it, since somebody else kill it before I got there. Twice I saw it on different map. And the rest of the time? I havn't seen it! ~130 times the synk should be spawned and "saw" it only 4 times! How can someone kill it 7 times when I can't even be in it's presence?!

    Sure the synk npc gives almost no reward but I would like to at least kill it once...
  7. From what i've heared, u can jump over the barrier using the Mimesis ship, so if u are in the wrong sector of the map when the Sync spawns would recomend that method. :)
  8. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    I've noted 16 different maps already, which are all the same.
    No way of knowing where you are.
    What is even the point?
    Where can the synk appear? nobody knows.
    Where do the super meteoroids appear? nobody knows.
    There is no way to kill the synk, unless it happens to spawn right where you are.
    STUPID, STUPID event.

    + Please stop thinking that cloaking events in mystery is cool, or adds to the gameplay.
    Think of something good, and describe it clearly in the FAQ.

    But this thing is just boring as hell, and appears only at times when people are having lunch/diner.
    Guess that explains why you see almost nobody in these gates...
  9. Not that its the same as on our server...
    Lots of players are inside the gate, taking advantage of killing off meteoroids easily to earn up as much uri as possible before it ends, net me around 600k already in the past few days and if i had more time early on in the game and could kill the icy faster, no one would be a bother to shoot at the meteoroids that i should have solo kill with.

    The problem is people are also botting inside the gate, but its still a stupid idea, once a bot gets a lock on an npc, especially if its on the other side of the 4 divided locations they will stick in the corners until someone kills it, so they are ineffectively being dumb and stupid at the same time and that they deserve to have their bots spend for hours inside without getting kills.

    As far as i am concerned with the bots, the event is going in smoothly, but the problem with the synk spawn is that usually randomizes its location of spawn point and often spawns on the same place, i've seen people killing it like crazy even though they've already just joined in on the event, i assume they are probably cheating in someway, since killing 8 in a row isn't plain luck, a lot of people are actually having a hard time tracking where its location is, not everybody tells anyone the location of the synk even though they are on the same map for the same reason: everybody wants to shoot at it.

    They need to change how the synk spawns, increase the spawn rate by less than 5 mins or spawn it at consecutive times on random maps and then the 5 minute cooldown is put in effect, or rather spawn multiple synks instead on different parts of the maps.

    They should have listed the locations where the synk could only spawn, like they can't spawn on ATLAS A,B,C and can only spawn at Maia, Helvetios, Persei, Eridani, Sadatoni, Cygni etc etc.
  10. There could be one addition to the rewards though; anyone who is on the map when synk appears and they are close enough to see it, get a lock and get the title of 'Lucky S.O.B.'
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  11. This is an okay event...

    1) The Synk spawns are scuffed but whatever, it is what it is I suppose. I've came to the conclusion I'll simply never get my Frost Zephyr design.

    2) Lets be real, the battle pass is pretty lame and the biggest reason why people bought it is for the Solace speed module. Yes you can get a few other things like the Zephyr ship and 60,000 total in 4x, but the new ship isn't even that good for anything other than quickly getting somewhere, and one is far better off in 5-3 collecting palla for ABY gates if you genuinely need the 4x.

    3) Concerning the new ship! I bought the Battle pass solely to get the new ship, I love fast ships. I find it extremely lame there are no modules for it, I propose we make the 10% DMG & HP modules for the Vengeance compatible with the Zephyr so we can give it a viable edge in PvP. Furthermore, a 10 minute cooldown for the triple barrage ability is pretty insane, it hardly does any damage so Developers ought to just reduce its cool down so we can spam it with cool-down boosters + hermes. Until then I find it useless and won't ever use it, it's just not worth my time opening the ability tab and activating it for what little benefit it does. On a final note, I find the Momentum ability interesting but I didn't anticipate that it would reset after each time you jump portal. To make this ship useful you pretty much have to be confined to a single map, so lame--that should fixed asap, the ability charges should carry over from map to map.

    4) Creating 16 maps for one event for small differences in NPC spawns is completely unnecessary, likewise for the whole Frozen Labyrinth Keys too. This could have been made so simple by just creating one to three large maps similar to 4-4 and 4-5 that spawn all NPCs.

    5) The Uridium gain for the gate is pretty good, I hear people are averaging 50k U. / hour farming meteoroids. At least BP made this aspect of the event really good, so good job.
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  12. Have you noticed if the extra "Range" as described in the description works as intended? it says +5 range for each momentum, i clearly don't see a difference when i was trying to shoot at something when i get farther, it still the same as if i was shooting something using another ship.

    They need to detail out the specifics, clarification is needed for this kind of thing because this is actually a first to have a ship which increases Range in the game.

    I still have doubts if the "Range" really is the laser firing range of a player, maybe if a zephyr could shoot like the UFO can its probably gonna be useful in so many ways, and especially in pvp if you get the chance to shoot off someone from afar.
  13. The range benefit does work as intended, but we should all realize that +5 range is fairly negligible... we need the full 20 charges in Momentum to make this passive bonus worth while. Our ships already have a maximum range of 600 units, and with this ability fully charged we only receive an extra 100 unit increase in our range for a max. of 700.

    It helps with Uber BKs a whole lot, and I assume it will help a little in difficult Galaxy Gates waves like Gamma BKs or the VOT.
  14. do you guys do anything that doesn't cater for the cheats? .
    one well known cheat had the new ship in the 1st day,
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  15. The event moves in the right direction. Not being able to be killed by enemies is such a nice feeling after all the frustrating events before. I am making around 15K Uri per hour by hunting Ice Meteors with my PET locator gear and LCB ammo, that's ok. However I expect a bit more from a Birthday/Winter event.
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  16. anduril

    anduril User

    "one well known cheat had the new ship in the 1st day"

    You could buy the new ship in the shop on the first day.
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  17. If anyone bought the pass for the module alone then they have no right to complain, the module is one of the free rewards so there is no need to buy the pass in the first place if all u care about is the module.

    I personally bought the pass only for the ship and the UBR Rockets, the ship is meh at best and therefore neglectable, but getting 20k UBR Rockets for 140k uridium instead of +/-400k is always worth it in my book ^^
  18. -ЩarΛnt-

    -ЩarΛnt- User

    Event quest rewards are also poor. couple of hundred uri. Dailys have been upgraded to couple of thousands. These quests should be too.
  19. Rossi

    Rossi User

    Well, after 20 hours in the gate, I finally saw the synk with my own eyes. I was even able to lock it. But what I didn't know was, that it starts running from you with great speed. So I followed it for ~8 sec, unable to catch it and guess what? Some b0tter in vengi just shot it in front of my eyes! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!

    Who the hell came up with this?! Love it, when autolocking boters keep getting more and more advantages than the real players. Guess DO will never care about their players ever again and they will just happily reward the ones that cheat.

    Guess I needed to be reminded why I stopped playing and I just should turn it off and never come back!
  20. The game has a lot to offer other than utter disappointment, I actually kind of like playing the game even more because of the event, really boosted me up on getting a lot of stuff done, gates built, upgrades made etc etc.

    botters on the other hand are like a plague that will keep on feeding endlessly, the only thing you could do is avoid it since D.O doesn't really have an answer after you report someone botting even if you have a video recorded as proof (well i did, sent it, got a reply, and its a NOPE)

    What i hate the most is the hacks that gives them unfair advantage in the game, can't beat em coz their HP can't get lower, they can manipulate their shield, damage etc. and they can determine anything on a map they are in, basically they are god with these hacks and its stupid, so i avoid any player that i can't lower their HP
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