Frozen Labyrinth Feedback

Discussion in 'Game Discussion & Feedback' started by Malaikat, Dec 17, 2019.

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  1. The Labyrinth is something that I like. However, the opening times are not suitable for myself and it's a shame.
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  2. After 6 rounds in the Gate...

    1. seems some people were able to map all the 16 x 16 jumps
    2. I saw people jumping trough the barriers using the damn mimesis (bug? it's not prohibitive the ability in gates? or worst it's an extra map?) needs a lot revision from QA guys.
    3. zombies everywhere, almost lower left maps full of them, you cannot get a big ice without being leeched
    4. wee need a lot more chances to find the synk.... or make the synk like the emperor in hades gate... you need a lot of people killing it.... oh wait... just revive the UFO as it was in the past.

    i think it should work if it were programmed as a gate.

    OH!!!! i forgot....

    "you can't attack another user in the hades gate"----- ***? hades gate?

    well, the other things are just right.
  3. AVIT

    AVIT User

    good event ,it makes a refreshing change to have an npc one only ...well done BP ....
  4. Alright, this will be my feedback on this event since I've completed all the objectives and now I don't do it.

    The event was really strong at first, but then Bigpoint made an excuse to take it down to nerf the respawn and uridium gain figures which to some extent was needed. But in my opinion they nerfed it to the point it's barely even worth doing, I'd rather just do my missions now rather than get a 40% at least reduction than what I was getting. After I completed all the objectives there really is no need to be in the gate, I didn't see the boss once so I gave up trying to hope it spawned in my map and the rewards for the boss are terrible.

    I liked it more than the previous events but that's about the only plus I have for it, in the end it's just another attempt at Bigpoint trying to make money out of players because their game is dying.
  5. AVIT

    AVIT User

    sync is a prob ..seems same players are getting it ,which is weird ..lok the top ten event ... must be rigged ..
  6. Well boss is basically pure luck with the amount of maps there is... Also just try to kill it once because the rewards are just awful as mentioned above..

    Afterall pretty decent event (finally working) and we also got motivated to do it (until you finish BP, then... well no, thanks).
  7. Ty DO for a great event, excellent opportunity which everyone was able to benefit from. Kudos to your team.
  8. Sadly not "everyone was able to benefit from" this event due to it being closed at night time which is the only time I'm able to play.
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  9. It needs either more meteoroids or PVP enabled. The leechers cost me too much uri because the meteoroids spawn at such a slow rate.
  10. Its ok. I watched a botter get stuck right in the middle of the map going left right for the full time it was up. I was shooting bks and meteors and when I chased to the corner there he was. All night long. Strange that he just went left right all night and the script couldnt see him.

    Stranger that the guys doing qz and hades alllllll day arent seen by the 'god script'. Its cool support closed my ticket as answered when I asked about the 2 pussats in x-7 all day every day shooting my gigs.
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  11. evansnow

    evansnow User

    great event, lots of uri to be had
  12. ....Might I add,

    I paid 200k uri for a Battle Pass, yet still the Labyrinth isn't open at the times I want it to be...Therefore, I have not been able to complete everything....That is my only major problem with this event.
  13. Finished all my objectives with battle pass . Never saw a Sync.
    Can someone tell me what link to go to, to see a picture of it. :cool:
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  14. I popped it...It looks like a white sim card....Or, a real sink.
  15. Im top 3 in event where is my title from top 10 kill synk :D
  16. Veki

    Veki User

    I liked the event.
    The rewards were good; no PvP was the right choice; was nice to se a number of small ships playing and hopefully enjoying the event.

    I hope there will be more events like this in the future.
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  17. I managed to finish the battle pass, however, it was tight. Please can it be open for longer next time and include secret maps?
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  18. Robic

    Robic User

    I'm happy I was able to participate in the event so thank you BP for disabling PvP in the labyrinth. :)
  19. Oddessey

    Oddessey Team Leader Team Darkorbit

    Thanks to all for your feedback on the Frozen Labyrinth! Your feedback is being reviewed by the team.

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